frontpage You thought that breaking into the abandoned manor would be a walk in the park. But it isn’t a matter of stealing anymore, it is a matter of getting out alive! Play

Play as:

Female burglar
60-180 min
Find the 6 treasures
Horror, Supernatural

0A Journey to the manor

The rain is pouring down which is not peculiar in England at all. You drive your inconspicuous black Ford Fiesta up and down the rolling hills. The surrounding countryside would be beautiful to behold if it wasn’t for the grey clouds discharging water and even an occasion lightning over the landscape. You listen to the rumbling of thunder. You contemplate on what your contact told you about the Addicott manor.  It is an old building hailing back from the Victorian age. It was the merchant and Freemason James Addicott who built it around 1830. He went under the nickname “The Black Merchant” because he got extremely wealthy from manufacturing weapons and ammunition during the Crimean War. Therefore were sections of the manor funded on war, which gave it a sort of foreboding, before it was even finished. The splendor and opulence of the design were said to be a sharp contrast to the horrors of war. You don’t care much about old buildings or history for that matter. All you care about is the information your contact gave you. There is solid evidence, that the Addicott family amassed and hid jewelry somewhere within the manor. Some of it has been found during the years, but your contact said, that there is a great chance, that not all have been found. Your contact is also a mediator of selling jewelry on the black market. He has told you that he already has interested buyers, ready to get their hands on some antique jewelry from the Victorian age. Your modus operandi is to break into inhabited houses. Sometimes with the residents still sleeping soundly in their beds. So, searching a remote and abandoned manor should be a walk in the park.

You push the thoughts about the jewelry to the back of your mind and instead focus on the details of the upcoming job. You have prepared to spend a few days in the abandoned manor. The building is enormous. It could take you several days to investigate it all. Due to the manor’s solitary location, well away from any towns and located within a forest, you should be completely undisturbed. There are these stupid rumors that the place is haunted. It could work for your benefit, keeping people away from the property.

You have already filled the trunk with food, water, a sleeping bag and most importantly your tools of the trade. The only thing you need is to stop at a local petrol station to get a full tank. Then you will drive the last stretch to the manor. You have waited this far, preparing to have an almost full tank when you leave the manor.

You turn the radio on and start to go through the channels.

“…All I’m saying is, that my kids are going straight home from school until they find the people missing or the guy who took them. We do not take chances in my house,” says the voice of an agitated woman.

You notice that it is a local radio station which is broadcasting.

“Do you have any idea who might have done it?” asks a male interviewer.

“I have no clue. Maybe it’s them weird people which have been seen occasionally. They are definitely not from here. Wearing them suits and smells like garbage. Actually, I swear I saw one of them once. He was hiding in some bushes fu….”

“We interrupt the program with an important message,” says a nasal voice. “The weather seems to be progressively worse. We recommend that everyone spend the rest of the day inside. The wind should amount to something near hurricane strength with a temperature below 0 degrees. Authorities do not recommend using any vehicle. If there is an emergency, please drive with the utmost caution.”

There is a short pause. “And now back to the program…”

“And then my husband yelled ‘Oi you old geezer. What are you doing in the bushes?!’”      

You park the car at a somewhat shabby, local petrol station and start to fill up the tank. The surrounding landscape would be idyllic with rolling hills and fields if it wasn’t for the terrible weather. It is autumn and the trees scattered around the scenery have dropped most of their red and yellow leaves. The storm hasn’t really picked up yet, but you can already see the trees and bushes struggle in the wind. There are no other houses in the vicinity. You can’t remember the last time you have been at such a remote part of England. You live in London and like it there, engulfed in the buzzing vibe of the teeming city. A soft jingle from a bell draws your attention back to the petrol station. You turn around and see a handsome man in his early twenties walk towards you. He is wearing worn down overalls, a black sweater, and a baseball cap.

“Eyup. How are you love?” says the man, in a heavy Northern English dialect. “Lovely weather eh?”

He seems friendly and there is something appealing about his youthful face. You are quite sure that he is fit as well under the sweater and overalls.

You can choose whether you want to be:



1 Friendly

2 Dismissive

3 Flirty

1 3 2
6A Dismissive

“Lovely weather.” You turn your back to the man while you fill the tank.

“What a day, yeah?” He stops next to you and looks over the rolling hills.

“Mhh.” You do your best to dismiss the man, but it does not seem like he is taking the hint.

You can feel his eyes on you. It starts to get a bit uncomfortable, but you have to stay until the tank is full.

“What a glorious day,” mumbles the man more to himself than to you.

“Sure,” you still haven’t looked at him since he walked up next to you. Instead, you pick up your phone and scroll absently down your newsfeed on Facebook. The man just stands there for an awkward amount of time. He just looks at you. Then he suddenly turns around and walks back into the petrol station. You look over your shoulder to see if he is still watching you, but he is nowhere to be seen. It seems like he finally got the hint.

You wait for the tank to be completely full and notice that this is an old station and that you have to go inside to pay. You make a deep sigh before you walk into the petrol station. The man waits for you behind the counter. He looks you intently in the eye before he gazes you up and down. It feels like you are the prize cow at the local fair. “What a day,” mumbles the man licking his lower lip. You wrinkle your forehead in slight disgust. He looks expectantly at you. But you just pay him and leave as fast as possible.

“You forgot your change!” yells the man as you open the door to leave.

“Keep it!” The door closes behind you less than gently. You notice that you shiver when you are back in your car. You start the engine and give the petrol station a final look before you drive away. The man is watching you through the glass, still standing at the counter. You quickly look away and instead focus on the road in front of you. You promise yourself that this was a place where you will never come back.   

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2A Friendly

“Eyup,” you reply the man in the local word for hello. “I am good thank you. Wish I could say the same about the weather. What about you?”

“Couldn’t be better!” says the man, smiling. “You don’t sound like you are from around here, eh?

“No, I’m from London.”

“Ahh I see,” nods the man. “You are far away from home then. So where is your journey taking you, love?”

You have to decide whether you want to 1 Say that you are just passing through or 2 Say that you are a ghost hunter and that you are going to visit The Addicott Manor?

1 2
5A Just passing through

“Well… I’m actually just passing through, going further up north to visit some family.”

You keep chatting with the man who says his name is Tom. You give him a fake name and keep the conversation going for a while. Then you excuse yourself and pay for the petrol and walk back to your car and drive away.

Go to 1

3A I'm a ghost hunter

“Well, I’m actually an amateur ghost hunter.”

The man looks at you in surprise. “Wow, really? I would never have guessed that. You look more like a model or…” The man gives you a quick smile. “Think I just gave you a compliment there?”

You smile back. “Seems like it.”

“I’m Tom by the way.”

You shake hands with Tom and give him a fake name.

“So, you are with the others then?”

“The others?”

“Yeah,” says Tom. “A minibus came through here a few days ago. They were also ghosthunters, bringing a lot of fancy gear with them.”

You curse inwardly. Who the hell are these guys? “No. I don’t know them.”

“Well,” says Tom. “The manor has been quite popular but that was many years ago. All the ghost hunters and tourists stopped coming, after some lad with a camera filmed his own suicide...”

You are not listening to Tom. You think more about what that minibus is doing at the manor. It seems like an odd coincidence. Maybe they are burglars like yourself or maybe they are ghost hunters.

“… he sliced his own wrists with a rusty knife, filming it all.”

You turn your attention back to Tom. “What a tragedy.”

“Sure was,” nods Tom. “The Addicott manor is a bad place you know?” Tom looks you dead in the eye. “A very, very bad place, yeah?”

“I think a quick look is all right.” You smile at Tom and wishes him a nice day.

“At least I did give you a warning! yells Tom. “I didn’t do that with the others!”

You are back in your car and contemplate on what to do next. Tom seemed a bit intense at the end of the conversation, but you can’t really blame him for being superstitious about the manor. He said that it was a few days since the ghost hunters had been there. But it could be serious trouble if they are criminals like you and if they are still there.

You have to decide whether you want to 1 abandon the goal altogether and turn back or 2Continue to the manor?     

1 2
4A Abandon the goal

You decide to turn around and go home. There are too many risks about going to the manor. It is better to go back another time or just leave it altogether. You feel an odd sense of relief, which you haven’t experienced before. It is like your body and mind is finally relaxing, now that you are turning away from the manor.




Their faces were all over the news. Two young guys and a girl last seen on a petrol station on their way to the haunted Addicott manor. You even saw an interview with Tom, who told about his meeting with them. He was the prime suspect of the police for a long time until he was finally released.

Maybe it was the best decision to stay away from Addicott Manor?




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9A Flirty

“Much better now.” You give him your best smile and look deeply into his big, blue eyes.

The man seems a little taken aback by your response, but he quickly recovers. He shakes your hand while introducing himself as Tom. You grab his hand giving him a fake name. Tom is beautiful in a kind of boyish way, but you are also around ten years his senior. You easily evade his questions, focusing the conversation on him. It has been a long time since a man made you feel this good. You suddenly remember that you have a very important place to be. You are not here on this desolate part of England to pick up young lads.

“it was very nice to meet you Tom, but I have to get going.”

Tom looks you straight in the eye, his voice filled with hope. “I would love to meet you again, yeah? Can I get your number, love?”

There is something alluring about Tom. You can’t seem to put your finger on, exactly what it is. You have to choose between 1 Giving him a fake number or 2 Get his number? You are living a double life and you have only brought your “work” cellphone.

1 2
7A Fake number

“I would love to!” You quickly give him the number of an ex who cheated on you years ago. You always give his number to people whom you don’t want to contact you.

Tom smiles so broadly that you think he might burst with happiness. “Thank you for a lovely chat, yeah? I’ll call you real soon.”

He shakes your hand tenderly before you turn around and walk to your car.

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8A Get his number

“I’m not that fond of giving away my number, Tom.”

“Oh,” Tom tries to hide his disappointment but fails miserably.

“But I would like to get your number.”


You giggle softly. “Yeah, I would like that a lot.”

Tom gives you his cell phone number before you say goodbye and walk to your car. You might be able to call Tom at some point.

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10A Back on the road

You drive a while and make your way off the asphalted roads and onto dirt roads. It is slowly getting darker as the day goes by, but it is not evening yet, so your visibility is fine. The rain is still pouring down and the occasional strong gust of wind shakes the car a bit. You finally get to the forest where the manor should be. The forest is very dense and the dirt road leading through it is bumpy and uneven. It is obvious that this road is hardly ever used. You decide to park the car off the road in the middle of some bushes and trees. That way, it is harder for anyone to see that you are here. It is better to walk the last part than to drive all the way to the manor. You don’t want to attract any unnecessary attention. The forest shields most of the wind and some of the rain. You still have to hurry to the manor before you are soaked through.

You decide to just grab your bag which contains your tools of the trade and a few other items. It is best to travel light and scout the area before you make yourself comfortable inside the manor. You quickly change clothes from your black skirt and white shirt to something more practical, which is a black tracksuit. Besides that, you also put on a black, woolen hat and leather gloves. You run over your gear, happy to see that everything is where it should be. Then you jog through the last stretch of the forest towards where the manor should be. You have printed a map, so you are quite sure that you are in the right spot. It doesn’t take long before you can see that the trees thin out. As you get closer you can see that the forest ends and makes room for the manor.

You get a sinking feeling as your eyes land on the old structure of Addicott manor. It seems like there used to be more space between the building and the encroaching forest. But now, the forest is only around thirty meters away from the manor. The manor itself is eerie, to say the least. But it is no better that the sun is completely blocked out by the dark clouds which makes the manor appear even more foreboding. A sudden flash of lightning throws the details of the manor into stark relief. The ensuing crash of thunder which rolls over you feels like a great omen of trepidation. You take a step back in awe of the manor and completely forget about the rain and the shivering cold. You are no architect, but it is obvious that there has been put great effort into the details of the gothic structure. The manor itself is grey and filled with tall windows and has a first floor. The roof is made of black tiles and there is plenty of chimneys and spires, reaching like arms for the dark sky. As you walk a bit closer, you can take in more details of the manor. The intricate carvings, which decorate the walls of the building are some of the greatest examples of craftsmanship you have ever seen. The artistry is even more compelling as you regard the looming statues of mostly angels and demons. Some of them as big as a real person. They decorate the balconies, roof and around the main entrance.

You decide to walk briskly around the manor and check a few of the windows to get a better idea of what is to expect within and around the manor. You walk around the manor’s right side and look through a few of the windows. There is dark inside, so you turn the flashlight towards one of the windows to have a better look. There is a large empty room except that all the furniture has been piled together against the door leading into the room. But there is nothing else to see. You walk around the back of the manor and notice a large unkempt garden with a lake right in the middle between the garden and the forest you came from. You hurry through the garden and peek into an occasional window but there is nothing but decayed and empty rooms inside, as far as you can see. The left side of the manor is just as quiet. You look through a window and are able to see a long-deserted kitchen. It takes you around twenty minutes to make your way through the overgrown garden and all the way around the giant manor.

You suddenly notice a smaller building on your right side. It is a little, squat brickhouse which stands in stark contrast to the manor. It doesn’t have any windows. You are not sure, but it seems like there is some kind of sound emanating from inside the brick house. It sounds like someone is wailing. It is hard to hear over the wind and the rain, so you are not sure.

You have to decide whether you want to 1 Check out the brickhouse or 2 Go straight to the manor?   

1 2
1B The Brickhouse

You walk slowly towards the brick house while holding your breath to better listen for the sound. You are no more than a couple of meters away from the building when you suddenly hear someone cry softly from inside! It sounds like a man. You walk closer and then stop in front of the only door to the brick house.

“Oh God Almighty, I beg you. Make it stop. Please make it stop,” sniffles the man inside. “I can’t take it any longer.”

You stand completely still. Your heart hammers with anticipation. This place was supposed to be deserted. And now you have found another person before you have even entered the manor. The feeling of foreboding washes over you again. Your mind reels as you try to think of what to do next.

1 Make your presence known by calming the stranger

2 Go home. This is too dangerous

3 Go past the building and into the manor or

4 Rip the door open

1 4 2 3
3B Calm the stranger

“Don’t you worry. It’s alright. I won’t hurt you, mate!”

The voice utters a yelp of surprise. “No please don’t come in. I beg you, just leave me alone. I got out. You can’t touch me. I got out. I got out. I got out.”

“I am not going to hurt you. I am… I am a tourist. I got lost.”

There is a moment of silence. “Lier,” says the voice. “You are one of them. One of the butlers!”

“I’m speaking the truth. I must have taken the wrong turn. I got completely lost on all the dirt roads and ended up here.”

“What year is it!?” demands the man.


“You heard me! What year is it!?”

“Well… It’s 2018.”

You are pretty sure you heard a deep sigh of relief. “Thank God,” says the voice, clearly relieved. “I don’t think you are one of them. And you are a female, so you can’t be one of the butlers.

“Who are you talking a..” Something suddenly catches your eye at the edge of the forest. You are not quite sure what it was, but it seemed rather big. You are suddenly feeling very uncomfortable. It is like someone or something is watching you! The feeling of dread is already wearing you down like a mantle. A long lonely howl pierces through the encroaching night. You jump in surprise and look wild-eyed left and right at the edge of the forest. “That sounded like a wolf!”

“I agree,” whimpers the madman from inside.

“But there are no wolfs in all of Britain. They were extinct hundreds of years ago!”

“Nothing is like it seems around here!” screams the man. “Nothing is how it should be!”

You can’t think clear anymore. Maybe someone is playing tricks on you or maybe there is actually something dangerous out there in the dark forest.

You have to decide whether you want to 1 Hurry inside the brickhouse or 2 Stay outside?    

1 2
5B Hurry inside

You can’t control the fear which is running wildly through your body. There is something menacing out here with you, and you need to get as far away from it as possible! You rip the door open with only a second to recognize the horrible smell emanating from within. It smells like someone died and emptied their bowel all over the place. The man inside starts to scream in fear. The room is completely dark, so you quickly turn on your flashlight. You see a naked man standing in front of you for just a second before he attacks you with a brick! You are normally adept and able to take care of yourself, but you are so surprised by the situation, that you are completely taken off guard! The naked man hits you in the face with the brick which breaks your neck. You are dead even before you hit the ground.




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6B Stay outside

You do your best to calm yourself which is somewhat working. ”I… I think there is someone… Or something out here with me.” You keep looking over your shoulder, trying to look through the dense forest.

“No. You are alright. I don’t think he can leave the manor.”

The comment isn’t exactly reassuring. “Who is he?”

“The man in the manor!”

“What man? I am not talking about a man but a wo…”

“I don’t want to talk any more about it. Just leave me alone!”

You keep looking around, but you can’t see any wolfs or other menacing creatures for that matter. Maybe it was just your nerves getting the best of you. Even though you are sure that you heard something. Maybe it was just a dog. You keep an eye on the encroaching forest just to be sure that nothing can sneak up on you.

The man inside the brickhouse probably has more information. You give it one more go, to try and get some information before you decide on what to do next.

You can choose to engage the person inside, with 1 a calming or 2 a threatening approach?  

1 2
7B Calming

“Mate... I am not going to come into you or anything you don’t want me to do. But please just answer a few questions and I’m on my way, ok?”

“Fine,” whispers the man, barely audible.

“Did you come here alone?”

“No. I… I came here with two friends. I don’t know if they are still inside. I Hope they got out in time.”

“Who is inside? Who are you hiding from?”

“The ghosts! The ghosts in the leftwing!”

You roll your eyes. “There is no such thing as ghosts. Are there squatters inside or something like that?”

“No. They work for the ghost.”

“Who, the squatters?”

The man starts mumbling incomprehensibly and it is impossible for you to get more information out of him. You are certain that whoever is in the brickhouse, is not going to come out willingly. He will definitely not interfere as you look for the jewelry. As far as you know, he might be some kind of crazed drug addict completely strung out on some kind of real potent psychoactive substance.

You have to leave whoever is inside alone for a while, and maybe check on him when you come back out of the manor. You can’t call the police or anyone else, as they would be able to track your former criminal activities and/or interfere with this one. You have done quite a lot of burglaries in your time, and you are not going to spend several years in jail because of this idiot.

Go to 1   

8B Threatening

“Alright, you whiny git! Listen to me now, yeah? You tell me what I want to know, or I’ll tell whoever you’re scared of, that you are hiding right here!”

“He can’t walk this far. He can’t walk this far. He can’t walk this far.” The man keeps repeating the sentence. It seems like what you said has put him in some kind of mental loop. The person inside is probably mad. And you have no wish to open the door and risk that the madman might be aggressive and attack you.

He is probably so afraid of the manor that he won’t interfere with your work. But it seems like you won’t be able to spend several days out here. But you have driven too far to not just give the manor a quick workover. You might be able to find something or just do a little recon. You can always come back another time and then hopefully, be better prepared.

You leave the rambling madman in the brickhouse behind and turn your attention to the manor and a long night’s work.

Go to 1   

21B Go home

You slowly back away from the brickhouse. This is too dangerous. You don’t care whether this is someone lost or maybe a drug addict. You cannot compromise your identity. You quickly make your way back to the car leaving the moaning voice, the manor and the jewelry behind, forever.




During the following week you contemplate a lot on the Addicott manor and the treasures which your contact said, is hidden inside the old building. You also weigh the possibility of going back there. But the manor and the sniveling voice from the brickhouse already haunts your dreams.

You sit and watch the news a few days after your visit. There is a report of three missing amateur ghost hunters, which have been missing since they went to the Addicott manor. It was around the same time as you went there. You are completely overwhelmed with fear, as the TV shows live filming from outside the ominous manor. But now the lawn is filled with police cars and ambulances. The paramedics are carrying a black plastic bag which clearly contains a human. The paramedics came out of the brickhouse where you were standing just a few days ago!

“The police are still finding bodies or at least what remains,” tells the news reporter. “But the police won’t give out any information.”

“You get away now you hear!” A police officer shoves the reporter away while another one puts his hand over the camera lens.  

You are suddenly not that curious about the manor anymore, are you?



Go back
2B Pass it

You have no interest in helping anyone and have your identity blown. You are a burglar and it is in no interest of a burglar to be recognized. You slowly back away from the brickhouse and the sniveling voice and turn your attention back on the manor.

Go to 1

4B Rip it open

You walk slowly to the half-rotten, wooden door leading into the brickhouse. You grab the door and rip it open as fast as you can! An overwhelming stench of urine and feces wafts out through the entrance. The rank odor makes you take a step back and cover your mouth. The fresh night air makes it a bit easier to breathe, but you must stand a couple of meters away from the doorway. The inside of the brickhouse is pitch black. You can’t see anything or anyone in there. Then the person inside starts to scream. “Please! Don’t kill me please! I am so sorry I disturbed you! Please!”

You have to decide whether you want to 1 Try and calm the person or 2 Light the brickhouse with your flashlight to see who is inside?

1 2
12B Calm him

“Hey, it’s alright, mate. I’m not going to hurt you.” It takes you are while but finally, the man quiets down to a low whimper.

You give him some time to settle before you start asking questions. “Who are you?”

“My… My name is Callum.” He whispers as if he was afraid that someone other than you might hear him. You must take a step closer towards the entrance to be able to hear what he is saying.

He doesn’t ask for your name, so you don’t give him any. “What happened to you?”

“We went inside the manor. We should never have done that. We should never have disturbed the peace. We should nev…” Callum starts mumbling incomprehensibly while your brain works on overdrive to try and figure out what is going on.

“… we disturbed them… And there is no way out. It just keeps going. There is no way out of the left wing. There is no…”

“Easy mate. You are alright. There is nothing to be afraid of.”

Callum doesn’t answer. There is utter silence for a long time. The only thing you can hear is the sound of the falling rain and the low rumble of thunder, far away.

Just as you turn your attention back to Callum, he suddenly barges through the doorway! You get a quick glimpse of him before he runs past you. He seems to be in his early twenties, butt naked and smeared in what appears to be feces. He is clutching device like a mobile phone to his chest. Callum runs straight for the forest while screaming at the top of his lungs. You can still hear his screams as he runs through the forest.

You keep looking from the brickhouse to the manor and back again. This is insane. You feel even more insane, as you slowly make your way towards the main door of the manor. Your mind screams for you to go back. To leave this evil place. But there is something else deep within you, which urges you to go on. You are not sure whether it is the jewelry you want to steal or something else entirely, which draws you near.

Go to 1

11B Light the room

You turn your flashlight on and point it towards the dark doorway of the brickhouse. You spot a human form for just a second before it darts out of the light and into a corner. You trail the form with your flashlight. You are completely taken by surprise, as you see a naked man smeared in what appears to be feces, cowering in one corner. You are just about to say something, but then the man shrieks and runs for the door! You barely have time to jump to the side before he barrels out and runs at full speed towards the forest, screaming as he goes. It doesn’t take long before he is out of sight and only a bit longer before you can’t hear him anymore. You are alone yet again, in the darkness.  

Will you defy the filthy stench and 1 Investigate the brickhouse or 2 Go straight for the manor?

1 2
13B Investigate

You try and ignore the horrible smell, as you slowly walk closer to the brickhouse to have a look inside. There is only one room and it looks much smaller on the inside than it did from the outside. The room is empty except for drops of feces scattered around the floor and smeared on the walls. You are just about to leave when you suddenly spot something metallic, half-covered in feces on the floor. You take a step closer and notice that it is a dictation machine.

Will you 1 Pick up the machine or 2 Go to the manor?

1 2
19B Pick up

You gingerly pick up the dictation machine, rewind it and then press play. You can hear some static noise but also what appears to be two males and a female talking. It is hard to discern what they are talking about because the static noise keeps on rising and falling. You furrow your brow. You have never heard static noise sound like this before. It is too soft and doesn’t have that scratchy sound to it. The sound seems off. Alive. You turn the volume to maximum and drop the device in surprise. It is not the sound of static, but a constant underlying whisper of what seems to be hundreds of eerie child-like voices, whispering, singing, and moaning. You look down on the dictation machine. The eerie voices suddenly disappear, making it easy to hear the conversation among the three persons.

“Wow, did you hear that?” says one of the males.

“No?” says the female. “What does the thermal cam say, Callum?”

“Hmm. Nothing so far,” says the voice that must belong to Callum. “Holy fuck! Wait for a second! Bill there is someone standing… Right, fucking behind you mate!”

“Don’t fuck around Callum. I’m serious!” says the voice which must belong to Bill.

