1 My Man My Man

The hip hop bass pumps loudly through the speakers. You bounce your curvy hips, following the steady rhythm of the beat. The club is packed, which is typical for a Saturday night. You are dancing on the podium, with your best friend Janiqua. Just as you bend down a little doing the “Hip Roll” you notice the finest man you have ever seen. He looks much like a young, shorthaired Lenny Kravitz. 

You smoothly switch places with Janiqua, getting ready for you signature dance move. Having your back to the handsome Lenny-look-a-like, you start twerking to the beat. You look over your shoulder while doing your thing and notice with satisfaction, that you got his attention as well as quite a few other men in the club. You keep working the dancefloor like a pro, changing the pace dancing slowly while yelling to Janiqua, to check out "Lenny", standing at the bar.

"Girl he fine!" yells Janiqua over the loud music. "Go get him girl. Just give me the sign if he's a creep and I come save your ass."

You smile at Janiqua. "Thanks girl." Then you leave the podium and try to casually make your way towards the bar. You politely refuse a couple of guys' advances on you, as they have probably seen you dancing on the podium. You finally reach the bar, standing causally next to "Lenny." Your stomach tightens a bit, as you feel his hand on your shoulder. "Excuse me miss. I couldn't help but notice you dancing before."

You turn around and give him your best smile. "I'll take that as a compliment."

"You better," says “Lenny” smiling at you. "I'm Darius by the way."

"Lateesha." You give him your hand but to your surprise he bends down and kisses it lightly instead of just giving you a handshake. It seems like Darius is a real gentleman, who knows how to treat a woman right.  

"May I buy you a drink?" asks Darius.

"You may. I'm having the same as you."


You stand in the bar talking for around two hours. You can clearly feel a connection with Darius. He seems like that kind of one-in-a-hundred or even one-in-a-million kind of guy! If it keeps on going this well, Darius isn't leaving the club alone. That's for sure!

Darius is suddenly leaning in close, it seems like he is making his move for a kiss and you are more than ready. Just before your lips meet you hear a dark, female voice yelling "Oh hells no!"

Darius yanks his head back so fast like he had just seen a ghost! You both look up and see a towering woman, standing with her meaty arms resting on her broad hips. The woman is wearing a little too tight black jumpsuit, and has a pink shoulder length weave. Darius has an expression on his face like a naughty boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"What's going on Darius. Why is your mother here?" You barely utter the final word before you know you have just made a mistake. The big woman looks just as furious as Darius is looking scared. "His momma!?" booms the woman. "I ain't nobodies' momma you little stick! I'm his fiancé!” The woman takes a big step forward. "Now I'm gonna teach you a lesson, trying to mess with my man!"

You feel the woman's strong fist entangle your weave, before neither you or Darius are able to react. It seems like the woman is about to hit you! You don’t even look for Darius to save you. You can handle your own business just fine. You have to act fast, so you grab your drink and throw it in the big woman's face. The liquid hits her right in the eyes making her take a step back, releasing your weave.


You have to decide whether you want to leave Darius and the woman alone or punch the woman while she is blinded. She did attack you first, grabbing your weave but there might also be a whole lot of more trouble if you decide to attack her, rather than if you just walk away.  


1 Fight the woman or 2 Leave her

1 2
2 Leave Leave Her

You quickly turn around and leave. No point in wasting time with a man who wants more than one woman, or an angry woman who looks like she is able to wrestle a bear and win. One more glance over your shoulder shows the woman and Darius arguing. Well it seems more like the woman is yelling at Darius and he is just taking it. A feeling of being sorry for him, leaves you almost as soon as it came. You turn around and spot Janiqua who is making her way from the podium towards you.

"What was that about?" asks Janiqua.

"Giiiirl. I have no idea. That woman was tripping. I thought that she was his mother and then she acted all crazy and stuff. I think she wanted to beat my ass."

"Mhh hmm." says Janiqua. "Good thing you didn’t fight her. She is like triple your size. Come on, let's go to the bar and get some shots. We find you another man."