“I… I’m not,” says Callum. “Daisy get over here. Have a look!”

“Bloody hell!?” says Daisy. “It is walking straight towards you. It is literally right behind you, Bill!”

“Don’t fuck around guys, this isn’t funny I…” Bill suddenly starts to scream followed by the others. It sounds like some sort of struggle breaks out, then you can hear heavy breathing and what sounds like running feet.

“Please help me! Screams Bill. His voice is filled with fear and pain. “Please don’t leave me please…” The sound of Bill’s scream fades away and the rest of the recording is impossible to get anything out of. You check again but there is nothing more on the tape. You look at the machine for a long time contemplating on what you just heard. The dictation machine smells horrible, so you decide to leave it on the ground. It seems like these ghost hunter kids must have been smoking something before they went inside. Must be some hefty stuff, since it made that guy from the brickhouse crap all over himself. And made all of them hallucinate. You prepare yourself for the fact, that you might run into the other people from the recording. You think that the odds are very slim. They would probably have run far away by now if they were even half as scared as the guy who soiled himself.

Go to 1

20B Go to the manor

You are not touching anything covered in shit. And would probably not even do so, if it was a fat diamond. You turn around, not giving it anymore thought and walk straight for the manor.

 Go to 1

17B Go to the manor

You are standing in front of the manor gawking at the amazing details of perfect stonemasonry and craftsmanship. The building is truly awe-inspiring, even though it has been deserted for many years and left in disarray. The manor is covered in moss and lichen and there are several cracks and tears in the walls and on the statues. Fallen leaves are covering the ground in front of the main door and you are somewhat surprised to see, that it is half-open. It seems like it has been open for a while as there are more leaves in the doorway and what appears to be a hall. You are not a big fan of breaking windows. That means that there are only to points of entry.

You can choose between 1 Go in through the open door or 2 Use your grappling hook to climb to the first floor. There is a balcony to the left of the entrance door and maybe you can get in through there.

1 2
18B Climb the balcony

You are extremely agile and have been climbing ropes most of your life. Climbing to the balcony which is only three or four meters above you are not intimidating. You swing the grappling hook twice before you let it fly and connect satisfactorily with the railing on the balcony. You nimbly climb the rope. A toe-curling scream emanates from the balcony, just as you grab the railing with both hands. A young woman dressed in an old-fashioned gown falls over the balcony and lands hard on the ground below you. You almost let go of the railing from shock but can keep a firm hold. You look down over your shoulder at the mangled body below the balcony. Blood is slowly coloring the snow-white gown. You hang for a second before you decide to crawl down and check if the woman is still alive.

A searing pain explodes in your finger and down through your arm. You look back to the railing with horror. A man is standing over you. His lank, dark hair covering his face. He is biting down hard on your finger! Blood runs down over your wrist and drops unto your face. The man suddenly lets go of your hand with a snarl. You release your grip from the railing in pure reflex and remember too late that you are hanging in the air!

You fall through the air for two swift seconds before you gasp in pain as you feel your legs break on the hard ground. Then you smack your head against the ground as well. Your vision swims, but you notice that you are lying no more than a meter away from the woman in the gown. She looks at you with dead empty eyes, blood pouring out of her mouth.

You hear a door cry on its hinges followed by footsteps walking towards you. You moan softly as you try to crawl away. But you are unable to use your legs and it feels like you also have a concussion.

The footsteps suddenly stop. “We are going to have so much fun with you,” snarls a dark, malevolent voice. “We have been waiting for so long. “And now. Now the visitors just keep pouring in. It is a shame though, you would have been a beautiful bride.”

You feel strong hands grab one of your broken ankles. You scream in agonized pain, but you can do nothing to resist. You feel yourself being dragged into the consuming darkness of the Addicott manor.



Go back
1 Through the door

You turn your flashlight on as you enter the eerie hall of the Addicott manor. The cone of light sweeps slowly across the hall. The floor is covered in black and white squares of marble like a chessboard. There are no apparent signs of anybody who might have left the door open.

Your steps echo dully through the large hall as you walk through the door.  Heavy crimson drapes flank the tall windows on each side of the main door. A gust of wind suddenly blows through the hall shutting the door behind you. The slam from the door rings through the hall and further into the manor. You are sure that the sound could be heard from deep within the building. You are probably alone here, anyway. Your attention gets drawn to the sound of a thousand crystals ringing softly, high above your head. The wind which blew the door shut must have moved the crystals as well. You look up to see a massive chandelier hanging high above you by a thick chain. It is so big that it would be able to illuminate the entire ceiling. You quickly estimate that it would be a four-man-job, bringing it down and dismantling it. You would be able to get several thousand pounds for it. It is odd that it is still hanging there, undisturbed. There are also floor chandeliers, but they seem to be more basic and barely worth the effort.

You continue to let the cone of light glide over the hall. It is not difficult to imagine the splendor which must once have been here. But today it is rather a feeling of corruption rather than splendor. You can see that the place has been left to itself for many years. It is a shame.

There are four doors in the hall, two on the right and two on the left. There is also a four by one-meter painting hanging opposite the entrance. It appears to be a portrait of some wealthy merchant. Winding stairs lead to the first floor on each side of the painting. The staircases are so broad that three men could walk side by side. The winding staircases seem at first glance to be the same. But as a professional burglar, you have a keen eye for details. Both staircases are covered in a thick, red carpet. The carpet on the right side seems to be more worn down than the one on the left. It appears that people for one reason or the other decided to use this one, a lot. The carpet on the left staircase, on the other hand, is filled with a thin layer of dust. The same goes for the left railing. Further investigation shows, that there is a couple of fresh sets of footprints in the dust.

The manor appears to have an odd design. You thought that the staircases would meet each other on the first floor. Instead, there is a thick wall separating the two staircases and probably the entire first floor as well.

1 Investigate the painting further

2 Investigate the four doors

3 Go up the right staircase

4 Go up the left staircase   

1 4 2 3
6 The painting

You walk closer to the painting and take in the details of what must be the former owner, James Addicott. James is sitting behind a broad mahogany desk with his hands folded, elbows resting on the desk. There is a neat pile of papers in front of him, quill and ink and an old-fashioned scale. He is dressed in a buttoned-up black waistcoat and the typical wig and tricorne hat, which was custom of the time. His fingers are filled with gold and diamond rings and a gold chain on his chest securely attaches his pocket watch. Your attention gets unwillingly drawn to his eyes. They seem to be made of black marble staring deeply into your soul. If eyes could kill, you would be dead by now. The evil eyes are set in a gaunt cleanshaven and pale face. James appears to be severely malnourished. His face lacks any color, there are dark circles around his eyes and his slim face makes him appear even weaker than he already looks. It is only his eyes that give away, that there are more beneath the surface than a sick and frail man. Looking into his eyes is like staring into the raw power of grit and greed. You are more than happy that the only thing you are going to see of James is his painting and hopefully some of his jewelry. It must have been torturous to just be in the same room as the man, let alone work for him or even worse married to the geezer. You wrinkle your nose at the thought.

You suddenly get an idea. It could be possible that there is hidden jewelry behind the painting! There should be some way to pull it down.

Will you 1 Investigate the painting or 2 Leave the painting alone?       

1 2
41 Investigate

You decide to give the painting a thorough investigation. You knock your hand on the wall surrounding the painting to check if the sound differs. If it does, it could be a sign that there is a hidden room. So far, the sound is the same. But there might be something right behind the painting, like a nice, big vault. The painting’s frame is quite large. So, it is possible that there is a secret room behind it. You notice that there is a peg next to the painting. It seems like there used to be another painting hanging next to the one of James.  

Will you 1 try and lift the painting down or 2 Leave the painting alone?

1 2
44 Lift it

You are not going to let the chance slide. It is better to check everything thoroughly than leave jewelry behind. You stand in front of the painting breathing deeply and readying yourself for the enormous effort of trying to lift the painting down from its peg. You grab the bottom of the frame while squatting down a bit. Then you straighten your legs and lift with all your might. You can feel that you are slowly lifting the painting! It seems like it is hanging on a massive peg on the top and hasn’t been thoroughly secured elsewhere. You breathe hard while you lift the painting the final few centimeters. Now all you have to do is lower the painting down to the ground. You don’t have any time to finish the thought before you start to lose your balance! You have almost no energy left with the painting wearing you down. Your fingers, tendons, and muscles burn with the effort. You make a quick decision to lower it down as fast as you can. But the sudden movement makes the painting bounce off the wall! You are able to hold it vertical for no more than a second before it crashes down on top of you! The massive weight flattens you to the ground but fortunately your body tear through the soft material of the painting, the hard frame doesn’t hit you. The crashing sound of the frame and the tear of the painting echoes violently through the hall and further up the stairs and down through the corridors of the manor. It seems possible that the sound could be heard from wherever in the manor. You slowly stand up. You seem to be all right except for the shock, embarrassment and a pounding headache. You stand completely still, listening intently for footsteps or anything else, which indicates that someone has heard the commotion. The manor is quiet as the grave. It doesn’t seem like anyone heard you. At least no one is coming to chase you out.

You go through your gear to see if anything has been broken from the fall. Everything seems intact except for your cellphone. The screen is cracked, and it won’t turn on, no matter how many times you try. You will not be able to use your cellphone for the rest of the story.

You are further disappointed after investigating the wall behind the painting. There is nothing special there, so you turn away and contemplate on where to go next.

Will you 1Investigate the four doors or

2 Go up the right staircase or

3 Go up the left staircase?    

1 3 2
18 Leave it

You decide that it is best to leave the painting alone. There are several other places to go and the painting looks very heavy.

Do you want to 1 Investigate one of the four doors or 2 Go up the right staircase or 3 Go up the left staircase?  

1 3 2
16 The doors

You decide to investigate the four doors in the hall. All of them are closed and there are two doors on the left side of the hall and two doors on the right.

The doors on the left look very different from each other. The first one doesn’t have a handle or a lock. The hinges seem to swing both ways. The servants could carry food in both hands and still be able to go through the door.

You notice that there is a shattered painting lying next to the other door on the left side. It is utterly destroyed, so you are unable to see what the motive was. But you estimate that the frame is roughly the same size as the painting hanging in the hall. The door itself is made of metal and seems rather thick. You investigate the lock which is integrated into the door. It is one of the most complex designs and mechanisms you have seen in your entire career. You also notice a metal beam held in place by metal brackets.

The two doors on the right look the same, except that the second door has received some battering from a blunt object. The wood is dented and fragmented where the door has been struck repeatedly.

Do you want to open the door with no handle go to 1.

Do you want to remove the beam and try to pick the lock go to 2.

Do you want to open the plain door go to 3 or

Do you want to open the battered door on the right go to 4.

1 4 2 3
38 Plain door

The door is locked, but it doesn’t take long before you have unlocked it with your tools. You look into what appears to be a closet. You rummage through it, but there is nothing but ancient cleaning utensils and uniforms for the servants of the house. You are just about to turn around and leave when you notice something peculiar on the inside of the door. You put the flashlight closer to the door to have a better look. There are hundreds of scratch marks on the door. You lean closer and notice an old fingernail stuck in the wood. There are also dark smears on some of the marks. It appears that someone has been locked inside and has tried to claw themselves out. Goosebumps crawl over your flesh as you contemplate on how it must feel to be locked inside the claustrophobic closet.

You quickly turn away from the closet and think of what to do next. Will you 1 Investigate the other doors or 2 Go up the right staircase or 3 Go up the left staircase?

1 3 2
45 Battered door

This door is locked. You easily pick it open with your tools, but the door will only open a couple of centimeters. It seems like there is something blocking it from the inside. You try to shine light through the opening with your flashlight. Someone has blocked the door with furniture, a lot of it. You can glimpse a highbacked chair, two tables, a cabinet among other things blocking the door. There is no immediate way through. So, you decide to check it out later if necessary.

Will you:

1check one of the other doors

2 Go up the right staircase or

3 Go up the left staircase?    

1 3 2
37 Door with no handle

You take a deep breath as you lean forward and press your fingertips against the cold surface of the door. It opens effortlessly and without a sound. The door leads into an ancient production kitchen. All the furniture and scattered utensils seems to be dating back from the 19th century. You slowly investigate the kitchen, rummaging through cupboards and cabinets without finding anything of interest. There is a door in the back of the kitchen which leads into a pantry. The pantry is empty except for a crumbled wrapper from a chocolate bar. It has been dropped very recently. You can still see bits of chocolate and caramel on the paper. You turn around and walk back towards the hall, contemplating on who might else have been here.

Will you;


1 Investigate one of the other doors.

2 Go up the right staircase or

3 Go up the left staircase?  

1 3 2
4 Remove the beam

It takes a while to lift the beam off the brackets. It is surprisingly heavy. You finally lift the beam off and drop it on the ground as gently as possible. You take your lockpick tools and start to work on the lock. It has been a long time since you have seen anything as complex as this one. Also, regarding the fact that the lock was made somewhere around the 19th century. The complexity of it is amazing and it must have cost a fortune. It takes a while, but you finally hear the satisfactory click and spring as the lock opens. You remove the lock and grab the handle and pull the door open. It requires a lot more strength to open the door than it did to remove the metal beam. The door must weigh several hundred kilos! You have to put your foot against the wall and pull with all of your might to get it open.

The smell that meets you is stark, to say the least. It smells like ten wet dogs have been living in a small confinement for years. You shake your head in disgust. The stench is almost too much. You turn your flashlight on and notice a staircase cut out in stone, which leads deep down under the manor. The walls are also made of stone and both the staircase and walls are smooth. The staircase is narrow and slick with moisture. The walls appear to be slick as well with droplets of water running down. You can already feel the humidity on your skin and when you breathe. It feels like a soft film covers your face and you haven’t even stepped into the basement yet. You stand completely still and listen intently. But there is nothing to be heard from the basement. Except when a drop of water falls from the ceiling and lands on the staircase.


Will you:

1 Go down into the basement

2 Go back and investigate the doors or

3 Go up the right staircase

4 Go up the left staircase?   

1 4 2 3
46 Basement

You slowly descend the staircase for a short while. It must be quite long because you are still unable to see the bottom. You almost drop the flashlight in fright as you hear a loud boom behind you! The sound echoes back and forth through the staircase. You spin around and notice with horror, that the door has somehow closed behind you! You run up the stairs hoping that it was the wind that blew the door shut. But it seems unlikely. You hear a grating sound, as the metal beam slides back down into the brackets! You push as hard as you can, but the door won’t budge. Panic is making it hard for you to breathe. You scream in fear and frustration and ram your shoulder against the door. You stop yourself with an effort of will. You saw the metal beam. You know that you will never be able to force your way out. Someone suddenly laughs on the other side of the door.

“Looks like I caught myself a little bird, yes?”

“Let me out!”

“A little bird flew in my net, yes? Oh, what a day. What a glorious, glorious day,” cackles the voice. 

“Please let me out!” It is getting harder and harder for you to breathe. You start hyperventilating.

The voice giggles. It sounds like a male voice dripping with sadistic glee. “Oh, how happy the children will be, yes? So happy. So hungry, yes?”

“Let me out you, sick fuck!” you start to hammer on the door with your fists.

The voice cackles with laughter. “Oh, glorious, glorious day, yes? You wake the children, you wake the naughty children. All the naughty children are in the basement, yes? Not the good ones. No, not them. Soon they will embrace your flesh. Oh yes, they will.”

You immediately stop pounding on the door and turn the flashlight down the stairs. You calm yourself and start to think of what to do next. There might be another way out of here.  

“Down the hatch little girl. Down the hatch with you!” The voice laughs but the sound gets fainter as the person outside walks away.

“Hey come back here! Let me out god damn it!”

Whoever it was is gone now. You turn your attention back towards the depths of the staircase and the moist walls. There is nothing you can do except to take one step at a time and embrace whatever lurks below the manor.

The staircase ends at a narrow corridor. The floor is made of gray flagstones and the walls of dark bricks. You are just about to walk further down into the basement when you by pure coincidence notice an irregular pattern in the bricks. One of the bricks seems to be a little bit loose. It sticks out a couple of centimeters from the others.

Will you 1 Leave the brick or 2 Try to pull the brick out

1 2
33 Leave the brick

You walk further down the corridor wishing you had a weapon to defend yourself with. You have always been quite vigilant about never bringing weapons on the job. Weapons can get you a much longer sentence if you are caught in someone else’s house with a knife, baseball bat or even worse, a gun! It might be that the voice is just some lunatic and there really isn’t anyone else down here. Even if you are alone. You still need to find a way out or you will die of thirst. You suddenly remember that you have a crowbar! You continue walking down the corridor with the cold metal in your right hand. It makes you feel a little safer. The words from the lunatic are still fresh in your mind.

The corridor ends at a half-open wooden door. You shine the light through the opening but aren’t able to see anything of interest. You nudge the door open with your foot. The room is around five square meters and filled with water. There are steps leading down and it seems like this used to be another staircase before it was somehow flooded. The water seems stale and there are a few leaves, bits of bricks and branches in the water. The rank smell of dog is definitely coming from here.

If you decide to go into the water you will have to remove your backpack and clothes, except for your underwear. You can bring your flashlight which works just as well under water. You are an adept swimmer and are in good physical condition. But you aren’t used to swimming without goggles or swim in closed confinements like flooded rooms and corridors.   

Do you want to 1 Go into the water or you can go back to the loose brick go to 2?

1 2
34 Pull the brick out

You grab the brick and slowly wiggle it free. The brick is already loose because there is no mortar on it. You turn the flashlight towards the hole in the wall. You can see that there is some sort of button. It is within reach of your finger.

Do you want to 1 Press the button or 2 Leave the button and go down the corridor?

1 2
32 Into the water

You quickly remove your backpack and clothes. The cool air gives you goosebumps all over the body, but you try to ignore it. It will probably be much colder when you are submerged in the stinking water.  You grab the flashlight and feel your way on the steps with your feet. They are very slimy, but you can hold your balance. The water is not nearly as cold as you had thought, and it will not really be a problem to endure the cold once you are fully submerged. The water is at your chest now. You submerge your head in the water trying to get your bearing. It is somewhat manageable to look through the water without goggles and you can see the staircase leading to not one but two corridors.

You must decide whether you want to swim down the left or the right. The left goes in a straight line beyond the cone of light while the right takes a turn to the right.  You take a couple of deep breaths before you swim down towards them.

Will you 1 Swim down the left or 2 The right corridor?   

1 2
47 Right

You can’t remember a time when you have been this focused in your entire life! You are only able to front crawl your way through the narrow corridor. You paddle your feet up and down while thrusting your arms forward and down through the water. It is extremely difficult to see under water, let alone when the only source of light is your flashlight. At least you don’t panic, and the corridor is going in one direction, so there is no chance of getting lost.  

You think you have enough air to 1 Swim back or 2 Keep going.  

1 2
49 Keep going

You spot a couple of doors on your way down the corridor, but all of them are locked. You can feel your lungs begin to demand fresh air. You need to find a way to breathe or you are sure that you will drown very soon. Just as you think hope is lost, you can see that the corridor ends in what appears to be a large room! You just pray that the water hasn’t filled the room entirely. If it has you will be dead shortly!

You swim through the opening to the room. You feel very dizzy and it is getting harder to move your arms and legs. All your physical exhaustion is pushed to the back of your mind. The room hasn’t been filled with water! Your heart skips a beat of pure happiness as you will your body for a last physical effort to save your life.

You are less than two meters away from the surface when you feel something wiggles itself around your back and waist. It feels like a soft, squishy body! Something the size of a child is on your back and has wrapped its arms around your waist! You look down in horror at two small, white arms grabbing your waist. The webbed fingers end in small claws! You are just about to try and wrestle yourself free when you feel more small hands grab your legs and arms. They try to pull you away from the surface! The flashlight is suddenly ripped from your hand and falls to the bottom of the room. You are still unable to see what it is that has attacked you. You can’t hold it back anymore. You scream in fear and pain. Water runs down your throat, but you barely register the sensation. You feel several small bodies latch on to you with their strong little hands, their claws ripping your flesh apart. The water around you turn to crimson red. That is the last thing you see before you die.



Go back
48 Swim back

You swiftly turn around and swim as fast as you can back towards where the two corridors meet each other. You can feel your head getting a little dizzy and it is harder for you to swim. You can also feel that your speed has slowed severely. The claustrophobic, watery cage is also taking its toll on your composure. It does not seem certain that you will make it out of the corridor alive!

You can finally see the end of the corridor! You can barely believe how lucky you are as your head breaks the surface and you are able to draw breath again. It takes a while before you are ready to giver the submerged corridors another go.

Will you:

1 try the left corridor instead or

2 Put your clothes back on and try to remove the lose brick

1 2
31 The left corridor

You try to calm yourself as you are submerged into the water and start to swim down the left corridor. The water is cold, and the confined space of the corridor force you to front crawl, paddling your feet up and down while bringing your arms in front of you and down in big circles. It is extremely difficult to navigate or see any details but so far, the corridor just goes in a straight line. You find a couple of doors, but they are all locked.

You have been swimming for around a minute now. The corridor takes a sharp turn to the right. But there is also a half-open door next to you on the left. The wood on the door is rotten and the hinges are caked with rust.

You will also have to swim a bit further to be able to see what is around the corner of the corridor as it turns further down again.

Will you 1 Open the door or 2 Keep going down the corridor?

1 2
50 Open the door

You swim to the door and pull it open. It opens effortlessly. You scan the room and can’t believe your luck! The room is very tall. So tall that you can see that the room isn’t filled up with water! The room is about 10 meters tall and 5 square meters. You quickly take in the rest of the room, while you swim for the surface. You can feel that it will not be long before you start to suffocate. There are four bunk beds in the room which are almost as tall as the room itself, with ladders going from top to bottom. You swim by an old half dissolved teddy bear, floating in the water with some other toys. There are also algae-covered blankets and pillows bopping weightlessly in the water.

You break the surface and take in greedy gulps of air. You turn your flashlight to the ceiling and notice that there is some sort of aperture with a metal grid covering it. The grid is so close that you can reach it with your hand. You try to look through the squares in the grid but are only able to see the ceiling in the connected room. You suddenly get an odd sensation. It feels like someone is watching you!

Will you 1 Turn your flashlight closer to the grid in the ceiling or 2 Down into the water?

1 2
52 Use flashlight

You turn your flashlight to the grid and look into a set of sadistic, sick green eyes. The squares in the grid are small so it is difficult to see any details. But the person looks like a middle-aged man and what you can see of his clothes, he is dressed in black.

“Oh, my, my, my. Still alive, yes?” The man jumps down on all fours, resting his face on the grid. “Do you feel pain, yes?”

You immediately recognize the voice! It is the same man who locked you inside the basement.

“Let me out you sadistic prick!”

The man just laughs. “The Lord has forgotten about his little white gems, yes? But I have not. No, no, no… I feed them, yes? I give them… Flesh!”

You suddenly feel something bite down hard on your toe! Pain and surprise erupt through your body. You turn the flashlight down in the water on the abomination, which is chewing on you! The creature appears to have once been a boy around six years old. He has milky-white, almost translucent skin. His fingers end in long claws and the folds between his fingers are so long that they look like a lizard’s. You are unable to see his face as the blood from your toes makes it hard to see. The boy makes an eerie, high-pitched sound a second after you point the flashlight at him! He swims back and snarls. You can clearly see his face now. The boy was once beautiful, but his features are now deranged. It looks like he is blind. His eyes are completely white. His snarl shows small, razor-sharp teeth and his face seems soft and slimy. He doesn’t have a nose, just two vertical slits where his nose used to be. You don’t have time to see anything else because the boy swims tremendously fast and takes cover behind one of the bunkbeds away from the cone of light. You breach the surface for some quick gulps of air.

“They have found you!” squeals the man delightedly. “Oh, they have found you! What a glorious day!”

You have more pressing matters to attend to, so you quickly drop your head under the water yet again. You can hear the eerie aquatic calls of the boy being answered from several places in the submerged basement. You can see more of the children hide behind bunkbeds, both boys and girls. The girls have extremely long hair which completely engulfs their bodies in a floating mass of dark filth. The rank smell of dog hair seems to be coming from them. As soon you turn your flashlight to the left the little monsters on the right moves closer and the same with the ones on the left, when you turn the light away from them. They swim from bunkbed to bunkbed, getting closer and closer. They thrash around in spasms when they are struck by the light. You quickly reach the surface to draw breath once again. The man who was gloating at you moments ago seems to be gone. You must make a decision, fast!

Will you 1 Try to drive the children out with your flashlight and swim away or 2 Try to lift the grid off and crawl through the opening?    

1 2
53 Down into the water

You turn the flashlight down in the water just in time to see, what appears to be a milky white six-year-old boy swimming towards you with tremendous speed. You can see his jagged little teeth and his white, blind eyes before he emanates an eerie screech like some sort of whale. Then he turns around and flees out of the room.

You must decide whether you want to 1 Try and remove the grid, 2 investigate the room or 3 flee through the door the way you came.     

1 3 2
54 Drive children out

You constantly swipe your flashlight left and right, herding the children away from you and towards the door. They do their best to hide from the light, but you can move it faster than they can swim. Their whale-like screeches cascade back and forth through the water making your ears ring. It is almost more than you can bear, but you force yourself to go on. The children flee the room one by one until you are sure that you are alone. You swim back to the surface to draw breath. You can’t stay here for long you have to decide whether you will:

1 Try to remove grid or 2 Swim down and investigate the room

1 2
55 Remove grid

You focus your attention on the grid leaving the watery children alone for the time being. You pray that the grid is not somehow bolted in place or that the weight will push you down into the water instead of you pushing the grid away. You push it as hard as you can and to your surprise, you are able to lift it off. You put the flashlight in your mouth and grab the edge of the aperture to lift yourself out of the water. You are halfway through the opening when you feel a mass of tiny hands grab your feet and ankles. You scream in fear dropping the flashlight on the floor and kick out with all your might. You can feel your feet against soft, slimy bodies but the water stops most of the force from your kicks. The little creatures respond by biting down hard on your feet and legs. You scream as agony flows through your body. You do your best to keep the rest of your body out of the water. You can feel how the creatures swim among each other, looking for a free spot where they can bite down on your soft, unprotected flesh. You suddenly see an old man bathed in the light from your flashlight. He is dressed like a butler from the old days. He is wearing a black low-cut waistcoat, black pants, and a white tie. His hair is a greasy mess and his beard likewise. He is very short and skeleton thin. He cackles at you through half-rotten teeth. He limps eagerly towards you while cackling madly. You raise your arm out in a pleading gesture. “Please, sir. Help me”

“Flesh for the little children, yes?” And with that, he plants a solid boot in your face and kicks you down into the watery, feeding frenzy.  



Go back
56 Remove grid

You put the flashlight in your mouth while giving the grid a hard push. It comes off easily. You push it to the side and grab the edge of the aperture and pull yourself out of the water. You put the grid back in its place swiftly, just in case that something nasty is following you. You nod satisfactorily as the grid drops back into its place. You grab the flashlight and look at the room you are standing in. It is made of the same gray flagstones and black bricks as the rooms and corridors you came from. There is something lying a corner of the room. It is a pile of clothes and a black backpack. You take a couple of steps closer and notice with excitement, that it is your stuff! You quickly pull on your clothes and look through your backpack. It seems like everything is there. And whoever took your belongings didn’t steal anything from it It feels amazing to be wearing clothes again, even though you are still soaked. Everything seems a little bit brighter now that you aren’t half naked and fighting for your life.

You notice something standing next to the grid which you hadn’t seen before. You turn the flashlight and see, that it is a big, metal bucket. You take a few steps closer to look inside. The bucket is filled with glistening pieces of flesh. You furrow your brow. It doesn’t look like any kind of animal you have seen before. It seems like it isn’t from an animal at all. Your stomach churns as you look at a sawed-off thigh among other body parts. The bucket is filled with pieces of other human extremities and what appears to be organs! It is also half-filled with blood. The sweet, metallic smell makes you gag. Your mind reels from this macabre discovery. The fate of the person or persons in the bucket could very well happen to you if you are not careful!  

You suddenly hear someone humming a melody nearby! It seems like a sad song but the person humming it seems to be in a great mood. It sounds like something you would sing at a funeral, but not in a merry tone. There is only one door in the room and the sound appears to be coming from the other side. The person humming the melody is drawing closer and closer. The melody suddenly stops just on the other side of the door. Your heart sinks as the handle on the door is slowly being turned!

You must act swiftly! Will you 1 Hide behind the door or 2 Confront whoever is going to open the door?   

1 2
57 Investigate room

Your vision is blurred by the water and the encroaching darkness beyond the flashlight is nerve rattling. You are just about to give up, having found nothing but a few pieces of toys and some crayons Then you see something shiny half-way hidden under a pillow, reflecting the light. You swim down and grab it and quickly swim for the surface, holding up your new discovery. It is a thin gold necklace, but what really makes your thieving heart pound, is that there is a beautiful ruby attached to the necklace. You are quite sure that it will be able to bring you a small fortune. Having nowhere to put it, you decide to put it on. It is a little bit tight, so you wonder if it was made for a little girl. You don’t have time to contemplate on who the previous owner was. The necklace is worth nothing if you don’t find your way out. You are suddenly a bit uncertain about what your motivation is; finding more jewelry or just escape the manor. There is nothing else to do than try to remove the grid.

1 Remove grid

58 Flee

You quickly swim out of the room. You turn the flashlight left and right, but the boy is nowhere to be seen. You are just about to decide whether you want to swim down the left or the right corridor when you hear several of the eerie aquatic screeches, like the one the boy emanated just moments ago. You turn your flashlight to the left and almost gasp in surprise. A girl around 8 years old is floating lifelessly in the corridor. Her hair is extremely long and dark. It covers her face and most of her body. The girl is obviously dead. It might be that the foul smell is coming from her. She is dressed in a torn, white nightgown which is covered in green algae. She must have been here for a long time. Another of the eerie screeches suddenly emanates from the girl! She is not dead! You barely get to finish the thought, before the girl swims forward with tremendous speed. You almost drop the flashlight from the shock but are able to hold on to it. The girl is already upon you! You do your best to fight her off, but she is strong and agile, and you have an enormous disadvantage in the water. Her tiny claws rip deep gashes on your arms chest and face. The water begins to turn red and with that, a cacophony of eerie, watery screeches erupts all around you. You suddenly feel small bodies attack you from all sides like hungry piranhas. There is no way that you can fight them all. You scream as your body gets completely engulfed by writhing, white bodies.



51 Down the corridor

You have no idea how far you must swim before, or even if you will be able to draw breath again. You swim for less than a minute down the corridor and then you notice, that the corridor’s mouth ends at what appears to be some sort of cave. You swim closer and notice, that what you first thought was a cave is actually a lake! You feel like you have enough air to go back to the half-open door, but the lake might be your only chance of ever leaving the Addicott manor.


Will you 1 Swim back to the half-open door or 2 Swim to the lake?

1 2
59 Half-open door

You decide to turn around and swim back to the half-open door. It feels like you are being followed but every time you look over your shoulder, there is no one there. It is difficult to focus on swimming when the sensation lies over you like a dark cloud. But nothing happens. It seems like it was just bad nerves.


Go to 1 

60 Swim to lake

You can see the moon and the stars through the water. The cold night greets you with a kiss of air. You are taken by surprise at it is not the fresh air which you had hoped for. The smell of wet dog lies like a thick carpet on the water even though the wind is blowing. It is on the brink of being unbearable! The storm has picked up the pace and it is still raining, but softly now. It feels amazing that you made it out alive! You take in your surroundings. It seems like the lake is next to a wildly overgrown garden. Your gut tightens as you see the Addicott manor looming behind the garden. Its massive structure seems to be even more insidious than ever. You turn your attention to the left side of the lake. It meets with the garden and the right side of the lake joins a dense forest. You swim for the forest as there is no way in hell that you are going to spend any time in a damn maze! You are pretty sure that you can find your way back through the forest to your car, and then get as far away as possible.

You are shivering in the cold night air when you finally feel the muddy shore of the lake under your naked feet. You are completely drained of energy. You suddenly slip in the mud and land face first in the muck and water. The smell of wet dog is overpowering. It seems like the smell is changing in strength. Sometimes it is completely gone and other times it is almost overpowering. You curse in frustration as you regain your balance and stand upright again. You try to wipe the mud away from your face, but it is difficult to get it all off. There is no more than a couple of meters before you have solid ground under your feet. You try to ignore the mud which is smeared all over you, and instead focus on getting back to solid ground.

Lightning suddenly strikes across the dark sky. Something catches your eye half-buried in the mud. Two, white oval objects are lying in the mud in front of you. You take a step closer. Then the objects are gone. You stop dead in your tracks. It seems odd. You were completely sure, that there was something lying in the mud. You take a slow step forward as you wonder what it might have been. A little girl suddenly thrusts herself out of the mud in one giant leap from where the white objects were lying moments ago. Her hair is around a meter long and filled with mud like the rest of her scrawny, white body. She lands hard on your chest and immediately latches on to you with her tiny clawed fingers. You scream at the top of your lungs as you look into her dead, white eyes. She does not have a nose but two vertical slits instead. She looks like a creature from the dreams of a madman. Her teeth sink into your throat even before you hit the water. You can hear eerie whale-like calls from all around the lake. The calls come closer and closer and then your thrashing body is completely enveloped in a mass of small screeching children, fighting for pieces of your flesh.     


Go back
36 Press the button

You slowly press the button and prepare for the worst. Nothing happens. You stand completely still for what feels like an eternity. But then a row of bricks moves to the side as if they were attached to a hidden door. You walk into the hidden room where the secret door automatically closes behind you with a soft click. You turn around and notice that the hidden door blends just as much into the surroundings from the inside as it did from the outside. The room is made of the same gray flagstones and black bricks as the corridor you were in moments ago. There is also a door leading out of the room. But the most interesting or, rather unnerving is a big metal bucket. It stands next to a grid on the floor. You flash the light into the bucket and almost drop the flashlight. The bucket is filled with blood-soaked human body parts and organs! The grid is covering an aperture big enough for a grown person to jump down. There is dark, murky water around thirty centimeters below the grid.

You suddenly look into the milky white eyes of a little boy, down in the water. He seems to be blind and he has two vertical slits where his nose is supposed to be. It seems like the boy has been long dead. But he gives a vicious snarl as soon as the light hits him and then he swims deeper into the darkness of the water!

That was not an ordinary boy! It could be some kind of inbred mutant or maybe the darkness plays tricks on you. Maybe someone is feeding the boy human flesh. You gag at the disgusting thought of the boy munching on the human flesh from the bucket. It is also a scary thought, that someone in the manor is so sick that he would feed the boy human body parts.

You don’t have any more time to contemplate on what you have just seen before you hear a humming sound from just beyond the door! There is something familiar about the voice, but you are not quite sure where you have heard it before. The only thing you know is that the voice is coming your way.

You have to choose whether you want to 1 Hide behind the door or 2 Confront whoever is humming about the sick display in the room?

1 2
61 Hide

You quickly run over behind the door to hide from whoever is coming. You press as tightly against the wall as possible, praying that the door won’t slam in your face when it is opened. The door opens slowly, and an old man dressed like a butler limps into the room. He hums a melody unknown to you. He is dressed in a black low-cut waistcoat, black pants, and a dirty white tie. He is dressed like you reckon a butler from older days would look like. His hair is a greasy mess and his beard likewise. He is very short and skeleton thin. “Flesh for the children, yes?” mumbles the man while limping towards the bucket. “Oh yes. So hungry.” He lifts the grid off the aperture before he picks up the bucket. You look in disgust as he picks up a severed thigh. He holds it over the aperture for a while, chuckling while blood drops into the water. You can hear a sort of splashing sound. Like something throws itself around in it. The man drops the thigh into the water, making the turmoil louder.

Your brain is trying to comprehend what it is, that is unfolding in front of your eyes. Is the butler really feeding some kind of aquatic, child-monster? He keeps mumbling to himself as he drops yet another piece of human flesh down into the water. You are quite sure that the butler is the same one, who locked you into the basement, to begin with.

You must choose between;

1 Calling out to the man

2 Sneak out of the room or

3 Kick him into the water?     

1 3 2
62 Confront

You position yourself in the middle of the room and turn your flashlight off. Light is spilling out from under the door so there is no need to have it turned on. The door slowly opens, which makes the humming melody louder. Light also starts to fill the room you are standing in. You can see a figure holding an antique lantern in one hand. It takes you a couple of seconds before you can make out any details. The man in front of you is wearing a black low-cut jacket, a dirty white tie and matching black pants. His hair is a filthy mess and so is his beard. He is dressed like a butler from centuries ago. The clothes don’t really fit him and hang loosely on his bony frame. His green eyes shine sickly in the shifting light from the lantern. His face is gaunt and pockmarked. He doesn’t seem surprised to see you.

“What do we have here, yes?” whispers the butler sending shivers of recognition down your spine. The voice belongs to the same man, who locked you in the basement, to begin with!

“Oh my,” whispers the butler. “What a day, what a glorious, glorious day.” He walks slowly into the room and closes the door behind him. Then he puts the lantern on the ground and looks expectantly at you.

You have to decide what you want to do next:       

If you have found a necklace you can show it to him. Go to 1

If you still have your phone, you can try to call the police for help. Go to 2

You can try to threaten the butler to let you out of the manor. Go to 3 or

You can be friendly towards him. Go to 4

1 4 2 3
63 Kick the butler

You steel your nerves as you move silently towards the unsuspecting butler. Years of being a burglar make your movements completely silent. You force yourself to move slowly, even though the butler might turn around at any moment. But you must surprise him to make it work.

“Oh, my.. My, my, my,” whispers the butler. “So hungry, yes? Long time since we have had any visitors, yes?” The butler puts the bucket down. “There will be more. I promise there will be…”

You are no more than a meter away from him, but then he suddenly spins around looking you straight in the eye! “… More!” screams the butler. He draws a long, jagged knife. You would never have guessed that the old man could be even half this fast. You yell a challenge before you plant a solid foot in his chest. It feels like the butler weighs nothing and his scrawny frame is no match for your front kick. Your eyes lock with his for the briefest moment before he lands on his back in the water. He is submerged for a couple of seconds before his frightened face reemerges. “What a day!” screams the butler. “Oh, what a day!” His hands try to find purchase on the aperture, but he is too weak to lift himself up and out of the water. He stops moving and looks at you. “Oh no,” whispers the butler before he is dragged back under the surface in one swift motion. Nothing stirs for a second before the water explodes in a frothing cacophony of white foam and bubbles. It doesn’t take long before the water and foam turn pink and then to a dark red. You watch for a long time, but the butler doesn’t reemerge. You put the grid back on, just to be safe. You look around to see if you can find his knife, but it must have gone into the water with him. You turn around to walk out of the room.    

Go to 1

64 Sneak out

You slowly circle around the open door. The butler has his back to you while mumbling to himself and feeding the underwater monster. You can see that the open door leads into a corridor. You can’t see very far, because the only light source is from the lantern next to the butler. You quickly dart out of the room while praying that the butler won’t here you. You cast a quick glance over your shoulder, but the butler still has his back to you.  You stumble blindly down the corridor for a while, before you dare turn on your flashlight again.

The corridor is even more narrow than earlier and runs in a straight line before it abruptly ends. There is an extremely tall and rickety ladder leading up into the darkness. You turn your flashlight upwards. The ladder ends several meters above you at what appears to be a big hole in the brick wall. You put the flashlight in your backpack, sacrificing the comfort of light in favor of having both hands on the ladder. You take the few first steps up the ladder, but the wood is already complaining under your weight. You decide to move as slowly as possible while trying to distribute the weight as best as you can. It seems to be working but it is a painstakingly slow process. You suddenly hear a humming sound from the corridor below you! It is the same melody as you heard from the butler earlier! You squint your eyes by reflex as light is spilling out from below you. You look down and see that the butler is looking up at you with a sickening, sadistic expression. His green eyes shine sickly in the light from the lantern.  His smile is so wide that it almost goes from ear to ear. The light from the lantern makes him look like a demon straight out of hell. His smile suddenly disappears. His expression drops to an emotionless stare. He puts the lantern down while keeping his green eyes firmly locked on yours. Then he draws a big, nasty-looking knife. “Come back down, yes? The children are hungry!”

You yelp in fright as the butler limps over to the ladder and starts climbing it. The ladder is moaning loudly under the extra weight. You forget about moving slowly as the butler is moving like a squirrel up the ladder while humming the same melody as he did moments ago. The lantern’s light doesn’t go all the way to the top of the ladder. You can do nothing but pray that you will soon be at the top. You will have much better chances if you can make it off the ladder. Then you can push the ladder away or kick the butler back down. You suddenly feel a crooked hand grab your ankle! “Oh, I got you now, bitch!” screams the butler triumphantly. “Oh, what a day! Flesh for the children. Flesh for the children. What a day, what a glorious day!”

You scream in fear as pictures of the murky water and the bloody bucket flash through your mind.

You can either 1 Try to wrestle your foot free or 2 Try to kick the butler in the face with your other foot.  

1 2
65 Show necklace

You unlock the necklace and hold it out towards the butler.

His eyes open wide with surprise. “Oh, what a day. What a glorious day.” He takes a step forward. His eyes locked on the necklace. “The Lord will be pleased.”

“Who is this Lord?”

The butler stands still and eventually takes his eyes away from the necklace and looks at you instead. “Well, that would be Mr. Addicott, yes?” He takes another step forward. His green eyes resting hungrily on the necklace. Then he takes another step forward.

You take a couple of swift steps yourself towards the grid and hold the necklace over it. “One step closer and I will drop it!”

“Oh no,” squeals the butler. “Please no.”

“Then stay there and tell me more about the necklace and the Lord.”

“Fine,” whispers the butler. “The necklace belonged to one of the Lord’s favorites. Well, she was his favorite for a long time. Too good to go to the basement. But, then she did something naughty, yes?”

“What did she do?”

“She tried to run away from the Lord. But my grandfather caught her, yes? It was a glorious day and we were… Elevated…”

“What do you mean?”

The butler looks thoughtful. “Well I think he caught her with a net and the hounds got her and…”

“Not that! How were you elevated?”

“The Lord shared some of his secrets with my family. We have served him for many, many years and we serve him still, yes?”

He looks pleadingly at you. “Please let me have the necklace. The Lord will be so pleased!”

The necklace is worth a fortune and you will not depart from it unless your life depends greatly on it. Instead, you have to think what you will do next:


Will you use your phone to call the police for help? Go to 1

Will you threat the butler to help you? Go to 2 or

Be Friendly, so the butler might help you? Go to 3

1 3 2
66 Be threatening

“Listen to me your crippled, little shite! You will help me get out of here or I will make you regret the day you locked me inside this fucking basement!”

The butler looks surprised for a split-second. “My, my, my. What a filthy tongue you got there, little girl.” Then he draws a long, ugly-looking knife from his belt. “What a day. I am going to cut that foul tongue out of your mouth.” He takes another step forward. “And then I’m going to cut you up in nice little pieces and feed you to the naughty children, yes?”

He keeps on walking slowly towards you. There is no doubt in your mind, that the butler will do his best to kill you. The blade reflects the light from the lantern making it hard to look away from it.

“I am going to remove your organs and scoop your brains out! It is going to be a feast!” snarls the butler.

You will have to fight for your life!

Will you fight 1 Aggressively or 2 Defensively?

1 2
67 Be friendly

“Listen up, mate. I don’t want any trouble. I know we had a little misunderstanding. I shouldn’t have come here, and you shouldn’t have locked me inside the basement, ok?”

“But..” says the butler.

“It’s quite all right my friend. I just get out of your way. Then you can keep the feeding going or whatever you feel like, ok?

“Are we friends?” whispers the butler expectantly.

You slowly circle around him, to see if you can get out of the room without having to escalate the situation any further. “Oh sure, we are best mates.”

There is something clearly wrong with him. You just hope that he is the calm kind of lunatic and not the violent type. The butler just turns around, following you as you move towards the door.

“Where are you going, mate?” he takes a step forward holding out his hand. “I want you to stay.” None of you are taking your eyes away from the other. At least you are the only one walking. “Oh, I am staying. I just forgot this thing. A.. A present! I got a present for you!”

“Oh, what a day!” yells the butler expectantly. “A present. For me!?”

“Sure, I’ll be right back. Close your eyes and count to hundred!” You finally get to the door and step into the corridor closing the door softly behind you. You walk down a narrow corridor as fast as you can. It doesn’t take long before the corridor ends, and you find yourself in front of an extremely tall and rickety looking ladder. You turn the flashlight upwards to see where it ends. There is some sort of opening or large hole in the wall where the ladder ends. You quickly put your flashlight in the backpack, sacrificing the comfort of light for the safety of having two hands on the ladder.

The ladder groans loudly as you start to ascend it. You suddenly hear a high-pitched scream behind you. “Get back here, yes?” screams the butler. “I want you back mate! Oh, how I want you!”

It seems like the butler isn’t letting you go without a struggle. The space you are in are slowly getting lit as the butler advances down through the corridor. You force yourself to climb faster even though the ladder is complaining furiously under your weight. You dare to look down for just a second. The butler has put the lantern on the floor and draw a long, ugly-looking knife. The blade glints menacingly in the light from the lantern. You are amazed that such an old man can be this fast, it seems unnatural.

“I’m going to get you,” spits the butler. “I thought that we were mates!” You are even more surprised at how fast he climbs the ladder. You continue climbing, not certain whether the ladder will crumble under your combined weight or if you will feel the blade sink into your back.

You suddenly feel a bony hand close around your ankle. The butler laughs triumphantly. “Oh, what a day. What a glorious, glorious day!”

You scream out in fear and desperation. “Let me go you freak!”

The butler just cackles madly. “I am not a freak. I am your mate!”

You have to decide whether you will 1 Kick out or 2 try to wrestle free.

1 2
68 Kick out

You scream in fear as you kick out with your free foot. You feel the satisfactory crunch as your heel flattens the butler’s nose. He yelps in surprise and let go of your foot. You quickly plant one more solid kick in his face, which sends him plummeting down the ladder. You hear a loud snap of breaking bones before his screams turn into soft whimpering. You praise yourself lucky that the butler didn’t destroy the ladder on his way down. You reach the top of the ladder and quickly turn on your flashlight. There is a sort of ledge, chipped out of the bricks. The ledge is around four meters wide and there are two doors at each end of the ledge. Your attention is being drawn back to the butler’s feeble mewling.

“Oh, not this. No, no, no. This is not happening. “The children are hungry. So hungry, yes?”

You are not taking any chances. You pull the ladder up until you find some of the softer steps and kick them out of the ladder. There is no way that the butler will be able to follow you now.

“It doesn’t matter,” mumbles the butler. “You are dead anyway. My brothers will find you. They will find you, yes? This is still a glorious, glorious day…”

You turn your attention away from the butler and instead consider what door to open.

Will you 1 Open the door to the left or 2 the one to the right?

1 2
69 Wrestle free

You try to wrestle you leg free of the butler’s grip. The ladder groans under your struggling weight. The butler just laughs like a maniac. “Oh, what a day!” screams the butler. “I got you now bitch!” You feel a sharp pain in your left thigh. You have been stabbed! You feel several more explosions of pain through your legs as the butler stabs you repeatedly cackling with glee. Your vision grows dark from the pain and you can’t hold yourself on the ladder anymore. You tumble down taking the butler with you. That is the last thing you see before you pass out.

You slowly open your eyes. You are back in the room where you met the butler. The lantern is turned on, so you can see what the butler is doing. Your vision is swimming and you feel that you are on the brink of passing out again. Your right leg is a shredded mess and you are lying in a pool of your own blood.

You have no energy to resist when the butler starts to drag you towards the aperture and your watery demise. “Flesh for the children,” whispers the butler.

“No please don’t. I am so sorry. Please. Please don’t throw me down there. I beg you!”

 That is the last thing you say before he pushes you head first into the water.



Go back
70 Aggressive

“You shouldn’t have done that, you old fuck!”

The butler hesitates for a second. He is clearly surprised about your aggressive demeanor. You are already running towards him. You smash a right hook straight into his jaw. The butler is old and brittle. The punch sends him crashing against a wall. He has no time to recuperate before you punch him three successive times in the stomach and then an uppercut to his jaw. He sacks mumbling to the floor. You don’t know what he is saying. Instead, you grab his hair and ram your right knee into his face and close the fight by pushing his head as hard as you can into the brick wall. You take a couple of steps back, resting your hands on your knees. You look at the bloody mess in front of you. The butler does not seem to be moving. You quickly check his pockets and find a valuable gold watch which you take with you. He is bleeding profusely from his head. His eyes are closed so he might just have passed out. You keep telling yourself that as you walk out of the room.