You are not at all convinced but it does sound nice with some shots to help you forget about Darius and the big woman.


You are starting to feel very drunk from all the shots you've had with Janiqua, not to mention all the drinks that  which must have gotten smeared from the drink you threw in her face. You start to feel very angry about the woman interrupting you and Darius. You don't know if it is the alcohol talking, but you feel like Darius is actually your man. You decide then and there that the battle for sweet Darius is not over yet.


You have to decide whether you want to throw a couple of shots in the woman's face to teach her another lesson and maybe start some fighting. Or go to your spot on the podium and see if you can find out where Darius is, to continue where you left off. It all comes down to whether you want an aggressive approach or a more devious one. 


1 Dance on the podium while looking for Darius or 2 Go throw some shots in the woman's face

1 2
3 Fight the woman Fight The Woman

You attack as soon as the liquid hits the woman's face. She is way bigger than you, so it is better to use every opportunity you got. The woman snorts in anger, especially after you grab her weave so tightly that you almost yank it completely off. You quickly raise your other hand and start slapping her several times with the other.

You suddenly see the woman's hand flying towards your cheek, but with no time to react before it hits you! The blow strikes with such a force that you stumble back, ripping the weave completely off the woman's head. You fall backwards and crash down between the barstools. You look down at the weave in your hand for just a second before the woman charges you as fast as her legs are able to move her. She quickly gets on top of you slapping you alternately with her left and right hand, yelling profanities in your face. You do not have anything close to enough strength, to get her off. You just hope that the doormen will arrive soon. It feels like it takes forever but finally the big woman is being heaved off you by no less than three doormen. A fourth doorman escorts you out of the club after grabbing your belongings in the wardrobe.

"You better take off before we let the woman you were fighting with out. We don't want any trouble here. But if you start fighting again we call the police. You dig?"

You nod and walk away as fast as possible. You can feel the blood pouring from your split lip, both of your cheeks are swollen and you can feel a nasty bump on the back of your head. You notice after a while, that you are still holding the woman's weave in your hand.



4 Dance on the podium while keeping watch Dance on the podium

You get back on the podium with Janiqua dancing like you did earlier in the evening. What you lack in grace due to your drunkenness you make up for in effort. It takes you a while before you spot Darius sitting at a table in the lounge area. It looks like he is there alone! "janiqua, I'm going to talk to Darius!"

Janiqua stops dancing looking at you like you are crazy. "Girl you must be out of your mind. I can't let you do that!"

"Oh did I say that? Oh sorry girl. I meant that I'm going to the bathroom. I'll be back real soon." You quickly turn around and walk straight towards where Darius is sitting. You look up at the podium and see Janiqua is watching you moving her head and index finger left and right mouthing don’t do it giiirl. You nod and give a weak smile, changing course towards the bathroom. When you see that Janiqua starts dancing with some ripped guy wearing a bandana, you turn around in a big semicircle towards where Darius is sitting. You make a quick detour to the bar, buying a drink for you both. Then you walk towards Darius.


You notice that he is still alone. You quickly walk up to him smiling. He smiles back, but it is obvious that he is very nervous and on the border of being straight out scared.

"What's the matter Booboo?"

Darius looks at you with a mixture of fear and excitement.  "It’s so good to see you again. But you have to go! You are not safe here!"

You stop and look at Darius. He is a little bit too melodramatic for your taste, but so is the big woman. "What do you mean?"

"It was my ex-girlfriend you threw your drink at and she was, ehm still is very possessive of me. You are not the first girl that she has been fighting with over jealousy."

"What do you mean? You don't like me, huh Darius?" You can hear your voice getting more and more slurred from the alcohol. You are on that stage where you know, you should have stopped drinking a long time ago, but just now realize that it is probably too late.

Darius looks like he just saw death in its eyes. “You have to leave! She is back!"

You feel the sensation of a dark shadow looming over you. Darius' ex -girlfriend is back and she is looking more furious than she did the first time you met her. It is obvious that you have to make your final stance here, if you want to try and get Darius. It could also end with you getting the biggest beating ever.