Go to 1

71 Defensive

You take a couple of steps back from the butler. He laughs mockingly at you. “Naughty little girl. I will teach you a lesson, yes?” He swings the knife in a wide angle aiming at your chest. You jump back barely avoiding the blade! There is no doubt in your mind that the butler is trying to kill you! The butler thrusts his knife forward and you are too slow this time. The blade grazes your hip as you try to jump to the side. You have just a second to notice, that the butler has maneuvered you into a corner. “No, please wait!” You feel the sharp pain as the butler rams his jagged knife into your gut, all the way to the hilt. “What a day, yes?” whispers the butler as you sack against him. He holds you up with the hand holding the knife and embracing you with the other. You try to push yourself away from his deadly embrace, but you are too weak. The last thing you see is the butler’s sick, sadistic, green eyes while he hums a melody.  



Go back
72 Left side

You slowly open the door to the left and step through it. You immediately look over your shoulder as the hidden door you walked through suddenly closes. You turn your flashlight left and right and find yourself standing in a dusty and dark corridor. You spend a while searching for a hidden switch or mechanism, which might be able to lead you back to the basement, but it is to no avail. You turn your attention back to the corridor.  It is not like the ones in the basement. There are decorative tapestry and expensive high-quality floorboards. There are some paintings depicting the lives of the British upper-class on the walls and a one-meter tall vase from what appears to be China. Everything is covered in a thick layer of dust. Your feet make little puffs and whirls every time you move just a little. You sneeze and furrow your brow. Every single breath sends tingling dust down your throat. You sneeze again. This place has been deserted for a very long time. You notice that the corridor ends at a wall to your left, so you can only follow it down to the right.

The only thing you can do is 1 Walk down the dusty corridor.   

73 Right side

You slowly open the door to the right and step through it. You look over your shoulder and notice that you have walked through a hidden door. The door immediately closes behind you. You try to find a switch or mechanism to reopen the door, but you have to give up in the end.

You stand in a dark corridor where the only light source is your flashlight. There is no furniture or decoration in the corridor. It does not look like the basement at all. The floor is made of polished wood and there is decorative tapestry on the walls. But there is nothing else in the corridor of interest. You notice that the corridor is extremely clean considering that this is an old abandoned manor from centuries ago. You squat down and run your finger over the floorboards. It comes off clean. Not a spec of dust. You can even smell detergent in the air. You notice that the middle of the floorboards is worn down. If you didn’t know better, you would think that this part of the manor was still inhabited. The corridor ends at a wall to the left, but you can see that it turns to the right a couple of meters further down.

You turn the corner and notice three doors in front of you; one to the left and right and the last in the end wall. There is nothing from the distance which tells the doors apart from each other.

Which door do you want to investigate?

Door to the left 1

Door in the middle 2 or

Door to the right 3

1 3 2
74 Leave room

You quickly leave the room and find yourself in a corridor. You follow the corridor for a while before you stand in front of an extremely tall and rickety-looking ladder. The corridor ends here so there is nothing to do but to climb it. You put the flashlight in your mouth, so you can have both hands on the ladder. You slowly reach the top and notice a ledge, which seems to have been cut out of the brick wall.

There is a door on each side of the ledge. One to the right and one to the left. There is fresh blood on the ground close to the door on the right.

Go to 1 Left side or 2 Right side ?

1 2
75 Use phone

You point a finger at the butler. “You stay right there, old geezer! I’m going to call the police!”

The butler spits on the floor. “Give it a try, little girl,” and gives you a wide smile.

You quickly press the emergency number while taking great care that the butler isn’t trying anything with you. You wait for what feels like ages before you can hear the phone being picked up on the other end.

You keep your eyes firmly locked on the butler. “Hello?” There is a lot of static noise on the line, but you are suddenly able to hear a voice on the other end of the line.

“Hello, can you hear me?” The static finally subsides, and you can hear something which sounds like a little girl moaning.

“Come!” screams the girl in an uncanny voice. Even though there is static, and the voice seems like it is far away from the phone, you would guess the girl to be no more than five or six years old. “Come play with us. We are so lonely,” moans the girl  

“What the hell?” you look at your phone like it was an alien object.

The butler just looks intently at you mouthing what a day.

You shake your head in disbelief while putting the phone back in your pocket. You try to push the ghostly voice to the back of your mind. You are afraid that you will lose your mind if you don’t.

What will you do next:   


Show necklace go to 1

Be threatening go to 2 or

Be friendly go to 3?

1 3 2
3 First floor right

It doesn’t take long before you reach the top of the staircase and are greeted by a half-open door in front of you, but it is completely dark beyond the door.

You pass through the door and find yourself in an elaborately decorated corridor. You walk a little down the corridor before you suddenly feel a weird urge to flee! You turn around and open your eyes wide in disbelief. The door you just walked through is gone! There is nothing but a wall where it should have been. You run back and barely have the discipline to stop yourself from hammering at the wall and scream to be let out. You quite sure that you are not alone in the manor. So it is better to notice whoever might be here first before they notice you.

You make a thorough investigation but there is no hidden switch or another way out. The only thing you can do is to walk down the corridor. You notice that the corridor is extremely clean considering that this is an old abandoned manor from centuries ago. You squat down and run your finger over the floor. It comes off clean. You notice that the middle of the floorboards is worn down. If you didn’t know better, you would think that this part of the manor was still inhabited. And it must be inhabited by someone who likes it neat. The corridor ends at a wall to the left, but you can see that it turns to the right a couple of meters further down.

You turn the corner and notice three doors in front of you; there is a door on the left and on the right and finally one in the end wall. There is nothing which tells the doors apart from each other from the distance, so you have to decide which you will investigate first?

Door to the left 1

Door in the middle 2 or

Door to the right 3 

1 3 2
10 Door to the left

You start to investigate the door to the left. There is nothing peculiar about the door. There is no ornamentation and the door handle is made of some kind of cheap metal.

What will you do next?

1 Listen

2 Open door or

3 Investigate door in the middle or

4 door to the right

1 4 2 3
26 Listen

You press your ear to the old wooden door. You can hear an argument going on, on the other side of the door. You stand completely still to be able to hear as much of the conversation as possible.

“What do you mean by that, Toothbrush?” snarls a male voice.

“I mean, the house is changing, yes? It is no longer just the left wing. It has spread beyond the garden and the right wing, yes? It is physically changing the walls!”

A third voice joins the conversation. “The Lord is getting stronger, yes?”

“Oh, yes!” says the other two voices at the same time.

“What a day. What a glorious day, yes?” says the third voice.

“We need to call the others, yes? They must know that the time is coming,” says the first voice.

“Oh, yes!” says the second. “Maybe they have found the one that ran away, yes?”

“Oh, how his friend screamed! What a day, what a glorious day. The naughty children must be happy, so, so happy, yes?” I bet old Bucket down there is dancing with glee. Oh, what a day!”

The three voices are all males. They sound like old men and a bit dimwitted. You withdraw from the door contemplating what to do next.

Will you;

1 Open the door

2 Go back to investigate the door in the middle or

3 Investigate the door to the right?

1 3 2
114 Open door

You open the door and walk into a brightly lit room. There are torches hanging on the wall and floor chandeliers are also placed around the room. It smells of soot, candles and sweat. There is nothing of the clean and neat order from the corridor. It is quite the contrary.  The room is quite large. Probably 5 by 5 meters. There are four empty wooden beds to your right and a large closet against the backwall. To your left is a crude wooden table surrounded by four wooden chairs. Three of the chairs are occupied by middle-aged men dressed as butlers from somewhere in the last century. They are all wearing the same attire; Black low-cut jackets, matching pants and a white tie. The clothes were once of great quality but now it is somewhat stained and has holes here and there. The men themselves look shabby to say the least. Unruly, greasy hair and heavy bags under their eyes. The only thing well-kept on the men are their cleanshaven faces. One of them seems to be having some sort of purple skin disease. Half of his face is swollen and purple. The right eye is also affected. It is shut and yellowish pus drips down his chin. Another one has the most severe cleft lip you have ever seen. You can look far into his mouth even though he has his mouth closed. The last one doesn’t have any teeth. All of them jump up from their seats in surprise. The butler with the rash draws a knife.

“Oh, what a day. What a glorious, glorious day,” whispers the one without his teeth. All of them seems to have recuperated from the shock you gave them. Their greedy eyes run over your body like starved dogs.

“Why are you here, yes?” says the one with the rash.

You have to decide whether you want to;       


1 Tell them the truth

2 Try to think of some suitable lie

3 Flee through the way you came

4 attack them with your crowbar

1 4 2 3
27 Listen

You press your ear against the door. It takes a little while but then you can hear a female crying softly. “Please, let me go. I beg you.”

You are not able to hear anymore words. The only thing you can hear is the continues crying of the woman. You must decide what to do next;

1 Open the door

2 Investigate the door to the left or

3 Investigate the door to the right

1 3 2
28 Open door

You open the door into a dimly, candlelit room. The room is 4 by 4 meters. There is a crude dartboard with arrows stuck in it and an old billiard table. There is also a couple of beautiful armchairs to the right, with a man sitting in one of the chairs. You can just see the back of his head above the backrest. Opposite the man is a young and quite attractive woman. She has been violently beaten and her hair and clothes are in a terrible disarray. She is hanging by her arms in a thick rope, which is connected to a wooden beam over her head. Neither the man or the woman has noticed you yet. You have a crowbar in your backpack which you can use as a weapon if you decide to attack him.

You must decide what to do next;      

1 Close the door and go back to the door on the left

2 Close the door and go back to the door on the right or

Attack the man either by 3 Charging him or 4 Move silently behind him and try to surprise him?

1 4 2 3
86 Charge him

You slowly remove the crowbar from its strap on the bag. The woman seems to be unconscious, so you only have to worry about the man. You waste no time, as soon as you feel the cold metal from the crowbar in your hand! You rush the man as fast as possible. Your feet slap hard against the floorboards. The man utters a yelp of surprise as you storm into the room. He looks over his shoulder just in time to see the crowbar swing towards his unprotected face. The man is dressed as a butler, all in black with a white tie. He looks like he is in his early thirties. He ducks the crowbar by no more than a centimeter. He somersaults over the floor to avoid the crowbar. It doesn’t take long before you are upon him again. You smash the crowbar down hard on his kneecap shattering it easily. The butler screams and pleads. “Oh, what a day, yes?! Let me go, oh let me…!”

You strike him hard across the face with a bone-crunching sound. You are not sure whether he is dead or alive, but he isn’t moving. The young woman suddenly wakes up and starts to scream. “Please let me go. Let me go before the others find us!”

You estimate the woman to be in her early twenties. She has long, blond hair and blue eyes. She looks like the typical girl next door. Except that the girl next door usually doesn’t find herself in a dire situation like this.

“The others?” you look in horror as you realize that there might be others in the manor, like the one you just struck down. People who enjoy captivating and torture women.

You suddenly hear commotion in the corridor. Loud yelling and hammering footsteps. Three middle-aged butlers appear in the doorway. They fill the exit so there is nowhere for you to run. The men seem to be in an extremely poor physical condition. They wear the same clothes as the one you knocked out. One of them has a nasty skin rash. It is so bad that it has attacked one of his eyes forcing it completely shut. yellow pus runs freely down his chin from the eye. The one who seems to be the leader takes a step forward. Spit falls out of his mouth when he speaks. It does not seem like he has any teeth left. “Oh, what a day, yes? You killed our brother. Killed him you did!” slobbers the man.

You notice that the butler with the closed eye has a nasty-looking knife in his hand, crusted with dry blood.

“You have two choices, yes? Drop your weapon and surrender, then you will live yes? Or fight and die… Either way…” The toothless butler licks his lips

“… It will be a glorious day,” echoes the other butlers.

You notice that the last of butlers has an extreme case of untreated cleft lip.

“No don’t do it!” screams the young woman. “They will do the same to you as they did to me!”

The toothless butler rolls his eyes. “Don’t be silly, girl. You are just trash. This one is special. “We will take her to our Lord! She is so much more important than you are. But we will bring her to him. Dead, if we have to!”

You must decide whether you will 1 Surrender or 2 Fight them?

1 2
87 Surrender

You slowly shake your head. There is no way you can beat three men and come out of it alive. You throw the crowbar to a corner of the room. The young woman starts crying again. “What have you done?”

One of the butlers walk over and pick up the crowbar. You don’t have the item anymore. The other two looks expectantly at you.

“Oh, what a day. What a glorious day,” whispers the one with the missing teeth. “Now follow me!”

You follow him slowly with the other two, close behind you. You stop in the corridor where the leading butler presses a hidden switch. You hear a soft click as a part of the corridor slides to the side, revealing a narrow passage. The toothless butler moves to the side holding out his arm in a welcoming gesture. “Welcome to the Lord’s quarters, yes.”

It is completely dark, so you turn on your flashlight. The corridor is filled with dust. There is something off about the corridor, but you can’t seem to put your finger on it.

“Oh, what a day, yes?” asks the butler with no teeth. The other two nods gravely. “There is no way but this way, little girl. You will meet the Lord!”

You walk into the narrow passage. The hidden door closes slowly behind you.

You try to feel your way around where the secret door closed, but there is no way to reopen it. You finally give up and turn around and begin to walk down the narrow, dusty corridor.

The air is stale. It feels like there hasn’t been any fresh air in this place for many years. You suddenly feel something entangle your face! You jump back in surprise and utter a little yelp in fear. It takes you a couple of seconds before you understand that it is “just” a cobweb you walked into.  You force yourself to breathe slowly and then continue down the corridor.

You can see that the passage ends on a smooth wall. You pray to god that you will be able to somehow get past the wall. You feel your way with the tips of your fingers on the smooth surface. It doesn’t take long before you find a button.

The wall moves easily to the side revealing a dark and dusty corridor. You walk into the corridor to the sound of the secret door sliding back in place. You try to see if there is any way to get back. If there is, you are not capable of finding it, and you give up in the end.


Go to 1

85 Fight them

“I am not going with any of you ugly geezers!” You raise the crowbar menacingly over your head.

“Oh, what a day,” giggles the butler without his teeth. “What do you say, Lipstick?”

“Yes,” laughs the one with the cleft lip dumbly.

The room is big enough for the men to surround you. If that happens you know that you will be overpowered quickly! You launch for the one with the missing teeth. He screams in pain as you break his arm. You aimed for his head, but he was quick enough to raise his arm in defense. You are just about to hit him again when Lipstick barrels you over. You land hard on the billiard table but are already back on your feet. You kick Lipstick in the face sending him tumbling to the floor. The toothless butler runs towards you with spit flying everywhere. You grab a billiard ball and throw it right in his mouth. He falls back against a wall and crashes to the floor spitting blood. You suddenly feel a sharp pain in your ankles. You immediately lose your balance and fall backwards to the floor. You land hard and you almost lose consciousness from the fall. You notice that your legs are bleeding profusely. The last butler had snuck up behind you and cut your tendons with his knife!

You look into his gloating, skin infected face. That is the last thing you see before he stabs you to death!    



Go back
11 Middle door

You are no expert in wood, but you can see that it is made of a finer and better quality. The door handle even has some nice details.

Do you want to 1 Listen to the door or 2 Open the door straight away?

1 2
12 Right door

There is nothing out of the ordinary except that the door has been bolted shut with iron brackets. There are no locks. The only way to get inside is to try and break the brackets off with your crowbar.

You must decide what to do next;

1 Use your crowbar

2 Go back to the door in the middle or

3 The door to the left?

1 3 2
76 Use crowbar

You quickly set to work on the brackets. They are bolted in good, but you are very experienced with your tools. The wood screams as you slowly loosen and finally break the first bracket off. You are breathing heavy now. You have just one more bracket to go when you hear someone behind you.

“Oh, what a glorious day.”

You turn around and see three middle-aged butlers behind you. They are all dressed in the same attire; black, low-cut jackets with matching pants and a white tie. Their clothes look ancient both in design and due to the dirty spots and holes in it. The men themselves look even worse. Their hair is filthy and unkempt. They even smell bad. One of them smiles wide at you showing a mouth with almost no teeth in it. The other one has a severe purple rash on half of his face. The rash has infected his right eye. It is completely shut and drips yellow pus down his chin. The last one has a severe untreated cleft lip. The door to the left also opens and a butler in his early thirties appear behind the others. There are four of them in total now.

“You come with us, yes? To the Lord!” spits the butler with the missing teeth. The one with the closed eye draws a knife.

“But you must also hand over your belongings, yes? We can’t have you running around breaking the Lord’s things.”

You must choose whether you want to 1 Give up or 2 Fight them

1 2
77 Give up

You decide not to take any chances with the men and hand over your backpack together with any loot that you might have found. The toothless butler takes the backpack away from you. He starts to rummage through it.

“What do you want to do with me now?”

The toothless butler licks his lips and says, “we are taking you to the Lord, yes?”

“Please I…”

The toothless butler slaps you hard on the face followed by an even harder backhand slap. You land hard on the ground and cringe as the butler is about to slap you again. The butler slowly lets his hand fall to the side. “I better not damage the Lord’s gift.”

You are hauled roughly to your feet and then escorted down the corridor by all the butlers. The toothless in the front and the rest of them behind you. The leader suddenly stops and presses some kind of hidden switch in the same corridor where the doors are. The wall moves effortlessly to the side. There is an extremely narrow passage leading through the wall.

“Go now, yes? The Lord is waiting.” He hands you the flashlight, “you will need this, yes?”

You immediately oblige the butler, remembering all too well how he slapped you around moments ago.

You walk into the narrow passage listening to the hidden door closing slowly behind you.

You consider trying to open the door from the inside, then you think better of it. There is no chance that the butlers will let you go with a few slaps if they catch you again. They seem to be quite uncaring and evil.

The air is stale. It feels like there hasn’t been any fresh air in this place for many years. You suddenly feel something entangle your swollen face. You jump back in surprise and utter a little yelp in fear. It takes you a couple of seconds before you understand that it is “just” a cobweb. Images of the butler slapping you fly through your mind.  You force the images out and continue down the corridor.

You can see that the passage ends on a smooth wall. You pray to god that you will be able to somehow get past the wall. Anything would be better than another meeting with the sadistic men. You feel your way with the tips of your fingers on the smooth surface. It doesn’t take long before you find a button.

The wall moves easily to the side revealing a dark and dusty corridor.


Go on 1

78 Fight them

“Never!” You whack the toothless butler hard in the face knocking him over. The rest of the butlers hiss in surprise and anger. You try to hold them off, but it is difficult as there are three of them and one of you. You hit another one over the shoulder, but he still manages to barrel you over. You land hard on the ground with the wind knocked out of you. The butler howls. His arm is hanging limply but he still throws himself on top of you making it hard to move. The other two butlers rush to hold you down. It doesn’t take long before you are completely pinned down. The toothless butler is sitting up and leaning his back against the wall breathing heavily. You have broken his nose and his face is covered in blood. “What a day,” gargles the butler. It sounds like he is choking on his own blood. He slowly stands up and shuffles over to one of the others and picks up a knife. You begin to scream and try to force yourself free. It is impossible. The one with the wounded arm is lying across your legs while the other two are holding an arm each. The butler with the knife walks slowly towards you. His blood drips down over your body as he moves towards your face.

“What a glorious, glorious day.”

“No, wait I…” You barely feel pain as the butler slits your throat. But you do feel the warmth of your blood pouring down your neck and chest. It doesn’t take long before you are dead.    



Go back
88 Stealth attack

You walk slowly into the room. Your feet are barely making any sound as you creep over the floorboards. You grab the crowbar, which is nestled in a strap on the side of your backpack. You are now more than halfway towards the man sitting in the chair. Just a few more meters and you will be able to take him out. You suddenly look up and see that the woman has spotted you. Her expression is a mixture of disbelief and amazement. She is just about to yell something to you, but you quickly press a finger to your lips. You also give her a stern look, which will hopefully keep her mouth shut.

Her face quickly drops which lets her long, blond hair fall over her face, covering it completely. You turn your attention back on the man in the chair. He is still sitting there, unknowing of your presence.

“What a day,” whispers the man suddenly. You freeze on the spot. “The Lord will soon be free from his prison, yes? The chair creaks as the man lean forward, looking at the young woman. “We have been waiting for so long, so long, yes? Waited for this glorious, glorious day.”

Your heart skips a beat as the man suddenly stands up and walk towards the woman. Still with his back to you. He is dressed as a butler, wearing black pants and a low-cut black jacket. “I think we can have a little bit more fun, yes?” The woman starts crying softly. “Please don’t. No more.”

The man chuckles dryly. You have heard more than enough. You creep closer biting your lower lip when the man starts slapping the helpless woman while laughing and mumbling to himself. You aim the crowbar to the back of his head and swing as hard as you can. The butler drops like a sack of potatoes to the ground. His eyes are open, unfocused. His lips frozen in a sadistic smile. You spit on his dead eyes.

The woman starts crying hard. “Please help. Oh god, get me out of here! Before the others come back!”

It seems like the woman is on the brink of losing her mind. You can’t really blame her, being in the sadistic hands of the inhabitants of the manor. You are not sure that this is the only person left, living in the manor. You must prioritize what to do next. Time might be of the essence if there are other people nearby.

What will you do?

1 Help her down

2 Leave her hanging or  

3 Question her

1 3 2
89 Help Her

You rush to her side and start to untie the ropes. It doesn’t take long before she is free. The woman sacks to the ground and begins to sob heavily. “Thank you. Thank you so much. You saved my life!”

You squat down next to her and rub her shoulder gently. The woman throws herself at you, sobbing profusely. You hold her tight for a little while. “My name is Daisy,” sniffles the woman. “I am an amateur ghost hunter. I… I came here with two friends.” She looks away. “I am sure they are dead by now.”

You give her hand a little squeeze. “You can’t know that for sure.”

She gives you a weak smile. “You don’t know these people like… Like I do.” Daisy rubs her wrists which have deep, angry marks from the rope. She suddenly stands up and begins to search the room.

“What are you looking for?”

Daisy doesn’t look up but continues her searching. “The best object to killing these fuckers with.” She grabs a billiard cue and breaks it in half. Then she picks up a billiard ball in her other hand. “Try and put your nasty fingers on me now…” She says it more to herself than to anyone else. You do a brief search on the dead butler and the rest of the room. You find a small chest with a clasp, holding it closed. You open it and find it filled with finger rings, necklaces, earrings, and even some gold teeth. The design of the teeth and jewelry are not from the Victorian age. Most of it is no more than fifty years or less old. You quickly put the box with jewelry in your backpack.

“Oh, what a day, yes?” your head snaps to the door. You see three middle-aged men crammed together in the doorway. They are all dressed as Victorian age butlers, the same attire as the man you have just knocked out.  Their clothes are somewhat disheveled with greasy stains and holes in it. The men themselves are no better off. To say the least. The one in the middle is missing all his teeth. Another one is attacked by a severe, purple skin rash. It has attacked the butler’s right eye. It is completely shut and there is yellowish fluid running from it. The third one has the most extreme case of cleft lip you have ever seen.

“Oh my god, “gasps Daisy. “It is them!”

“Oh, yes” mumbles all the butlers echoing each other.

“It is us, yes?” mumbles the butler with the running eye. “We have missed you so much, Daisy. “Oh, how we missed you. And you brought us a play friend, yes? So very kind of you.”

“What a glorious day,” drools the one with the missing teeth. “We are so… What the…!”

The billiard ball Daisy picked up moments ago smashes into the face of the butler with the cleft lip knocking him screaming to the ground.

“Arrrh, what a day!” yells the butler with the rash. Your heart sinks as you notice a big knife in his hand as he charges you.    

You must decide whether you will 1 Grabble the knife or 2 Hit him with the crowbar

1 2
90 Grabble the knife

You steel yourself as the butler runs closer and closer. You try to grab the knife, but he is moving too fast! You feel the knife sink deeply into your gut as you land on the floor with him on top of you. He laughs madly as he draws the knife and holds it high above his head, straddling you. He screams with joy as he is about to ram the knife down as hard as he can. He is suddenly speared by a broken billiard cue through his throat! You can’t move from the pain in your gut. The butler falls gurgling to the side landing lifelessly next to you. Your vision goes dark. You barely get a glimpse of daisy wiping her brow before you pass out.

You open your eyes slowly. Someone has put a pillow under your head and made a crude bandage over your bleeding abdomen. Daisy sits beside you with a worried expression on her face.

“There is good news and bad news,” says Daisy softly.

You don’t even have the energy to speak.

“The good news is, that I have found a secret passage out in the corridor. The bad news is, that I think it is leading to where I started this nightmare with my friends.” Daisy’s voice is shaking. “I promised myself, that I would never go back into that nightmare. It is where ‘The Lord’ lives. Him and the fucking children.”

You are too weak to ask her any questions. You just look at her through half-open eyes.

“Oh, and that was actually the good news. The bad news is, that you have lost a lot of blood. I fear that you will die if I try to move you. That means that you will have to wait here. And that I will have to go in alone.” Daisy shakes her head slowly as if not wanting to realize the situation she finds herself in.

If you still have your phone you can 1 Try to give it to Daisy if you don’t have your phone or don’t want to use it, you will have to 2 Wait for Daisy to come back.   

1 2
84 Leave her

You quickly move for the door. “Wait! Where are you going?!” screams the woman. It is no good that she yells like that. You are not sure but there might be other people around. “I’ll be right back.”

“You promise? I am so scared. I don’t want to be alone anymore. You don’t know what they have done to me!”

“I promise.” You give her your best smile before you close the door and leave her to her fate. The corridor is still quiet. It doesn’t seem like anyone else heard the commotion from the room.

You can either 1 Investigate the door to the left or 2 The door to the right?

1 2
83 Surprise

You are so focused on what the woman is telling you, that you barely hear the door open behind you. The woman starts screaming. “Oh my god, it is them. They are back. Please get me down. I beg you!”

You look over your shoulder at three men dressed the same way as the butler you knocked out. These men are however in their mid-fifties. One of them has no teeth in his mouth. The other one is suffering from a purple and swollen skin rash on the right side of his face. The outbreak is so severe, that it has gone into his eye. It is completely shut with pus. There is a thin yellowish line from his eye that runs down his chin. He slowly waves a knife in front of him.

“Oh, what a day, yes?” laughs the one with the missing teeth.

“Glorious day,” whispers one of the others menacingly.

“She knows too much, yes?” asks the one with the rash.

“Oh, yes. Oh, yes she does,” giggles the one without his teeth.

You see it in their eyes. They are going to kill you. You tighten the grip on your crowbar and raise it menacingly over your head. “Stay… Stay back or I.. Or I’ll beat you!”

“Hahahaha!” cackles the butlers.

“You will do no such thing, yes?” laughs the one with the sick eye. He is a couple of meters away from you now, slowly moving forward. The hand holding the knife is pulled back as if he is ready to stab you. The other hand is reaching out towards you palm facing up. You hit him over the hand and break several of his fingers. His other arm shoots forward and gives you a slight cut over your arm. You raise your crowbar again, moments before the two remaining butlers throw themselves at you. They scream, mewl and whine. They do this while they rain kicks and blows over you. “Get over here with the knife, brother!” squeals the one without his teeth.

“She, she broke my hand, yes?”

“Take her life then? Bring her corpse to the Lord!”

“What a glorious, glorious day!” screams the one with the knife before he stabs you to death.   



Go back
80 Question her

You start to question her. The longer you spend in the manor the more the questions are piling up.

“Who are you?”

“Can you please let me down first? I promise I will answer all of your questions.”

“No. Answer my questions and then I will help you.”

The woman almost starts to cry but then she pulls herself together. “My name is Daisy. I came here with a couple of friends. We are or maybe were, amateur ghost hunters. The manor is quite famous because of its history. I, I think my friends and I got more than we bartered for…”  

What will you ask the woman about;

1 Tell me more about how you ended up here.

2 Tell me about the man that guarded you. Are there more of them?

3 Do you know where the jewelry is? Or

4 Help her down

1 4 2 3
79 How she ended here

“Tell me more about how you ended up here?”

“I got here a few days ago with my mates, Callum and Bill. We started doing a thorough sweep with our equipment on the ground floor.

“What kind of equipment?”

“Well… Our EVP recorder and video camera.”

“What’s an EVP recorder?”    

“It’s a device that works a bit like a recorder. We didn’t record any sounds on the ground floor or with our video camera. We did pick up some weird sound patterns when we stood close to a locked metal door. We thought it lead down to the basement, but we couldn’t unlock it so…”

Daisy’s expression suddenly stiffens, her lower lip trembling. You can see tears start to roll down her cheeks.

“Go on…”

“So, we went up the left wing. We shouldn’t have done that. We, we shouldn’t have...” She stops speaking and seems to look far away, at nothing.

You don’t have time for this, so you press on. “What happened next? Hey! Are you there?”

Your words shock Daisy back to her story. “We searched through the corridors and… And the rooms. All of our equipment was going nuts. We actually recorded ghosts talking and.. And we videotaped one but… But then it attacked us! We got separated and… The left wing is like a maze. It… It changes… And there is dust everywhere. It took a while before I noticed that the dust whirls back on the floor covering your footsteps. There is no way to backtrack!”

You are not sure whether Daisy or her friends were high on drugs when they entered the left wing, but you know the butler in this room was real. “How did the butler or whatever he is, find you?”

“I, I don’t know. I must have passed out from exhaustion at some point. Because when I woke up, I was here. First, I thought that they were going to help me. But I soon found out, that, that they were not… They…” Daisy looks you in the eye. “Please let me go!”

You must decide whether you will

1Leave the room

2 Let Daisy go or ask her more questions;     

3 Tell me about the man that guarded you. Are there more of them?

4 Do you know where the jewelry is?

1 4 2 3
81 About the butler

You look Daisy in the eye. “Tell me about the man. Are there more of them?”

“He… He is despicable!” Daisy trembles as memories flash through her mind and body. “He is a sadistic pig! He was the one who was charged with guarding me. There are more of them, at least three more. I don’t know where they stay or what they do. They seem to be inbred or something like that. They are clearly retarded. Or maybe they have all lost their mind. They all dress like butlers. And they say that they have been serving ‘The Lord’ for generations. I think that maybe their ancestors were working for the Lord of the manor and maybe future generations just decided to stay here.” A tremble surges through Daisy’s body. “They are evil. They told me that it is just a matter of time before they kill me. They say that the reason they haven’t done so yet is that they don’t know if they should send me back to the leftwing or to the basement. Some of them say, that the reason they found me is that the Lord didn’t want me. And others are saying that the Lord is testing their loyalty. That it is the Lord who should have me and not them.”

You make a deep sigh. Daisy’s replies are breeding more questions than answers. “But who is the Lord?”

“I don’t think there actually is one. I think they are worshipping the former Lord like a god or something like that.”

“Do they have weapons. Guns maybe?”

“One of them has a knife. But besides that, no… They don’t even have any sort of modern items. No phones or anything like that. It actually seems like they have been on the premises of the manor during their entire lives.”

Daisy looks expectantly at you. “Please let me down now. I’ve told you everything I know.”      

You can choose to;

1 Leave the room

2 Release Daisy or you can ask her another question;

3 Do you know where the jewelry is?

4 Tell me more about how you ended up here.


1 4 2 3
82 Jewelry

“You or your friends must have picked up some jewelry along the way?”

Daisy looks at you with a bewildered expression. “Jewelry?”

“Don’t play coy with me!”

“I… We didn’t come here for jewelry. I don’t know if there… Oh, wait. Ben… I think he might have picked up a ring. But we thought it was just some kind of trinket.

You open your eyes in excitement. “A ring? Where!?”

“He found it in the left wing. We got separated there so… If he didn’t get out it must still be there.

“Have you seen any more jewelry. Maybe on one of the butlers?”

“No. No, I haven’t seen anything else…” Daisy pauses for a second. “But I did hear them talking about stashing what they find from strangers. I used to have a ring and a bracelet, but I don’t have it on me anymore. So, I guess they must have robbed me of it when I was unconscious.”    

 You can choose to;

1 Release Daisy

2 Leave the room or ask another question;

3 Tell me about the man that guarded you. Are there more of them?

4 Tell me more about how you ended up here.

1 4 2 3
91 Flee

You turn around and run out of the room without saying anything. The butlers call out in anger and run after you! You are quickly back in the corridor and without thinking you grab the door into the right, but it is locked! “Fuck!” You have no time to try the other door. You can hear the men right behind you.  Instead, you try to run down the corridor. You suddenly feel someone grab your hair from behind! Before you have time to react, you feel your head being slammed against the wall until you are knocked unconscious.

You wake up and find yourself back in the room, from where you tried to escape. The butler with the closed eye is rummaging through your backpack, while the one with the missing teeth is stomping your phone to pieces. You have lost all of your items except for your clothes and your flashlight. “She is awake,” spits the butler without the teeth. “Follow me and don’t you try to run away again, yes?” He walks out of the room and you have no choice but to follow him. The other two butlers follow close behind. One of them has drawn a big ugly-looking knife. Fear runs down your spine as you notice the old crusted blood on the blade. “Try me,” giggles the butler holding the knife.


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94 Attack

You quickly pick up your crowbar and run towards the nearest of the butlers, the one with the cleft lip. He yelps out in fear a mere second before you hit him with the crowbar. He barely has time to hold up his arms to protect his head. He screams in pain as you hit his arms as hard as you can. One blow at each arm and then you swing the crowbar sideways hitting him square in the jaw. The force knocks the butler out of his seat and unto the floor. You are not sure whether he is dead or just unconscious. You are just about to turn around when you feel a sharp pain in your back. You try to turn around, but something is holding you in place! You look down in horror. You have the tip of a blade protruding out of your stomach. Shock and pain make you unable to move or even think.

“Shhh, quiet now, yes?” says the butler with the rash. You will be dead soon.”

Your legs are unable to keep you upright anymore. You fall to the floor while coughing violently. You look in surprise at the blood on the floor. Blood you have just coughed up. You try to move your arms and legs. Try to crawl out of the room. You feel a boot press you down onto the floor, but you are too weak to do anything about it. “Shhh,” says the butler. “Die, now, yes?”

You try to lift your head, but you are unable to move anything at all. You can’t even keep your eyes open. Everything suddenly goes dark and you will never see light again.   



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92 Honest

“I might as well just be honest, right?” You make a deep sigh. You are not used to telling people about the fact that you are a professional burglar. 

The butlers look at each other in surprise and then they look at you. “That might be a good idea, yes?” says the one with the missing teeth.

“I came here because I heard that there should be jewelry hidden away.”

The butlers look at you with confused expressions.

“I thought that the place was abandoned and that there weren’t any people here. Boy was I wrong.”

“You like wealth, jewelry, yes?” asks the butler with the missing teeth.

“Yes. That is what I like most in the entire world.”

“Glorious day!” yell the butlers while looking at each other in glee. It seems like they are very pleased with your answer and not affected by the fact that you came here to steal.

“It is the same with the Lord! He loves jewelry and children! Do you like children too?!”

“Ahm I guess so. Not that I have my own but..”

“But you will, yes!” says the one with the closed eye. “Oh, what a glorious, glorious day! You are just like the Lord!”

“Get the stuff,” barks the one with the missing teeth. The butler with the cleft lip runs to a giant closet in the back of the room. He opens it and starts to rummage through it while he mumbles to himself about what a glorious day it is.

“Please sit,” says the one with the rash.

You take a seat.

“Are you hungry, thirsty, yes?”

You are a bit of both but looking at the unsanitary men you dare not even think about what they eat or drink.

“No, thank you. I am quite alright”

The butler with the rash gives you a firm nod. “Very well milady.”

The butler with the missing teeth looks suspiciously at you. “Not even a cup of tea?”

“No thank you.”

He doesn’t reply but just scuffs at you and look away.  

The other butler is still rummaging through the closet. No one is saying anything.

You can either 1 Ask them questions about who they are and what they are doing here or 2 Wait for the best moment to do a surprise attack.

1 2
109 Ask them questions

“What are you guys doing here?”

“Well, we serve the Lord, yes? We have been doing that for decades. It runs in the family, yes?”

“And who is the Lord?”

“Oh, the Lord. Well, that is James Addicott. You silly goose”

“But, but he must have died a long time ago?”

The butler gives you a wide toothless smile. “He did. Oh, He did. But… He is still here, yes?”

“So, you take care of this place in the memory of him. How many of you are there?”

“Oh, what a curious one you are, yes? The Lord likes them curious. Just like the little children, yes?”

“We are many,” says the one with the rash. “We are not immortal like the Lord, but we rise in numbers.”

“Found it!” exclaims the butler who was rummaging through the closet. You can’t believe what you are seeing. The butler holds an old wedding gown in his hands. “No one has worn this since the late mistress, yes?”

“What a day! Oh, what a glorious, glorious day!” exclaims the other two.

Shivers run down your spine as you get filled with disgust. You begin to realize what the butlers have on their sick, little minds. The door suddenly opens behind you and another butler in his early thirties walks into the room. He seems briefly surprised to see you but then he eyes the wedding gown. “Oh, what a day, yes? I was so, so disappointed in the other one.” He points a dirty finger at you. “She seems like a much, much better candidate, yes?”

“Oh yes!” agrees all the other butlers. You try to stand up but the butler who just entered the room presses you back in the chair.

“There are two possible ways to the same result, yes?” says the one with the missing teeth matter-of-factly. “You can be a good girl and do your hair, makeup and everything by yourself while we leave the room. Or we can force you!” He walks slowly closer and bends his body towards you. His breath smells of dogshit. He is so close that you can see the rot in his gums. “We’ll rip the clothes off your body and hold you tight while we put your makeup and do your hair. We will not be gentle, yes?”

“You might look like a clown!” says the one with the cleft lip. His eyes are wide open. You are not sure whether it was a joke or a threat.

“In that case, I will do it myself…?”

“Good,” says the butler while smiling his toothless smile. “You have one hour. Better be ready by then!”

Then all the butlers pile out the room while clapping each other’s shoulders and shaking hands while whispering about what a glorious day it is. It takes less than twenty seconds before you are alone in the room. You can hear a lock being turned as soon as the door closes.

You must decide what to do next. Will you;

1 Get ready and see what happens

2 Use your phone if you still have it to call for help or

3 Rummage through the room and see if there is something you can use or a way out?    

1 3 2
124 Get ready

You remove your clothes and put on ‘your’ wedding gown. It doesn’t fit you that well, but it could be worse than it is. One of the butlers has put a weird mix of different kinds of makeup on the table. It seems to be of varying age. Some of it you know from today and some which aren’t be produced anymore. One thing the makeup has in common is, that it has all been used by someone else. There is also a little, cracked pocket mirror. You try to do your makeup as best as you can. You look in the mirror and sigh. It seems like you are whoring yourself out. You spend the last time you have on brushing your hair, letting it flow freely down your right shoulder. You don’t have any of your items with you anymore, except for the jewelry you have found, which you stash in your cleavage.

There is a soft knock on the door. “Come in.” You notice that your voice is shaking quite a bit. The butlers are piled in the corridor. A shocked murmur runs through them. “Oh, glorious day”, “she is beautiful”, “the Lord will be pleased.”

The toothless butler bows to you. “Please follow me.” You slowly follow him out of the room and down the corridor. The other butlers are pressed in close behind you. One of them grabs your wedding gown lifting it tenderly so it doesn’t get dirtier than it already is. A few of the others are humming a melody which you don’t quite recognize.

The leading butler suddenly stops and press a hidden switch in the corridor and a part of the wall swings to the side. You can see a narrow passage which ends in utter darkness. The leading butler pulls out a lantern and lights it. Then you walk through the passage. You arrive at a dark and dusty corridor. You don’t have time to look around as the toothless butler is hurrying down the corridors. The dust is around 5 mm. thick and you are soon coughing and sneezing. It is whirled around in the air by so many feet. You suddenly notice that the leading butler is walking past a big window set in the wall. He walks past it without even looking out and walks down another corridor. But you can see that the window is big enough for you to jump through it. This might be your last chance to escape before you are married off to the one the butlers call Lord. You don’t know how high up the window is. You will have to take your chances with the window or the Lord.

Will you 1 Try and jump out of the window or 2 Follow the butler to see the lord?

1 2
127 Jump

You turn around and look at the butler holding your dress. “Hey! Stop grabbing my arse!”

A gasp runs through the crowd of butlers.

“Oh, I.. wasn’t,” exclaims the butler holding your dress.

“Pervert! Touching the Lord’s bride like that!” You rip the gown out of the butler’s hands. He is just about to say something but then you turn back around and run straight for the window.

“Oh, what a day!” scream several of the butlers. They have no time to react before your crash through the window. You hang in midair for around a second surrounded by flying shards of glass. Then you start to fall. You only get to see the dark night sky and the big, white moon before you fall screaming towards the ground.

You land hard in a couple of bushes. It hurts like hell. You are sure that you would have broken your legs if the bushes hadn’t been there. You hear cries of frustration and anger from the window above you.

“Treacherous whore!” screams the toothless butler, hanging half-way out of the window. “Oh, we will catch you, yes?! You will feel the Lord’s wrath!”

You don’t waste any more time listening to the madman. You try to wiggle yourself free from the bushes, but the wedding gown is caught on several branches. It feels like it takes forever, but you are finally able to crawl out of the bushes.


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128 Follow the butler

You follow the butler down the dark and dusty corridors of the old manor. The rest of the butlers are following close behind. They mumble nervously to each other, but you can’t make out the words they are saying. They seem to be more and more anxious the deeper you walk into the manor. The leftwing is a maze of corridors and rooms. Most of the rooms are empty except for a few pieces of ancient furniture here and there. The butler who is leading the way suddenly stops in front of an inconspicuous door. “We are here, yes?”

“Glorious day,” exclaims the butlers behind you.

“You are going to make babies with the Lord, yes?!” squeals the butler with the cleft lip in excitement.

You take an involuntary step back, bumping into one of the others.

The leading butler knocks softly on the door. “Your bride is here, Mr. Addicott, yes?”

The door slowly opens with a creaking sound. The room beyond is dimly lit, yet there seems to be someone moving from inside.

“Go to the Lord!” snarls one of the butlers giving you a hard shove forward.

You swallow hard as you contemplate what to do next.

You can either 1 Walk into the room or 2 Try to fight your way out?

1 2
132 Into the room

You take a deep breath before you step over the threshold and into the room. The door closes softly behind you.

The room is quite large and elaborately decorated. There are large shelves made of oak flanking a wide desk made of the same material. The shelves are crammed with books and papers. The desk is completely empty besides for a piece of paper and a quill and ink. Mr. Addicott whom you recognize from the painting in the hall is sitting behind the desk in a high-backed, black leather chair. You get a quick glimpse of the wall behind Mr. Addicott. It is made up of glass, which gives a panorama view of a small lake and what appears to be a long-forgotten garden. It is also where the rooms only light source is coming from, the moon. The storm has picked up and rain hammers hard against the window. Three successive flashes of lightning light up the dark night sky and the sinister man in front of you.

Mr. Addicott is dressed in a buttoned-up black waistcoat and the typical wig and tricorne hat, which was custom of the time for the rich and powerful. You can’t help but notice that his fingers are filled with expensive gold and diamond rings. He also wears a gold chain on his chest which is attached to his pocket watch. You are sure that there must be hundreds of thousand pounds worth of jewelry on his hands alone.

“I see you like wealth,” says Mr. Addicott in a hushed voice. You look away from the jewelry and into his eyes. They seem to be made of black marble which stares deeply into your soul. And corrupts it. His black eyes are set in a gaunt and cleanshaven face. Mr. Addicott is extremely pale maybe even malnourished. There are dark circles around his eyes and his slim face makes him appear even frailer than he already looks. It is only his eyes that give away, that there are more beneath the surface than a sick and frail man.

You don’t really know what to say so you keep silent.

“What about power? Do you like that as well?” asks Mr. Addicott in a dry and rasping voice. The voice reminds you of grating metal which makes you cringe.

“Who, who are you?” you already know the answer, but you are unable to believe it.

“I am the Lord of the manor. My name is James Addicott.”

You can’t believe what you are hearing. “You should be dead?”

Mr. Addicott chuckles dryly. There is no mirth in him. “Who says I’m still alive?”

Shivers run down your spine. What, what are you?”

“I have no time for your games, little girl!” snarls Mr. Addicott, slamming the palm of his hands down hard on the table. He leans forward looking you dead in the eye.

“Marry me!?”

“What!?” you take a step back

“Marry me or suffer the consequences! I am not a patient man!”

“But, but I can’t.” You can feel that your head is starting to spin.

“You are wearing a bloody wedding gown aren’t you!” yells Mr. Addicott even louder than before. “With the face of a tavern whore! What is the matter then!? “

You have no choice but to decide whether you 1 Marry James or 2 Say no and try to escape

1 2
130 Marry James

“I… I’ll marry you.”

“Will you marry me?” James’ voice is thick with malice.

“Yes. Yes, I will marry you.”

“Good, good!” laughs James. His laughter grows louder and louder until your ears start to ring. It feels like his laughter is oozing through you. You fall to your knees moments before you pass out on the cold floor.





It’s been a long time since that fateful night in the Addicott manor. You mostly spend your time drifting around the empty corridors and rooms in the leftwing of the manor. You avoid James as much as you can. He does nothing but reminisces about past horrors. He was even more sadistic when he was alive than he is now. He told you he had children in the basement, so you went down to see them. It would be nice with some company instead of the inbred butler-family.

The abominations swimming around in the basement might have been children once, but there is nothing reminding you of children in these horrible flesh-eating monsters.

You often wonder if it would have been better if you had just died on that fateful night instead of being condemned to be a ghost, forever wandering the halls of the Addicott manor. What is worse, you are starting to feel the hatred, growing inside you. The hatred of everything living. You are jealous at the living. It eats away what is left of your damned soul. In the beginning, you tried to spook and warn people away from the manor. But the lust to draw them deeper into the manor grew. The need to watch James’ monsters feed on flesh, the butlers torture and maim, even do the killings yourself is starting to feel frighteningly appealing.

131 Try to escape

“Hell no!”

“What did you say, peasant?!” screams Mr. Addicott.

“I’m not going to marry you. You sick fuck!”

“Then suffer.. me!”

Your gut clenches as the ghost of James Addicott lifts you off the ground and throws you against the wall. You hit the wall with your upper back and head. The world is spinning, and it is impossible to collect your thoughts. You can feel the presence of him draw closer. “I am going to break your body and your spirit, tavern wench!”

You suddenly remember the panorama window and start to crawl towards it. You focus your eyes on the floor in front of you even though the world spins around. You suddenly throw up all over your hands. Mr. Addicott starts to laugh hysterically. “You are disgusting! You don’t even deserve me!”

You don’t waste any energy to respond. Your vision is more focused. All you must do is crawl a couple of meters and then you will reach the window.

“Where do you think you are going?” snarls Mr. Addicott.

He kicks you violently from behind making you skitter the last few meters towards the window. You immediately push yourself to your feet. All that is left is to try and jump through the window. You suddenly feel another kick in your back! The force pushes you against the window for a brief second, before you feel it give way and shatter! You fly through the night air surrounded by shards from the window.

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133 Fight your way out

You spin around and hammer your fist into the unsuspected face of the closest butler. You elbow another one in the temple before anyone else has time to react, but then they are upon you. You do your best to defend yourself against the overwhelming odds. You kick a butler in the groin and jab a finger in another one’s eye. But then you feel a sharp pain in your chest. You look down in surprise at a nasty looking knife, jutting out from your chest.

“No!” screams one of the butlers. “The Lord’s bride!”

“Idiot” yells the butler who was leading the way earlier. You look at your attacker who looks just as surprised as you are.

“But she attacked us!” stammers the butler with the rash. He was the one who stabbed you.

“So what, yes!? What is the Lord going to do with a dead bride?”

You fall to the floor. You try to speak but are unable to say anything.

“You go to the Lord and tell him what you did, yes?”

“Oh, please no,” stammers the butler who stabbed you. “Please no. He is going to kill me!”

“Serves you right,” mumbles one of the others.

It is hard for you to keep your eyes open anymore. You look down at the pool of blood you are lying in.

“What do we do with her?”

“She is dead anyway, yes? Throw her to the children down in the basement. They are always hungry.”

You barely feel it when two of the butlers grab your legs and drags you back the way you came, leaving a bloody trail in their wake. You are not able to stay awake and are dead long before you are out of the left wing.



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125 Use your phone

You would never have thought that you would ever be in a situation where you were doing something illegal and then had to call the police. But it is better to be in the hands of the police than these lunatics. You quickly dial the number to the police. You just hope that the butlers aren’t standing on the other side of the door listening to what you are doing.

“Hello? Is it the police?” There is some odd static on the line. It is difficult to hear the person on the other end. You think you can hear a male voice, but you are not sure. The static suddenly disappears.

“Hello? How may I be of service?”

You can’t believe your luck. “Please help me, sir! I am being held prisoner in the Ad…” The static, cracking noises suddenly comes back drowning out your voice.

“Hello!? Hello!?”

No one is answering. You are just about to hang up when you hear someone else on the line.

“There… Is… Only… One... Way… Out…” The voice sounds like it belongs to an agonized woman. She sounds like she is in a lot of pain and distress.

“Are you from the police?”

“No,” whimpers the woman. “You have to run. You have to get out before he gets to you!”


“James Addicott…. Don’t let the butlers take you to him.”

“Who are you?”

“I was his wife, centuries ago when we were both alive. He murdered me right in this manor. He pushed me off the balcony and told everyone, that I had committed suicide.”

“Why did he do that?”

“I found out about the children. What he did to them.”

“What did he do?”

“He made vile experiments on them. Right down in the basement. He was trying to make a new weapon to sell in the Crimean war.”

You are just about to ask another question when the woman shrieks in despair. “I have to go now! He has already found me. Whatever you do. Stay away from the left wing. It will surely be the death of you.

The woman speaks with a lot of effort like someone is trying to keep her mouth shut. “Jump… Window…”

Then the voice is gone. You can hear nothing but static. You try to dial the police again, but there is no reception.

You can decide to 1 Put on the wedding dress or 2 Rummage through the room

1 2
126 Search the room

You start to rummage through the room to see if you can find anything of interest. You try to be as silent and fast about it as you possibly can. The butlers don’t seem to have anything of value in the room. You do however come across an old manila envelope filled with letters, documents, and pictures. You decide to briefly sift through the items. You come across a series of old black and white pictures. All of them are depicting butlers in and in front of the Addicott manor. The manor seems alive and vibrant on the first couple of pictures. As you look through the pictures you notice that the manor looks more and more abandoned and the butlers seem to be in an equally poor state. You recognize a few of the butlers on the last picture. You count no less than twelve men on the newest picture. That means that there will probably be many more of them in the manor, which will make it that much harder to escape. You are just about to put the pictures back when another face catches your attention. You feel like you have seen one of the butlers before, outside of the manor. He is by far the most attractive of the lot, no skin rashes or missing teeth. Then you suddenly recognize him! It is the man from the gas station! It seems like these inbred lunatics are everywhere! This information might come in handy later. For now, you have more pressing matters to attend to.     

You must decide to 1 Put on the wedding dress or 2 Use your phone if you still have it to call for help. If you haven’t done so already.

1 2
110 Surprise attack

No one is saying anything. The two butlers sit on their chairs looking expectantly at the butler who is rummaging through the closet. It seems like this is the best moment you will ever get to do your surprise attack. You draw your crowbar and jump forward to the unsuspecting butlers who are sitting on the chairs. You knock the first one out of his chair before anyone has time to react. The butler lies still on the floor with his bleeding skull and his eyes wide open, staring into the ceiling. The other butler roars and jumps out of his chair to attack you. But you are too fast and hit him hard across the face. You can hear his nose break as he falls backward and topples over a chair. The butler tries to crawl away, but you give him no respite. You just keep hitting him across his back again and again and again. You suddenly register a pistol being cocked behind you. You turn around and see that the butler without his teeth has drawn an ancient flintlock pistol and aims it at your head.

“You attack my brothers, yes?” He takes a step forward. “Beating them when they mean you no harm, yes?!”

“What a day,” gurgles one of the butlers on the floor.

“You look the butler in the eye. ”Please, don’t shoot me, sir. I didn’t mean to…” You don’t even register the noise and smoke from the ancient gun before the bullet rips through your skull and embeds itself in the wall behind you.    



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93 Lie

You decide that it is best to try and lie yourself out of this predicament. There is no chance that you will be able to overpower three men all by yourself and make it out alive. Being a burglar, you are quite familiar with lying while keeping a straight face. Now you must decide which lie will work the best.

Which one will you choose:

1 I am from the police

2 I am sent by the mistress

3 I am the new butler or

4 I am sent by the lord?

1 4 2 3
99 From the police

“Hands in the air! I am from the police!”

The butlers look you skeptically up and down. “You ain’t from the police, little girl,” laughs one of the butlers.

“I sure am!”

“Then where is your badge, yes? Your uniform or your gun?” The butler with the rash doesn’t take his eyes away from you as he walks over to a closet and starts to rummage through it.

“Hey, stop that!”

The butlers just laugh. “That was a terrible, terrible idea to lie about that, yes?” says the butler with the missing teeth.

“Yes, it was,” agrees the one rummaging through the closet. “Ahh, there it is. Glorious day.”

He suddenly turns around and points an ancient flintlock pistol at your head. “We sure don’t like trespassers and we aren’t fond of liars either, yes?”

“You can’t shoot a policeman I will…” The bullet hits you right in the chest. You are dead before you hit the ground.



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100 Sent by the mistress

The butler with the rash squints his eyes. “The mistress you say?”

“Yes!” You try to sound with as much authority as possible.

“Well, what does she say? Is she still mad with us?”

“Ahem, yes a little bit. But she is not the one to hold grudges.”

“She isn’t?”


The butler with the rash squints at you. “How is the relation between the Lord and the mistress these days?”

“Oh, they are quite all right. Just the usual you know… ups and downs.”

“The Lord killed the mistress and damned her to relieve the murder for all eternity. And you tell us that the mistress is quite alright with that?”

The butlers stand up and start to walk slowly towards you. It is obvious that they didn’t buy the lie you came up with. You turn around and try to flee out of the room. You barely get to open the door before you feel hands on your shoulders which drags you to the ground.

“We don’t like liars!” snarls the toothless butler. The other two butlers hold you down while you scream and try to get away. It is to no avail.

You freeze with fear as you see the butler with the rash draw a knife.

“Please don’t, I beg you!”

“What a glorious day, yes?” whispers the butler before he slits your throat.      



101 New butler

“Hello, lads. I am the new butler!”

All three of them look you skeptically up and down. Then they all start laughing hard. “Oh, what a day!” laughs the one with the rash. The toothless butler is laughing so hard that drool flies all over the place. It takes a while before they are finally calmed down again.

“You must be the first female butler ever, yes?” laughs the toothless one.

“And the first person ever, to find work at the manor who isn’t already in the family,” says the one with the rash.

“What a day,” mumbles the butler with the cleft lip.  

“My, my, my” spits the toothless butler as he takes a step forward. “I think we got ourselves a liar, yes?”

“No please. I promise you. All I did was to respond to the add which someone had posted in the newspaper.

“Sure… But it doesn’t matter, yes?” The butler with the rash stands right in front of you. “All that matters, yes?… Is that you die!”

You don’t have time to react before he draws a knife and stabs you in the gut several times. You sack to the floor already feeling the life pumping out of your body and unto the floor.   



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102 Sent by the lord

“I was sent here, by the Lord!”

The butlers look at you in awe when they hear you mention the Lord.

“Lies!” says the one without any teeth.

“I speak the truth!”

“Then the Lord must have sent you here to be his bride, yes?”


Will you 1 Agree with what the butler is saying or 2 Don’t agree

1 2
103 Agree with the butler

“Of course! You idiot” You cross your arms and start to tap your foot against the ground impatiently. “So, do you have what I need here, or do I have to tell the Lord that you are unable…” You look hard at the butlers. “… Or maybe just unwilling to help?

The butler’s eyes open wide with fear. “Oh, no please don’t. We have everything you need.”

You don’t have time to reply before the butlers start running around in wild confusion. One of them pulls out a wedding gown while the others find makeup and various accessories. Then they hurry out of the room.

Go to 1

104 Don’t agree

“Hmm. Actually, he didn’t say anything about marriage.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure.”

“What did he tell you then?”

“Well, that is actually none of your business. Got it?”

The butlers look at you with distrust in their eyes. “How did you come in contact with the Lord?”

“That’s none of your business either.” You turn around and start to walk out of the room. “Stay where you are!” snarls one of the butlers. You slowly turn around and see that the toothless butler is holding an ancient flintlock pistol in his hand. “Now tell us the truth,” says the butler. “Why are you actually here?”

You don’t have time to consider whether, to tell the truth, or keep lying. “Well, doesn’t matter,” says the butler, right before he shoots you in the head.   



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119 Crowbar

“I’m going to cut you to pieces!” snarls the butler. He is fast but not as fast as you. You snatch your crowbar and hold it up like a baseball bat. Your reach is longer which is all you need. You feel the satisfactory crunch as the crowbar connects with his skull. The butler spins around just before he lands on the floor. He isn’t moving. You notice that the knife he was wielding has skittered across the floor and landed next to the butler with the missing teeth. He quickly picks it up and charges Daisy. You are just about to come to her aid when you feel someone pulls at your leg. The butler with the cleft lip has crawled towards you and is now trying to drag you to the floor. He bleeds profusely from her the billiard ball hit him. He doesn’t have much strength, but he is still trying hard to pitch into the battle. You kick him away and lifts your crowbar over your head to strike the man down.

“Stop!” yells the last butler standing.

You turn around. Your heart is immediately filled with dread. The butler with the missing teeth stands behind Daisy. His left arm is wrapped around her waist and the right is holding a knife to her throat.

“You leave my brothers alone now, yes? Or I’ll cut her throat!”

You take a step back. “Alright. Please don’t hurt her.”

“Oh I won’t,” says the butler. “I play nice if you do.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to go back to the corridor.”

You walk back to the corridor followed by the butler and Daisy. You can see a thin, red line where the blade has nicked her throat. “Stay there,” whispers the butler.

He holds Daisy close while he walks up next to the wall. Then he presses an inconspicuous part of the wall which moves to the side.

Go to 1     

116 Use phone

You try to speak but you are too dizzy to make any sentences. Instead, you use your last energy to move your hand down towards your pocket. You rest it lightly there while tapping your finger on the pocket.

“What is it?” asks Daisy.

“My… My phone.”

Daisy’s eyes light up in excitement. “I just hope that we can get a signal with it!” She picks up your phone. “Yes! There are a signal and plenty of battery on it!”

Daisy dials the emergency number. She walks back and forth, barely able to contain her excitement. “Yes hello? Can you hear me? There is a lot of static on the line. Yes, I can hear you now. Please help us. We have been trapped in the Addicott manor by a group of maniacs. Please help us!”

That is the last thing you hear before you pass out.





You thought you were still dreaming when you woke up in an ambulance with two paramedics. Your wound had been tended and you had been filled with painkillers. You stayed in the hospital for several weeks. The knife hadn’t damaged any organs, but you had a nasty infection from the dirty blade. The police came and questioned you. They couldn’t really charge you with anything even though they confiscated most of the possessions you had on you when they found you. You kept on asking if they had found anyone else in the manor. But the police said that they searched the entire manor and surrounding area and didn’t find anything out of the ordinary. Their theory was, that the butlers were part of a deranged, squatting sect probably worshipping the old owner of the manor. The police did find clues that the men had been there for a long time. The men had also been seen from time to time in the surrounding villages.

Daisy also came to visit, and you agreed to keep in touch when you were released from the hospital. She had to undergo several therapy sessions due to the time she spent with the butlers. She also talked about what she had experienced when she had entered the left wing of the first floor with her friends. She didn’t want to talk much about it, neither with you nor the police. But she did say something about, that it was the ghost of the former owner that killed her mates. “If you think the right wing was bad. You have no idea what is festering in the left.”

You found that hard to believe, regarding what Daisy had undergone in the right wing.

One of Daisy’s friends was actually found a week after you had been rescued from the manor. He was severely dehydrated and had completely lost his mind. Daisy had visited him once at a mental institution, but he became extremely troubled when he saw her. He told her to flee and that the ghosts were coming for them. Just as they had done with their friend.

In the end, all you got from your visit to the Addicott manor was a lot of scares, a nearly fatal stab wound and maybe a new friend?


THE END      

117 Wait for Daisy

Daisy gives you a warm hug. “I’ll be back as soon as possible. Just hold out ok?”

You slowly nod your head. You follow Daisy with your eyes as she opens the door and peeks out into the corridor. You half-expect some monster or madman to snatch her away. But she turns towards you and gives you a ‘thumbs up’ and a quick smile before she darts into the corridor and closes the door after her.

You have no idea how long you have been lying here but it feels like it has been several hours. Sometimes you are not sure whether you have been sleeping or been awake the whole time. It seems like you drift in and out of consciousness. You have trouble feeling your body. You close your eyes again, but this time they stay closed. Whatever happened to Daisy, she wasn’t able to come back and save you.



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118 Release Daisy

You quickly move to Daisy’s side to untie the rope from her wrists. She starts sobbing gratefully while rubbing the angry marks on her wrists from the rope. “You could have let me go earlier, you cunt!” She sits there for a few minutes collecting herself. Your mind is racing for what to do next. They seem like a nasty bunch, these butlers. Daisy is a clear example of what they do to the ones they catch. You look at Daisy to see what she is doing. She breaks a billiard cue in half, doing thrusting motions with it like a spear. Satisfied with her weapon, Daisy picks up a billiard ball in her other hand.

“What are you going to do with that?” You grab your crowbar tightly. You don’t know if it is the house, Daisy, the butlers or just the whole situation, but you are starting to feel like a nervous wreck. You didn’t treat Daisy the nicest way. She might be resentful towards you.

Daisy gives you are stern look. “I don’t like you, bitch! But I like the butlers less. We help each other to get out of here alive and then we are done, ok?”

“Fine. But if we find any jewelry it is mine!”

Daisy is just about to reply when you hear the door open behind you. You run as fast as you can up behind the door with the crowbar ready to strike. Daisy jumps behind one of the chairs. The butler you struck over the head is still sitting in the chair, but less than upright. From where you are standing you can’t see the blood, but you can see the dangling ropes where Daisy used to hang.

“What a day, yes?” utters a male-voice from the doorway. “The girl is missing, what a day!”

You can hear several persons in the corridor beyond the door murmuring to each other. An older man dressed as a butler walks into the room followed by two other middle-aged men, dressed the same way. They all wear black, low-cut jackets with matching black pants. But they seem very disheveled. There are holes and stains in their clothes and they smell of old urine and mold. You can’t hear more people in the corridor, so you think it is only the three of them. “Are you sleeping, yes!” yells the one who entered first. He walks towards the dead butler in the chair followed by the others. You take one step towards the butler closest to you. He doesn’t even know you are there before you strike him down. One hit is enough to knock him out. The other two butlers turn around in surprise. One of them is having a purple, swollen rash on his face. It is so severe, that one of his eyes are closed. Yellowish puss flows freely down his chin. The other one snarls, showing a mouth with no teeth. The one with the rash draws an ugly-looking knife. He runs towards you while yelling like a maniac. A billiard ball suddenly hits him on the back of his head. He utters a gasp of surprise before he lands in a heap in front of you. He barely gets to his hands and knees before you swing the crowbar like a golf cue to the side of his head. You are not sure whether he is dead or just unconscious. The toothless butler hisses at you. Daisy has appeared from her cover and is slowly walking towards the butler with murderous intent in her eyes.

“What a day,” whispers the butler with a smile. He seems completely unaffected by his two unconscious and bleeding companions. He bends down and picks up the knife which the other butler dropped.

“Listen to me. We are two against one. You do not have a chance!”

The butler cocks his head to the side. Oh, what a day,” whispers the butler right before he cuts his own throat. He drops to his knees but keeps his eyes firmly locked on yours. “The others will find you,” he gargles. “No one can be safe from our Lord.” Then he lands face first on the floor. He is dead.





It took you a while, but you found a window and was able to get out of the manor. Daisy hated your guts, but you still drove her to the nearest village before you drove the long way back to your flat in London. You didn’t speak a word to each other. There was nothing to say.

You did make all the necessary precautions so when Daisy called the police they would have a hard time finding you. You ditched the car and changed your hair and then you watched the news and waited. There never were any reports to the police about what had happened in the manor. Instead, there was a report about a grizzly murder of a young woman. Your heart sinks as the village it happened in was the same village where you dropped Daisy off. And, the same night. You think back on what the butler said right before he died. ‘No one can be safe from our Lord.’




121 Passage

“It is a one-way ticket, yes?” giggles the butler. “You can’t come back this way. And if you do come back any other way. She dies, yes?”

You look into Daisy’s pleading eyes, but you know that there is nothing you can do about it. “I’m sorry.” Your voice is nothing but a whisper. You don’t object but turn on your flashlight and start to walk down the narrow passageway. You look over your shoulder and immediately wish that you hadn’t. The last thing you see is the butler groping Daisy with his free hand and runs his tongue slowly up her cheek. The hidden door closes behind you and leaves you in total darkness besides your flashlight. You can hear the muffled screams from Daisy, as she pleads for him to stop. There is nothing you can do but walk down the dark corridor.

You walk briskly to get as far away from the disgusting images of Daisy and the butler. It doesn’t take long before you stand in front of a wall. You run your fingers over the smooth surface to try and find a hidden switch. It was the same thing the butler did before, so maybe there is one here as well. You hear a soft click followed by the wall moving to the side.  

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122 Passage

The butlers suddenly stop in front of what seems to be a random spot in the corridor. But the butler with the missing teeth steps forward and presses a hidden switch. You are shaking from fear and exhaustion from the fight and you feel very naked without any of your tools, except for your flashlight. Your head is throbbing from the beating and rushing adrenaline. A hidden door springs to one side which reveals a dark and dusty passageway. “Don’t bother trying to get back here,” drools the toothless butler, spit runs down his chin. “It is a one-way passage and we kill you if we see you again, yes?”

“Oh, what a day,” mumbles the other butlers in excitement.

You slowly walk into the darkness to the sound of the door closing. You follow the narrow corridor for a short while until it abruptly ends at a smooth wall. You run your finger across it to see if there is a hidden switch or something else which might let you through. It would make no sense to make a way in but no way out. Your fingers suddenly press down on a switch. The wall moves slowly to the side and you step through without hesitation.

Go to 1

123 Stand in corridor

You find yourself in a corridor which was once richly decorated and beautiful. Now, you can’t even see the floorboards due to a massive layer of dust almost 5 mm. deep. The once beautiful tapestry is peeled off several places and the corridor feel damp. The walls are covered in mold and cobwebs are hanging thickly down from the ceiling. The dust covers the webs which makes them thick and droopy. You can even feel the dust tingle your throat every time you breathe.

The corridor ends a few meters down to your left at a wall. You can see that there are three paintings hanging on the walls to that side. The corridor to the right ends at two doors, one on each side and then the corridor takes a turn the left.

Do you want to Investigate;

1 The door to the left

2 The door to the right or

3 just follow the corridor?    

1 3 2
2 The right staircase

You decide to take the dusty staircase. Small puffs of dust drift up from the carpet as you walk slowly up the steps. By the end of the staircase is a door, which seems sturdy and is made of precious wood. The footprints lead all the way up to the door and you can see that the dust lies uneven where the door swings open. Whoever walked here must have opened the door.

You try the handle and the door swings open effortlessly. You walk inside and find yourself standing in a dark but neatly decorated corridor. There are paintings depicting the lives of the upper-class on the walls and a one-meter tall antique Chinese vase. Everything is covered in a thick layer of dust. As you walk down the corridor you suddenly feel an overwhelming sensation of dread. You turn around and flee back down the staircase! But you notice to your horror that the door is gone! There is nothing but a wall where the door should have been! You are just about to scream in fear and pound your fists on the wall, but you think better of it. One of the first rules of being a burglar is, that you don’t make any unnecessary noise. Maybe there is something like asbestos in the air which makes you hallucinate or maybe the dust is containing something which tricks your senses. You finally calm yourself enough to continue further.


Go to 1

123 Corridor

You end up in a corridor with beautiful ornaments. The floorboards are completely covered in a thick layer of dust which is almost 5 mm. deep. The once beautiful tapestry is peeled off several places and the corridor feel damp. The walls are covered in mold and cobwebs are hanging thickly down from the ceiling. The dust covers the webs which makes them thick and droopy. You can even feel the dust tingle your throat every time you breathe.

The corridor goes left and right. It ends at a dead end to the left. The right side ends at two doors; one on each side and then the corridor continues further and takes a turn to the left. The door to the left has been opened a couple of centimeters, but there are no disturbances in the dust. The door to the right is closed.

What do you want to do?


1 Go to the door on the left

2 Go to the door on the right or

3 Follow the corridor.   

1 3 2
21 Door to the left

You stand a few seconds in front of the door but you are not able to hear anything. You take a step forward and slowly press the door all the way open. You shine your flashlight into the room and notice that it is a nursery for a little girl. The room is filled with what must have been expensive toys. There is also a closet, a desk, a chair and small cabinet with drawers and a bed for a child around six years of age. You walk slowly into the room. With such opulence for a child’s room, it wouldn’t surprise you if there also were some valuables. You are about to investigate the cabinet when you hear a low moaning from behind the bed! You walk slowly closer. There is a man in his mid-twenties who lies on his back. “No, please. No more!” begs the man. He tries to move away but his arms and legs don’t move properly. You suddenly realize that his limbs are bent at odd angles. The man whimpers in pain as he tries to move his mangled limbs.

“Don’t worry, mate. I am not here to harm you.”

The man makes a rattling sound, as he blows air out of his lungs. “Thank god…”

You must decide what to do next:   

1 Help the man or 2 Search the room for valuables?

1 2
22 Right door

You walk up to the door and start to investigate it. There is no sound coming from within the room. You look down and notice that there is a key lying in the dust in front of the door. You put the key in the lock to check if it fits, which it does. You slowly turn the lock before you open the door. You look inside a rather large and richly decorated room. This is by far the most extravagant room you have seen. As you take in the details, it seems like there hasn’t been anyone here since the previous owner. There is a large fourposter bed with the linen made of the finest silk. The bed has been made and there isn’t a fold anywhere. Everything is neat and in order.

There is a beautiful white vanity at the end wall. The wood is masterfully carved in intricate flowers. There are drawers on both sides and a plush, white armchair inlaid with gold in front of the mirror. Everything on the vanity is in perfect order from the perfumes, makeup and other paraphernalia belonging to a wealthy woman. There is also a large white closet and a beautiful chandelier hangs from the ceiling. It is a smaller version of the massive chandelier from the hall. You suddenly feel an odd sensation. You are not sure whether the urge is coming from your body or your mind. But you feel yourself being pulled towards the mirror with invisible strings. Not like your physical body is moving. It is more like an urge that is harder and harder to resist. You feel a certain need to sit down in the chair and look in the mirror. You feel that it will only be a matter of time before you succumb to the strange need.

You must decide to:     


1 Leave the room immediately

2 Go to the mirror or

3 Search the room for jewelry

1 3 2
7 Follow corridor

As you continue down the corridor it becomes even darker and dustier. It seems like your flashlight isn’t working properly anymore. The light is getting fainter. You can’t see as far as you used to, and the light has begun to flicker. You notice three paintings hanging next to each other on the wall and there is a door to the right a bit further down.  

Do you want to 1 Investigate the paintings?

2 Investigate the door or

3 Keep going down the corridor

1 3 2
141 Down the corridor

You hurry down the corridor. You suddenly hear someone whisper. You stop and look around, but there is no one there. You stand still for a minute before you shrug it off and continue walking. The corridor ends at a T. You can just glimpse an intricate door at the end of the corridor to the left. The corridor to the right ends at a window, which almost goes from floor to ceiling. Light from the moon shines in through the rain covered window.

You hear someone giggle softly down the way you came from. You spin around and point the flashlight in that direction. Your hand trembles. “Hello. Is anyone there?”

No one replies. You stand completely still. You thought you heard something. But maybe the house is just playing tricks on you. Maybe it is your nerves. You are just about to turn around when you hear the voice again.  

“Papa says that you are a naughty girl” laughs a voice which seems to belong to a little girl. “Don’t you know that it is bad to steal from others?” You can hear the shuffling sound of footsteps coming closer. “Come play with us,” whispers another, with the voice of a little boy. You think you can see the outline of something. It is just at the edge of the cone of light. It seems like someone has been following you.      

You must decide what to do next. Do you want to;


1 Wait and see what happens

2 Run to the window or

3 Run to the door

1 3 2
142 Wait and see

You decide to wait and see what happens next. You take a step forward. “Who is there?”

The children don’t reply they just giggle softly, teasingly. You can hear more of them now. They are still just at the edge of the light, so you can’t see any details. But more and more voices appear.

“Come out. It’s alright.” You try to sound confident but your voice trembles. There is something completely off here. “I am not going to hurt you. I have also lost my way.”

“It’s alright. It’s alright. It’s alright.” The children’s voices echo, up and down the corridor. You suddenly feel something pull on your trouser leg behind you. You slowly turn around while holding your breath. You point the flashlight down on a little boy dressed in a dirty, white shirt and dark overalls. Both pieces of clothes are several sizes too large for him. He doesn’t have any shoes on. His bare feet filthy and caked with dirt like the rest of him. He has a dark, woolen flat cap on his head. You can’t see his face. The boy is bowed low. Both knees and one hand are on the floor the other hand is tugging at your trouser leg. “Can you spare some change, please?”

“Please help us,” whispers the children behind you.  

You turn around and gasp in horror. Dozens of little, disheveled children fill the corridor where you came from moments ago. They all stare at you, pleading for you to help them out of their misery. You turn around and look down the corridor towards the door and window. Your heart sinks. You are completely surrounded by the children. They start to press in tight, holding their arms out for you to save them. Begging, pleading.

“I… I’m sorry there is nothing I can do.”

More of them begin to tug on your shoes and trousers. They start to be more aggressive. The miserable pleads turn to threats and insults. “Give us some of your wealth, whore!” snarls the boy in the overalls. You try to wrestle yourself free, but it is impossible. More and more of the children grab you. They slowly pull you down towards the ground. You lose balance and land hard on the ground. An excited murmur runs through the mass of children. They start to rip your clothes off and grab anything which they can get their dirty little hands on. It doesn’t take long before you lie naked and shivering in a fetal position on the floor. You wipe your eyes and slowly look up. The boy in the overalls shines your flashlight down on you. You are still surrounded by the little children, which stands in a circle with you in the middle. As a small girl passes through the moonlight from the window you notice that the child is transparent.

“Please. Let me go. I beg you.”

The boy in the overalls licks his lips. “You should thank us. When you die by us. You just die.”

You don’t have time to reply before the mass of ghost children fall upon you. They tear the flesh off your bones until there is nothing left but a pile of glistening bones.



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97 Search room

You try to ignore the odd pulling sensation as you rummage through the room. You start with the closet. It is filled to the brim with expensive dresses and fine hats. You go through all the clothes but there is nothing of interest. You could probably get a decent amount of money for the clothes, but it is too large to carry and isn’t worth the bother. The desire to move to the mirror is almost overwhelming, but your determination to look for the jewelry is greater. You turn to the bed. You start by looking under it, hoping to find a little chest with jewelry but there is nothing there. Not even the slightest speck of dust. It is very odd when you compare this room to the rest of the left wing. You lift one of the fluffy pillows and gaze in amazement at a beautiful, diamond wedding ring. You have never seen anything like it! It is made of gold and there is a big diamond flanked by to lesser diamonds. You turn it left and right. You are not an expert, but you swear that you have never seen anything this perfect before. You quickly pocket the ring. There is nothing more of interest in the room.

You have no more time to spend in the room before you give in to the strange urge, so you hurry out.


Go to 1

98 Go to the mirror

You walk apprehensively towards the mirror. You have been long enough in the manor to know, that things are not always what they seem to be. You stand a couple of seconds in front of the mirror before you finally sit down in the chair. The door to the room slams shut, which makes you jump in the chair. You are almost back on your feet when you hear an almost angelic voice. You freeze where you are, hands on the armguards and slowly turn towards the mirror. There is a sort of wave-like motion on the mirror. It blurs out your face and when the waves stop, you behold the face of a beautiful young woman. You can only see her face and a bit of her neck in the mirror. Her long, black hair is coiled beautifully together in a chignon at the back of her head. Her skin is extremely pale and there is only a hint of applied makeup on her face, a little rouge on her cheeks. She is wearing diamond earrings and a thin diamond-encrusted necklace. Her eyes are deep blue and set in a mournful face. She has wrinkles at the corner of her eyes and on her forehead. She looks like a young woman who besides her beauty and wealth has been dealt a bad hand in life. She gives you a little smile which shows her perfect, white teeth. It has a very calming effect on you and you slowly ease back in the chair. Some part of your mind tells you to run away, but there is another stronger part which tells you, that what the woman is about to say is very important.

“Please don’t be afraid. I am nothing like my husband or his minions of darkness.”

You look at the woman in surprise. “Mrs. Addicott?”

Mrs. Addicott sighs deeply. “Unfortunately, so my dear.”

You didn’t think that she could look any sadder than she already did, but you were wrong. Just hearing the name Addicott brings tears to her eyes.

“What are you doing in the mirror?” You would never have thought, that you would ask anyone that question.

Mrs. Addicott sighs deeply. “My incorporeal body is banished to the balcony where he murdered me. My spirit is banished to this room, where he keeps me prisoner even in death. You see, he loves to torture me still. Pushing me over the balcony and into my untimely death, repeatedly through the centuries.” She closes her eyes for a couple of seconds and then opens them again.  “In a way, it is better. Roaming the halls as a specter would have made me susceptible to his evil. The children. The children didn’t last long.”

“The who?” you move uneasily in the chair. The manor seems to be holding all kinds of horrors.

Mrs. Addicott looks you in the eye. “The ghosts from the children which died in his diabolical experiments. Deep down in the bowels of the manor. Down in the basement.” Mrs. Addicott looks beyond you to the door. “I can hear them sometimes as they roam the halls.” You turn slowly in your chair and follow her gaze towards the closed door. Then you turn your attention back to Mrs. Addicott.  

“They howl with madness and an insatiable thirst which will never be quenched. I feel it too sometimes. The thirst of undeath.”     

“So… So you are all ghosts. You, Mr. Addicott and these children?”

“I’m afraid so. And I am the only one in the manor which means you no harm and...” Mrs. Addicott suddenly opens her eyes wide. “Your presence has been noticed. It is only a matter of time before they find you!”

“Wait I have questions! Please! You’ve got to help me!”

“One question and then you must go!” They can’t come in here, but they will wait outside this door for the rest of eternity if they have to!”     

What do you want to ask Mrs. Addicott about?


1 Are there any jewelry in the manor?

2 How do I get out of the manor?

3 Can I somehow defeat Mr. Addicott?

4 How can I help you?

1 4 2 3
111 Any jewelry ?

“Are there any jewelry in the manor?” you stand up in anticipation.

“jewelry?” Mrs. Addicott looks like she doesn’t understand the question. “Why are you looking for that? I told you about this evil place and its inhabitants and you want to rob this place of its wealth?”

You nod eagerly.

“You want to put your life on the line for jewelry?”

“Yes, Mrs. Addicott. That is what I do. I look for jewelry.”

Mrs. Addicott shrugs her shoulders. “Well, it is your life. I don’t know how much help I will be. I don’t even know what year it is. But by looking at the way you dress I’d say that it is a long time. What I mean is, that there probably isn’t anything left where I last saw it.

“So, there isn’t anything?!” You try to keep your frustration out of your voice.

“I didn’t say that my dear. I just said that I’m not sure. It might all be a wild goose chase. And like I said. It is only a matter of time before someone with evil intent finds you. The ghosts in this wing or maybe the butlers in the right wing. There are also filled with monsters in the basement and as far as I’m aware, outside the manor as well.”

“You roll your eyes. Just tell me!”

Mrs. Addicott pouts her lips. “In that case. There must be a lot of jewelry in Mr. Addicott’s office here in the left wing. I have heard the butlers capture and kill people. I don’t think it is beneath them to rob their victims. The monsters in the basement are fond of meat, not metal. I’m sure what metal they eat gets out again one way or the other.” Mrs. Addicott makes a long thoughtful pause. “There is one piece which I know for sure where is.”

Your eyes light up in anticipation.

“But you got to promise me that you don’t ask any more questions about jewelry and instead think about getting out of here alive. Do you promise?”

“I promise.”      

“My wedding ring from James is under the pillow. I won’t miss it. I promise.”

You walk to the pillow and lift it. There is a big diamond wedding ring lying right there in front of you. You have never seen anything like it! It is made of gold and there is a big diamond flanked by two lesser diamonds. You quickly pocket the item.

“I would run now if I were you. Please go, while there is still time.” Mrs. Addicott sounds desperate.

You are just about to go when you suddenly think that maybe she knows where there is even more. She did wait until the final moment before she told you about the ring.

If you want hurry down the corridor go to 1 or 2 Get more information about the jewelry

1 2
112 How to get out?

“Is there a way out of here?”

Mrs. Addicott looks thoughtful for a moment. “Sadly, I Don’t think that anyone has escaped the manor before. Even though quite a few have tried.”

You feel your gut tighten at the prospect of dying in the old manor. You came here to get rich. Instead, you die trying.

“As far as I know, this part of the manor is in total disarray,” says Mrs. Addicott thoughtfully. The walls are changing and the others which I have encountered says, that they haven’t met any ghosts in the other parts of the manor. If I were you, since you are already caught in the leftwing, I would try to find a window and jump out of it. I think James has been unable to leave the manor since he died. I have heard that his henchmen are gossiping about a way to break the boundary which holds him here like a prisoner. And by all means, stay away from the water and don’t talk to any degenerate men. You got that?”

You nod. Your head swims from all the information you have just received. The questions are piling up for every answer Mrs. Addicott delivers.

She suddenly opens her eyes wide. “They are coming! Oh Lord, the children are coming for you now!”


“Now go! There is no time!

You jump out of the chair and hurry out of the room.      


Go to 1 Keep going down the corridor

106 Mr. Addicott

“Is there a way to defeat Mr. Addicott?”

Mrs. Addicott smiles so brightly, that it lights up her entire face. Even the room. “Bless your soul. What a brave thought.” Her smile soon disappears. “He is powerful beyond anything possible. He is a ghost but an extremely strong and devious one. He can strike you once and you will never be able to stand again. Don’t believe his lies either, as they will surely condemn you to an eternity in hell. That is what happened to me…” Her words trail off. A single tear runs down her delicate cheek.

“So… No way to kill him?”

Mrs. Addicott shakes her head. A dark lock of hair falls out of the chignon. It does nothing to lessen her beauty. She suddenly opens her eyes wide. “Maybe…”

“What is it?!” you can’t keep the excitement out of your voice.

“There came a priest with his young helper. It was a long time ago. But they came here to banish all the unholiness of the place. His words, not mine. I was quite happy about it and tried to give him some advice. He would have none of it. He spoke in Latin and threw holy water all around the room and on my beautiful vanity. He thought I was as evil as the rest. He gave up in the end. But before he left, he spoke about another dimension. A place which exists between life and death. And between past, present and the future. He said that he would go there to kill me or save me. I, I can’t remember the exact words.” Mrs. Addicott looks expectantly at you. “Might this be helpful? Do you think you can get to him now?”

You try to keep the frustration out of your voice. “So, you are saying, that there is some sort of another dimension. And all I have to do is find a portal to this dimension and then kill or save Mr. Addicott?”

Mrs. Addicott nods eagerly.” Yes. You are right. That is what the priest told me.” She suddenly jerks her head back as she looks over her shoulder. “They are coming!”

You look at Mrs. Addicott in confusion. “The priest and his helper?”

“No not them!” Mrs. Addicott’s voice is filled with fear. “It is the children! The children are coming for you!”

Mrs. Addicotts yells with such conviction that you run out of the room as fast as you can.        


Go to 1

135 How can I help

“Is there any way that I can help you?”

Mrs. Addicott’s face lights up. “Bless your heart. I wish there were, but I have been here for almost as long as I care to remember. I hardly know what it was like before when I was alive.”

“Maybe it helps if I break the mirror?”

Mrs. Addicott gives it a long thought. “Or maybe it just breaks my only connection to the real world. Maybe it will condemn me to permanently float around in the darkness. That is the only hell worse than this.”

“Oh,” you look around embarrassed. “I hadn’t thought about that.”

“No bother,” smiles Mrs. Addicott. “I appreciate the sentiment and we don’t know if it might work.” She makes a deep sigh. “I am just too scared to try. My mind is shattered enough as it is. If anymore happened to me, I would truly be lost in madness. Just like my husband.”

“So. There isn’t anything I can do for you?”

“Mrs. Addicott smiles warmly. “The best thing you can do for me is to get out alive my dear. It would break my heart to hear you wander about restlessly in the dark corridors.” She suddenly opens her eyes in fear. “You must go, now!”

“What is it?”

Mrs. Addicott’s eyes are wide open in fear. “They are coming for you!”

“Who? Who is coming for me?”

“The children! Oh my god, you have to run!”

You slowly get up from the chair, as you look around in bewilderment.

“You have to run now!” screams Mrs. Addicott. “Run or perish!”

That is all the motivation you need. You bolt for the door and hurry down the corridor as fast as you can.  


Go to 1

113 Help him

“What happened to you mate?” You squat down next to the man. You can see crimson spots on his pants and jacket where blood has soaked through.

“He… he got me…”

“Who got you?”

“The ghost… He… We have to get out of here. The walls they… They change…” He suddenly coughs violently, which sends jitters through his mangled body.

“Slow down, yeah. Just relax. Breathe.”

The man does his best to relax his body and the coughs slowly subsides. “That’s better,” mumbles the man.

“How did you get here?”

“I came here with a couple of mates. We were looking for ghosts. I think we got more than we bartered for.” His breath comes out in rasping sounds. It seems like it is only a matter of time before he dies.

“You have to help me, so I can help you! Is there any way out of here?”

The man suddenly closes his eyes.

“Hey!? Are you still there? You have to stay awake!”

He slowly opens his eyes again, but there are barely open.

“Is there a way out?”

“I think my mates got out. They abandoned me… They..” He suddenly has another coughing fit. He cries out in pain but is unable to stop coughing. He coughs so hard that blood spatters your face. You have no time to react before the man starts choking. You can see that his face is slowly changing color. You try to arrange him on his side. That way the blood might get more easily out of his mouth. It doesn’t help. He is dead in less than a minute.

You stand up slowly from his still corpse. You are about to decide what to do next when you hear a sort of snapping sound. It comes from the dead man. You look down in horror! The man is moving his twisted arms and legs furiously. Like a beetle caught on its back. His eyes are filled with hate as they look deep into yours. “You let me die!” snarls the man. His voice doesn’t sound the same anymore. It sounds as twisted as his limbs are. It sounds corrupted. You take a step back and then another one. The man starts to howl in anger. He tries, again and again, to move unto his stomach. He seems to be unable to move unless someone gives him a little shove.  “Get back here, you bitch!” roars the man. “I’m going to kill you. I’m going to kill you. I’m going to kill you.”

You are quite confident that the man won’t be able to come after you. You are just about to walk out of the room when you hear a loud crunching sound. Your heart skips a beat as you see the man’s right arm straighten a bit. It is enough for him to flop unto his stomach. He laughs maniacally. “You better run! I’m coming for you!”

You run out of the room and slam the door shut. You can still hear his muffled screams through the door.

You are shocked to your core. You are sure that the man was dead and now he suddenly came back! You are trying to figure out what to do next when you suddenly hear the sound of a chair being knocked over. It seems like the man gets more mobile by the second!

There is nothing you can do but to flee down the corridor

Go to 1

134 Search room

You waste no time on the man and stead decide to go through the room. Most of the items are just toys and clothes. You stop occasionally to see if the man is moving but he seems to be dead. You are just about to give up when you find a small diamond crusted bracelet in one of the drawers. You quickly pocket the item and hurry out of the room.

You are back in the corridor and contemplate on what to do next.


You can either 1 investigate the other door or 2 Go down the corridor?

1 2
136 Search room

You lift one eyebrow as you make yourself more comfortable in the chair. Mrs. Addicott looks at you in surprise. “What are you doing?” I told you that they are coming for you!”

“Oh please. I think you know where there is more jewelry and I’m not going until you tell me where it is?”

Mrs. Addicott looks at you in disbelief. “I told you of several places where there might be jewelry and I even gave you my wedding ring! And now you sit there nonchalantly and say that you won’t leave until you get more. Even though that I told you, that you are in great peril?”

You think about what she just said before you reply. “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

“Not if the girl is dead,” says Mrs. Addicott dryly.

“Tell me where the rest is. And I’ll leave you alone.”

“It doesn’t work that way. Who says that I’m not leaving you first?” The reflection of Mrs. Addicott starts to slowly fade away.  “They are here now. You are safe as long as you stay in the room.”

That is the last thing she says before she disappears. You look at your own reflection. It might not be such a good idea after all. You slowly get up from the chair and walk over to the door. You press your ear against it, but you can’t hear anything from the corridor. Maybe Mrs. Addicott is playing tricks on you? Maybe there is no one on the other side of the door.

“Only one way to find out.” You grab the handle and slowly open the door.

You don’t know what you had expected, but there is no one waiting for you in front of the door. You peek your head out and look left and right. Your flashlight starts to flicker but there is nothing else out of the ordinary. You hope that there is enough battery left on the flashlight. It would be a nightmare to try and find any jewelry without a source of light. You knock lightly on the flashlight. Maybe it is a loose connection. It seems to help. The flashlight is back to normal again. You make a deep sigh of relief and then you walk out of the room and into the corridor. You barely have time to contemplate on what to do next when you hear a soft giggle further down the corridor.

“Hello?” You turn the flashlight in the direction of the sound, but it is flickering again. It seems like it is low on battery. You hear another giggle. This time it comes from the other side of the corridor. Behind you. You turn around and point the flashlight in the other direction.

“Is anyone there?” you can hear it in your voice. The fear. The doubt. Maybe you should have listened to Mrs. Addicott after all. Maybe your greed got the best of you this time? You push the dark thoughts to the back of your mind.

“Screw this!” You hurry down the corridor, but you only take a couple of steps before the flashlight suddenly turns off. “Shit!” You bang on it a couple of times to see if it works but it doesn’t. You are just about to try to shake the flashlight when you hear the giggle again. This time it is much closer.

“Do you want to play?” The voice sounds like it belongs to a little boy. A boy who stands very close by. You are too shocked to reply. You look left and right but are unable to see anything in the enveloping darkness.

“It doesn’t matter. Because we want to play with you.” Whispers the voice of a little girl.

You take a step back in horror.

“We all want to play with you,” laughs the boy.

“No please don’t.” You turn around in circles, still unable to see anything. Tears of fear run down your cheeks. “Please. I beg you.”

You can hear soft footsteps as a throng of bodies comes closer and closer. You suddenly feel a myriad of tiny hands rip at your clothes, your hair, and your flesh! The hands are tremendously strong! You scream in pain as someone rips a handful of your hair out of your head. The tiny hands knock you to the ground. You try your best to fight the hands, but it is impossible. They just keep coming. You scream in fear and pain as chunk after chunk of your flesh is being ripped out of your body. Your agonized screams are soon drowned out by a cacophony of laughter from the murderous children.



Go back
20 Door

There is nothing peculiar about the door, so you grab the handle without further thought. You are only able to open the door a couple of centimeters. There is something heavy blocking it from the inside. You try to push with all your might, but it is to no avail. Your flashlight suddenly starts to flicker. You are just about to check the battery when you hear someone from the other side of the door!

“Psst,” says the voice of a little boy. “What are you doing out there?”

You jump back in surprise and turn your flickering flashlight towards the door. You can see the outline of a little boy peeking out through the opening of the door.

“I said. What are you doing?” There is something completely off about the boy, but you are not sure what it is.

“I’m… I was… I was trying to open the door.”

“Why?” asks the boy.

“I guess I was curious.” The flashlight keeps on acting weird.

“It is no bother,” laughs the boy. “We are all coming out real soon.”

“You what?”

“That’s right,” says the boy. “We are coming for you!”  

“Who are you…” The flashlight suddenly turns off. You stand in darkness for a second before it turns back on. The boy isn’t there anymore. You look left and right. The flashlight works fine again. And you are all alone. It might just be your imagination playing tricks on you. Whatever it was, you have no desire to stay here any longer than you have to.  

You continue down the corridor

Go to 1

19 Window

You hurry to the window and peer through it. You can see the vast unkempt garden belonging to the manor. There are also elaborate but broken statues adorning the garden. The garden joins a small lake where you can see the beginning of a forest on the other side of it. As you look down you can see that you are a few meters above ground. It would be a fatal jump for your legs if it weren’t for a couple of bushes just below the window. Lightning suddenly illuminates the dark night.


You must decide whether you want to 1 Jump through the window or 2 Go to the door?  

1 2
138 Door

You hurry to the door. There is nothing out of the ordinary, so you grab the handle and open it. The door leads into yet another corridor which turns to the right. You follow the corridor and peek around the corner. Your flashlight starts to act weird again. It turns off for a second before it turns back on. It keeps on switching on and off for around a minute before it is back to normal. You can see that the corridor ends in a square and unfurnished room. You suddenly get a weird sensation that someone is watching you. You can’t exactly put your finger on what it is. But it feels like that whatever it is, is coming closer. You have no clue from where this “bad energy” is coming from. All you know is that you can either go back the way you came or walk into the room.


Do you want to 1 Go into the room or 2 Go back the way you came?   

1 2
143 Jump

You kick your foot through the window. The glass shatters easily, so you kick out as much of the glass as you can. Then you remove your shoe and bash out the remaining glass. You put your shoe back on and being satisfied that you won’t cut your hands crawl out through the window. You crawl out backward, so you hang in your hands. You are just about to drop yourself down when you see a little boy pop his head out. He is wearing a dirty shirt and overalls several sizes too big for him. He has a woolen flat cap on his head. There is something awfully wrong about the boy. You can see the wall through his translucent body.

“Stay with us,” whispers the boy as he reaches out his hand to grab your arm. You notice several disheveled children appear behind him.

“Yeeees,” moans the children. “Stay with us, forever!” They press forward to grab your hands. You scream and let go of the windowsill. You land hard in the bushes but luckily you don’t break anything. The children scream in outrage.

“Come back!” yells the boy. His voice is deep and dark. It sounds like the voice of the devil. You turn around and start running.

Go to 1

140 Paintings

You stand in front of three portrait paintings. They are all the same size about 1 square meter. They also have the same frame and the same amount of details. You have never seen anything this detailed in your entire life. It looks almost like a digital photo than real paintings.

Which painting do you want to have a closer look on?


1 Painting of a man

2 Painting of a homeless guy or

3 Painting of a teenage girl

1 3 2
9 A man

You walk closer to the painting of the man. He seems to be in his mid-thirties and is dressed in a black tracksuit. He is also wearing a black cap and black leather gloves. It seems like the man is dressed much like yourself. He has brown eyes and a full beard. You notice that he has a tribal tattoo on his neck. The man’s face is contorted in primal fear. He is holding his hands up to protect himself from something. The man suddenly takes his hands down! You jump back and scream! You are just about to run down the corridor when you notice that the man is holding his hands up in surrender and is talking to you! “Don’t be afraid love. I’m not going to hurt you.”

You look at the man still not convinced that he means you no harm.

“Listen to me. I can’t get out.”

You watch as the man tries to move his legs, but they seem to be glued in place.

“I am literally stuck in the painting.”

“How the hell did you get in there?” You still don’t trust the man, so you stay right where you are.

“The ghost killed me,” sighs the man. “I came here because I heard that the place should be filled with loot!” The man pauses and looks you up and down. “It seems like you got the same idea.”

You sigh.” I sure did.”

“Listen to me. We don’t have much time. If you ever get out, you must promise me to burn this place down ok?”

You nod. “I’ll do my best.”

The man takes his cap off and runs a hand through his dark hair. “Whatever you do. You must get as far away from here as possible. Forget about treasures, forget about everything except to get out as fast as you can.”

“Are there anything else you can tell…” The painting isn’t moving anymore. It has vanished leaving an empty canvas. “Hello. Hello are you there?” nothing happens. You look left and right but there is no one else around you.   

You take a step back and contemplate on what just happened. Then you notice that the other two paintings have disappeared. The frames and canvas are still there, but the motives have gone.

There is nothing you can do but to 1 Continue down the corridor.

23 A homeless

You walk closer to the painting of the homeless guy. You wrinkle your nose. “Ew, what is that for a horrible smell?” You walk a little bit closer to the painting, sniffing it. The painting reeks of urine. You find it hard to believe that someone took a painting of a homeless guy, pissed on it and then hung it back on the wall. It seems weird that someone painted him, to begin with. It doesn’t seem like it belongs in an old manor. The homeless guy is lying down with his back to you. He is wearing cowboy pants and a grey jacket. He has his back to you. The only thing you can see is some of his greying, long hair which is caked with filth. You are just about to turn away from the painting when the homeless man starts to speak!

“Damn it, Seamus! I told you not to steal those pigs!”

You can’t believe your ears or your eyes for that matter. The homeless man is actually moving! It seems like he is sleeping and is dreaming vividly.

“No Seamus no! Get back here you little whelp! I’ll teach ya to spit in ya da’s face!”

You take a step back. This must be a prank. Then you notice that the other two paintings have disappeared. The frames and canvas are still there, but the motive has gone. You look back on the picture of the homeless man, but the same has happened to this one like the others.

There is nothing you can do but to 1 Continue down the corridor.

24 A teenage girl

The girl on the painting is beautiful, to say the least. She has blond, curly hair which falls below her shoulders where the painting ends. She has well-defined cheekbones, a little nose, and full lips. Her eyes are closed so you are unable to see them. Your eyes trail down to her throat where she has angry, red and purple lines. You look closer and notice that it looks very much like the young girl has been strangled. The girl suddenly opens her eyes! You jump away from the picture. The girl looks around in surprise before she sees you. Tears start to fall down her cheeks in big, fat drops.

“Please,” whispers the girl. “Help me.”

“Wha… What is going?” you can’t believe what is happening.

“Mr. Addicott killed me,” moans the girl. She is sobbing profusely. “I did a dare with a couple of friends to spend the night in the manor. I was the last one left alive. Mr. Addicott asked me to marry him or die. So of course, I decided to marry him. He started choking me, saying that the only way we could be together would be in death. I panicked and said that I wouldn’t marry him. He got angry and killed me. That is why I ended up here. The ones killed by the Lord of the manor wind up on the wall.”

“Is there any way to get you out?”

“I don’t think so. Maybe I will be free if you are somehow able to destroy the manor. I do not know.” The girl sighs deeply. “I am actually happy that I am condemned to stay here. I would rather spend an eternity alone than with that monster.”

Your head is spinning. Mr. Addicott is a ghost who haunts the leftwing of the manor. To make matters worse, those who are killed by him spend the rest of eternity alone on a wall.

“That is not all,” says the girl. “He has children. A lot of them.”

“I… I don’t understand?”

“They are ghosts like himself. Whatever you do. Do not trust anyone especially not…” The girl suddenly disappears. There is nothing left but an empty canvas. You take a step back and contemplate on what you have just heard. Then you notice that the other two paintings have disappeared as well. The frames and canvas are still there, but the motive has gone.

There is nothing you can do but to 1 Continue down the corridor.

137 Go back

You are quite sure that the menace is oozing out of the room in front of you. You slowly walk backward without taking your eyes away from the room. You suddenly trip over something and land hard on your back. You can feel a sharp pain as the back of your head smacks against the stone floor. The sharp pain is quickly substituted by a dull throbbing. You moan to yourself. You dropped the flashlight which is lying close by and illuminating a bit of the ceiling and the right wall. You take a trembling hand to the back of your head. The ceiling is still spinning so you close your eyes and rely on the sense of feeling instead. Your fingers are slick with blood. You try and feel your way with the other hand. You pray to god that you aren’t lying in a pool of your own blood. It seems like the damage isn’t that serious. You try to open your eyes again. The ceiling has stopped spinning and you aren’t as nauseated as you were before. You are still in too much pain to move, but at least you have begun to feel better. The flashlight suddenly starts to flicker. “Oh shit. Not again!” You curse inwardly but there is nothing you can do. The flashlight turns off. You lie there in the darkness for a moment. It feels like an eternity before the light comes back on. You have to get out of here. If you get to the window in the other corridor you might be able to use the moon as a light source. The flashlight turns on yet again. This time it is only for a couple of seconds. Your head is still pounding, and the on/off motion of the flashlight is making you dizzy. You think you can see the outline of several persons looking down at you. You blink a couple of times, but the silhouettes are still there. You are surrounded by a bunch of children. You can’t make out any details. You must have hurt your head badly. It is like the children are somehow transparent. That is the reason why they are so hard to focus on.

“We caught you,” whispers one of the little girls.

“What are you going to do with me?” You hold your arms weakly in front of you, to defend yourself.

The children laugh maliciously.

“Please let me..” Something hard hits you in the face. You are struck again and again until you are dead.      



Go back
139 Go left

You decide to venture into the room. There is nothing malicious about it. It seems that your strange feeling of dread has also lessened a bit. There is nothing in the room of interest, except for three corridors. There is nothing to tell them apart. There is one to the left, right and middle.

“Where are you going?”

You scream in surprise and spin around. There is a little, disheveled girl standing in front of you. She has long, blond hair caked with filth. She is wearing a ragtag, woolen dress. Her bare feet are covered in filth like the rest of her

“Don’t be afraid little girl. I’m trying to find a way out of here.” Your flashlight starts to flicker again. You are not sure if it is the shifting light, but there is something odd about the girl’s silhouette.

She takes a step forward. “I want to play with you!”

You hear mumbling echoes coming from the corridor behind the girl, mixed with the sound of shuffling feet. “We all want to play with you!” says the girl in a foreboding voice. The flashlight works again, illuminating the corridor behind the little girl. It is teeming with ghostlike children. They all look like homeless children from the Victorian age. You count around twenty of them. They all have the same odd semi-translucent appearance.

“Play with us,” echoes the children as they start to run towards with their bony arms reaching out to grab you.

You utter a yelp in fear before you spin around and run down one of the corridors.      

Which one will you take?


Left 1

Right 2 or

Straight 3

1 3 2
144 Left

You hurry down the corridor to the left. There is no way to tell if the corridor is a dead end or if the children can catch up to you. You dare to look over your shoulder briefly while you run for your life. The children on the other hand are taking their time. They don’t even run, they play as they go along. The corridor suddenly ends at a T. You quickly look left and right but the corridors look exactly the same.


Go left 1 or go right 2 

1 2
145 Go right

You run as fast as you can down the corridor to the right. You look over your shoulder and notice, that the children are taking their time. It is like they know where you are going. You just pray that you don’t wind up at a dead end. Your heart skips a beat in excitement as you notice that you can follow the corridor straight ahead of make a left turn


Go left 1 or 2 Go straight

1 2
147 Straight

You decide to run in a straight line. You quickly gain moment while the children are slowly falling behind. You press yourself forward as fast as possible.

You suddenly end at a T where you can either go left or go right


Go left 1 or 2  Go right

1 2
146 Go right

Your flashlight starts to flicker but you still run as fast as you can. You would rather run into a wall than be caught by the ghosts. You run into a room and stop just in time before you smash against a wall. You look left and right on the corridors to decide which one to take. The corridor to the right suddenly fades away. Instead there is nothing but a brick wall! You scream in fear and frustration. The children are giggling madly behind you. “Wuhuuu. Where are youuu?”

You turn towards the other corridor, but it has vanished just like the first one. You are completely trapped! The corridor you came from is filled with the ghost children. They all cheer at your trepidation. Some of them are dancing and hugging each other while laughing madly. They waste no more time on their celebration. Instead they press in tight and reach their bony little arms towards you. You have your back against the wall. There is nothing you can do but scream as the ravenous ghosts throw themselves at you.     



Go back
148 Go left

You keep running down the dark and dusty corridors. You can follow the corridor or take a left turn instead.


Go left 1 or go straight 2 

1 2
149 Go straight

You feel like you are about to lose your mind. This place is unnatural. There is no system to the design, no furniture, no doors and no windows. It seems like a never-ending nightmare where you just keep on running and don’t get anywhere. You press the dark thoughts to the back of your mind as you have yet another logistic decision to make. The children have gained on you. They are not hindered by physical exhaustion, the flickering flashlight or the dust in their lungs. They are not affected by any of it. You cast a quick glance over your shoulder. But they are restless. That restlessness gives them a tremendous amount of speed. You suddenly find yourself in a little room just as raw and dusty as the corridors. There are two other corridors connected to the room. One to the left and one to the right.


Go left 1 or go right 2 

1 2
150 Go right

You run to the sound of your feet slapping against the stone floor, your heavy breathing and the maniacal, childish chitter from your pursuers. The corridor ends at a T where you can choose to go left or right.


Go left 1 or go right 2

1 2
151 Go left

You suddenly stand before a door. There is nothing peculiar about it. But it is the first door you have seen since you arrived in the labyrinthine network of corridors.

A seething roar of anger rolls over you from the children. “You were not supposed to find the door!” squeals one of the girls.

“Quick! Get her! Before she escapes” yells another.

You take that as your que! You rip the door open just as you feel tiny hands grab your hair and clothes. There is only darkness beyond the threshold, but you welcome it. Anything is better than to die at the hands of the ghosts.

You jump through and find yourself surrounded by utter darkness. There is no sound, nothing to see or feel. There is only your mind. There is nothing insinuating that the children have been able to follow you either. It stays like this for a long time. You have no idea at how long. It is impossible when you can’t use any of your senses.


Go to 1

152 Office

You suddenly feel a tingling sensation in your body. It is the first time you have felt anything physical since you opened the door to the enveloping darkness. The sensation gets stronger and stronger. You feel it in your whole body now. It takes you a while before you recognize that it is because you are falling. It is the tuck of gravity which you are feeling. You have a second to realize this before you are blinded by a flash of light, which forces you to close your eyes. You can hear muffled sounds. But it sounds like you are underwater or far, far away. You open your eyes and are only able to see silhouettes. The sounds grow louder as your vision gets better. You are also able to feel the ground beneath your feet and the soft tightening of your clothes when you inhale.

You feel dizzy, being out of the all-consuming darkness. You get more and more used to having your senses back, but the ordeal has put you a bit off. You stand in an office. There is a large desk, a highbacked chair behind the desk and two wall-to-wall bookshelves flanking the desk. The back wall is almost entirely made up of glass, which gives a beautiful view of the landscape beyond. Your gut tightens as you realize that you are not alone in the room. There is a man dressed in upper-class clothes sitting in the chair. He is pouring over different files which are scattered all over the table. You are not able to see his face properly. The man behind the desk is bent over the papers making it impossible to get a clear view. You stand right next to the desk. There are five other men in the room. They are all dressed as butlers in black low-cut jackets and matching pants. They stand in a neat line, waiting for their Lord to address them. It is a wonder why none of the butlers haven’t seen you yet. Two of them seems to be looking right through you!

“Are you loyal?” The man behind the desk doesn’t look up.

“Yes Mr. Addicott,” echoes the butlers.

“To who?”

“To you my Lord”

This is getting more and more strange. You look from Mr. Addicott to the butlers and back again. You have no clue how it happened. It seems like you have somehow traveled back in time or that you are in another dimension. Your attention gets drawn back to the conversation between Mr. Addicott and his men.

“Everything is prepared in the basement. I want you to go to this location. I have already made an agreement with Father Michaels. You give him this,” Mr. Addicott reaches under the desk and takes out a large pouch. “You will then take ten orphans back with you. Not shabby ones. The best you can get. Hide them in the carriage so no one sees them. Then bring them into the basement via the secret entrance by the lake.” Mr. Addicott is still pouring over the papers. Now he is writing signatures on different documents. “These documents say, that the children are being brought to one of my orphanages in Scotland. If You get stopped or anyone starts asking questions, you show them these documents ok?”

“Yes, my Lord,” says the butlers.

“There is another matter, regarding the cleaning of the basement…”

You don’t listen anymore. Instead, you contemplate on what to do next.


You can either 1 Attack Mr. Addicott or 2 Wait and see what happens?

1 2
153 Attack

“Monster!” you didn’t mean to shout. You freeze for a second before you notice that none of the men in the room heard you. It is like you aren’t even there. You still decide to try and punch Mr. Addicott in the face. You lean over the table and punch him as hard as you can, right in his temple.

Mr. Addicott screams in pain and surprise. You hit him so hard that he knocks most of the papers into the air and lands hard on the floor. The room explodes in sound and motion. The butlers are suddenly able to see you! All of them yell in surprise. Some of them point fingers at you while looking at each other in disbelief. But two of them are charging you head on.

“Spy!” yells one of them.

“We must protect our Lord!”

Mr. Addicott crawls around on the floor screaming. “Arrrrrh it huuuuurts.”

One of the advancing butlers jumps through the air. His arms reaching out to grab you. You duck just in time to let the butler fly over your head. There is a sound of shattering glass. His angry screams quickly turn to screams of fear. “Oh please, no..” A loud thud puts a stop to his screams. The butler flew right out of the window. You have no more than a moment to recuperate before you are attacked by the other butler. He tries to hold you down but quickly changes tactics as he notices that you try to push him out of the window. There are a loud bang and a smell of gunpowder. Your arms don’t really work anymore. You feel a searing pain in your back as you fall to the ground. Mr. Addicott is standing with a smoking pistol in his hand. “Damn it! I wasn’t supposed to kill her!”

You are unable to keep your eyes open anymore. “Where did you think she came from Lord?” asks one of the butlers.

“She must be some kind of demon,” says Mr. Addicott with a shaky voice. “She materialized out of thin air and attacked me. Look at her clothes. It isn’t from this world.”

That is the last thing you hear before you die.   



Go back
154 Orphanage

You decide to wait and see what happens.

“No one can know what we are doing down there. Not my wife, not anyone else from the staff, no one. You got that!”

“Yes Lord.”

“If or rather when the experiments fail, you dump the bodies in the lake. Same goes for when cleaning the blood. Anything burnable you take out behind the manor and burn, by night! “Things not burnable gets thrown in the lake as well and…”

Mr. Addicott’s voice suddenly disappears. Your vision gets blurry as well. You are unable to hear anything at all. You are back in weightless darkness before you know it. You barely have time to register before you find yourself standing in a dark and dirty alleyway. There is heavy fog all around you and it rains a bit. It reeks of ammonia. There are no cobbles in the alleyway, just mud. The surrounding ramshackle houses are made of wood. It is late evening and the street is covered in darkness. There are no lamps on the street and you can’t see any other people.

“What the fuck is going on?” You barely utter the words before you see a big, covered wagon pulled by two horses enter the street. The wagon stops behind a large wooden house. It is in the same poor state as the rest of the street. There are two men sitting on top of the wagon, the coach and a passenger. Three other men jump out from behind the covered wagon. The passenger runs to a door in the big building and knocks some kind of code on the door. It opens almost immediately. Light is pouring out, and you can see a minister in his dark robe and white collar greet the passenger from the wagon. The man hands him a big pouch of money. Small children start to run for the wagon as soon as the pouch has swapped hands. The three men waiting at the back of the wagon lift them less than gentle and push them into the wagon.

“That’s the last one of them,” yells the passenger.

You stand no more than a few meters away from the wagon, hiding behind a few barrels. There is only the coach on the wagon. It might be possible for you to push the coach off the wagon and drive away with the children from what you now know is the orphanage.

Do you 1 Want to try to save the children or 2 Wait and see what happens?   

1 2
155 Save the children

You run towards where the coach sits. It is easy to swing yourself up next to him. He utters a curse and turns around to face you. You kick him square in the chest, which sends him flying into the mud. You waste no time. You grab the reigns and send the wagon down the road as fast as the horses can run. The men yell for you to stop. The cover of the wagon makes it impossible to see how close they are, so you turn your full attention on the road ahead of you. It is difficult to control the horses and the visibility is poor. Besides that, you got a wagon full of children who think they have been kidnapped by you! You make a left turn at the end of the alley which leads you unto a road with double lanes. You skitter unto the road and barely avoid smashing the wagon into a street vendor. Your mind is reeling as you see glimpses of your surroundings. It seems like you are in a suburban part of London. But the streets and people look like something taken straight out of the Victorian era.

Someone blows a whistle close by and you just manage to see a police officer before you drive past him. The whistle is responded by other police officers in the area. It is lucky that it is late at night and the streets aren’t that crowded. You would probably not have been able to drive at this speed in broad daylight. The horses run as fast as they can. You notice that the road is at an end around a hundred meters in front of you. You do your best to get the horses to stop but they are not adhering to your commands. They actually run faster! You scream and soon beg them to stop but it is to no avail. They smash at full speed right into a pub. The whinny from the horses is immediately followed by crashes and screams as they burst through the wooden wall of a pub. You barely have time to register these things as you follow right behind the horses.      



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156 Lab

You decide to stay right where you are. The three men jump in the wagon soon after the last kid has been thrown inside. The passenger exchanges a few words with the minister before he takes his seat next to the coach. You watch as the wagon drives slowly down the street and out of sight.

You stand there for a long time. Nothing happens. The rain starts to fall harder but you feel neither the rain nor the cold night. This might be how it is to be a ghost. “Maybe I should have done something about that wagon?” You walk out onto the alley. There are nothing and no one of interest neither left or right. “Fuck!” You start to pace up and down. “What to do, what to do.” You suddenly feel the sensation of being drawn away from where you are. The sounds and sights dim until you are back in the strange weightless darkness.

You lose track of time again. You don’t know whether you have been in the darkness for a minute, an hour or maybe more. It might have been better to be trapped back in the alley than in total darkness. You are suddenly able to hear voices and see faint outlines of people and objects.

You find yourself standing in a large well-lit room. It looks like how you imagined the laboratory of Dr. Frankenstein would look like. There are a lot of odd machines and gadgets. You notice three men in white lab coats. Two of them are managing the odd machinery while the last one is bent over a vat filled with a liquid that looks like milk. There is a little girl lying in the vat. Sometimes her head bobs above the liquid and sometimes she stays under. There is no doubt in your mind that she is dead.

“Subject 23 is dead, “sighs the man. He looks up and yells. “Bring in a new one!”

A door leading into the room opens and two butlers drag a little boy no more than five years old into the room. The boy doesn’t resist but he cries profusely. “I want my mommy,” cries the little boy.

“Your mom didn’t want you in the first place,” snarls the man standing at the vat.

The boy doesn’t say anything. He just cries and holds his teddy bear to his chest.

“Undress him!” commands the man. The butler rips the teddy bear out of the boys trembling hands. They rip all his clothes off and lifts him into an empty vat. The boy is still not resisting but has tugged his legs up under him and wrapped his arms around his legs. The boy shakes violently but doesn’t move besides that. The man takes out a long needle. “Hold him!” The butlers hold the boy while the man looks for a suitable vein. He slaps the boy’s arm a couple of times before he injects him. It takes less than a minute before the boy loses consciousness and drops below the milky liquid.

You can 1 Try to save the little boy or 2 Wait and see what happens.    

1 2
157 Save the boy

You hurry over to the vat where the boy is. You push the man to the side and pull the boy out of the liquid. You feel an odd tingling sensation where the liquid touches your skin. The three men start to yell as soon as they see you. It is as if you materialized as soon as you touched the man. The three men scream “intruder,” again and again while they point their fingers at you.

You are on your feet holding the boy close to your chest. You thank god when you hear the boy cough up some of the liquid. He is still alive! You look left and right to find another exit. There is only one other door beside the one the butlers entered from, moments ago. The door opens yet again, and the same two butlers appear with flintlock pistols in their hands. You are already running towards the other door.

“Stop” yells one of the butlers. “Stop or we will shoot!”

“Just shoot her!” yells the man you pushed away. “We can’t take any chances! This must never get out!”

You hear to successive blasts from the pistols. The force of the bullets knocks you to the ground. The boy falls out of your arms and tumbles across the floor. He seems to be half-awake.

“Mommy?” the boy’s eyes flutter briefly before they close again.

“Shhh…” You crawl towards him while you spend what life you have left in you. You can feel that you will soon be dead. You reach the boy and with a final effort of will, you pull him close into your arms. Then you die.



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158 Balcony

You can’t take your eyes away from the vat which contains the little boy. It doesn’t take long before the bubbles stop appearing in the milky-white liquid. The boy is dead, and you just stood there and watched. The other two men in lab coats pull the little dead boy out of the vat and start to do an autopsy at the other side of the room. None of the men seems affected at all by what they are doing.

“He lives!”

You look up and notice that the little boy is sitting upright in the water. His eyes are completely white. He doesn’t do anything he just sits there, turning his head a bit from side to side. Then he lets himself slowly submerge in the vat.

“Go!” yells one of the men excitedly. “Tell Mr. Addicott that we are finally making progress. If he lives the first 24 hours we can start the augmentation experiments!”

You can’t believe what is happening before your eyes. You suddenly feel the enveloping darkness all around you yet again. The voices and details of the laboratory slowly subside with all physical sensation.

You are back in the darkness, but this time you barely have time to register it before you can feel the solid ground below your feet again.

You stand on a balcony in bright daylight. You immediately recognize it as the one you saw before you entered the manor. You can also see the little brick house from where you are standing. There are two other people on the balcony. Both are standing with their backs to you close to the railing. It is a man and a woman. The woman is dressed in a white evening gown and rests her arms on the railing. The man is dressed in a black suit. He stands close behind her with his arms around her waist and leaning in close.

“I can’t believe it, James” whispers the woman. “How can you be so cruel?”

“It is not what it seems. I promise you. This is the only way to win the war.”

“You don’t care about the war,” says the woman with disgust in her voice. “All you care about is profit.”

“I told you to stay away from the basement!” The man sounds angry. “You brought this on yourself!”

“I… What do you mean, James? I… Stop! You are hurting me!”

A scuffle seems to have broken out between the couple.

You must decide whether you want to 1 Push the man over the railing or 2 Wait and see what happens.  

1 2
170 Push the man

You steel yourself for the moment to come and then you run towards James. He has no idea that you are there until you run into him. He yells in surprise but there is nothing he can do. He is already halfway over the railing when you give him the final push with both arms. He topples off the railing head first! The terrifying scream of the falling man is suddenly cut off.

You listen to the wet crunch as Mr. Addicott’s skull cracks like a melon on the ground below you. There is silence for a while. The woman stares at you with big eyes. “You saved my life,” whispers the woman.

You are just about to reply but then you hear the screams from the servants and the sound of running feet. The manor buzzes with activity. You look over the balcony and there is already a group of people gawking at the dead body of Mr. Addicott. One of the butlers look to the balcony and immediately spots you. “Murderer!” screams the butler. He sprints into the manor followed by some of the other butlers. You know it will not be long before they catch you! You are just about to decide what to do next when you feel the odd sensation of being drawn back into the darkness.

The door to the balcony flies open as three butlers stumbles through. “Get her!” says the first one. “She killed our Lord!”

Your gut tightens as the men rush towards you. One of them has brandished a club and another one a knife. It seems like they won’t take you, prisoner. These men mean to kill you!

The men suddenly disappear out in thin air and the sun disappears to be replaced by the moon. You look in horror at your surroundings as everything moves at tremendous speed. It takes you a moment to register that the flashes of light are the sun going up and down thousands of times. Cracks start to split across the balcony as time and weather takes its toll on the building. It is too much for your mind. You throw yourself on the ground and scream until you pass out.

You wake up by someone touching your arm lightly.

“Miss are you ok?”

You look around. You are still on the balcony of the Addicott manor. There are two men looking down on you. One is squatting down next to you with a hand resting lightly on your shoulder. The other one is standing a few meters away with a flashlight. They are both dressed as butlers! You scream and jump to your feet ready to fight. “Get away from me you monsters!”

The men look at you in bewilderment. “Miss, the manor is closed to visitors. It is late. Did you get lost from your tour group?”

“Be careful mate. I think she’s on drugs,” says the other man.

“My tour group?” You notice that one of the men next to you is wearing a digital watch. The other one grabs his cell phone. “Listen,” says the man with the phone. “We don’t want any trouble here. You better do what we say, or I’ll call the police!&r