You have to decide whether you want to throw another drink in the woman's face to let her know you want to fight for your man or if you want to just back down and let her have him.   


1 Go throw another drink 2 Let her have him

1 2
5 Go throw some shots in the woman's face Throw some shots

You grab the last two shots. "I'll be right back girl. I just need to go to the bathroom."

Janiqua looks you skeptically up and down. It doesn't seem like she believes you. "It's your own damn fault if your bony ass is about to get whooped."

"I'm a big girl. And I can take care of even bigger girls myself!"

Janiqua just sighs, shaking her head slowly from side to side. "Just remember, that I ain't coming to help ya."


You slowly creep closer to the brute, making sure that she doesn’t see you until you are at throwing distance. You giggle drunkenly to yourself as you can’t wait to humiliate her once more and take sweet Darius as your prize. You intercept her when she is halfway across the dancefloor. The spot is a little less crowded from the sweating dancers and is the perfect spot for your ambush. You quickly walk up behind her and pour the content of the first shot down her neck. When she roars in frustration and turns around, you throw the content from the other shot glass straight in her face. You laugh almost madly "Hahaha got you again, you fat bitch!" And with that you spring forward grabbing her pink weave yelling "Darius is my man now you hear me, mine!"

She tries to resist you but she seems to be too disoriented from the shot you threw in her face so instead you start to slap her and slap her good.

It takes less than a minute before you feel strong arms grab you and rip you away from your helpless victim. You notice through your drunken stupor that it is two of the doormen who have grabbed you and is half carrying half escorting you away from the dancefloor. They are leading you straight towards the exit of the club. "Hold up hold up. Imma need my jacket!"

"You'll get your jacket but first we throw you out! Then you get your damn jacket! Crazy girl, throwing alcohol around like that!" says the doorman

"Shame on you!" says the other.

"Yeah!" says the first doorman. "Shame. On. You!"


When you get outside, the first doorman waits with you while the other walks back in the club to get your jacket. While he is gone, a police car rolls up next to the club and stops. Two officers get out of the vehicle and walk over to you and the doorman.

"You’re in big trouble now little lady," whispers the doorman.



6 Go throw another drink Throw another drink

You take one step forward while the woman says "Bitch you better not be throwing them damn drinks in my.." Then she half chokes as you throw your drink straight into her open mouth. She coughs and gags and it seems like you threw the drink right down her windpipe! You feel a bit worried for her safety so you take a couple of steps forward, to better see if she might be in need of medical attention. You barely take one step forward before the woman suddenly lunges forward, snorting like a wild boar. You jump back and almost reflexively grabs Darius' drink.

The woman looks like she is about to explode with furious anger as she slowly advances on you. "I swear to god you little twig! If you throw one more drink in my face I'm gonna..." You quickly throw the drink in her face yet again, this time aiming for her eyes. You barely get to jump to the side before she crashes into the table, turning it over. You seize the moment, grabbing Darius' hand and lead him through the club towards the wardrobe.

You hurry and grab your coats and almost run out of the club. You run for a little while laughing the excitement out of your bodies. You grab a cab and before you know it, you are heading off for your apartment. You look at Darius who smiles widely at you. "Pheww that was a little too intense for me," whispers Darius as he slowly leans closer towards you. You smile as you also lean closer. "I fight for my man."



7 Let her have him Let her have him

You quickly turn around thinking, that this guy is not worth fighting for at all. There are plenty of men out there, who would die to be with a goddess like you. You turn around one last time too see, if Darius by any chance should have changed his mind and has decided to come after you. Sadly, that is not the case. It seems like he is doing his best verbally, to defend himself from the hideous monster, who was once his girlfriend. You think to yourself that it was probably for the best anyway. You decide to see if you can find Janiqua somewhere and maybe get some more shots. At least you can always count on your girlfriend and alcohol.

You find Janiqua who is sitting on the lap of the guy, she was dancing with earlier. You look flatly at them, as they tongue kiss like they were a couple of teenagers. You make a long sigh. That could have been you and Darius. Janiqua giggles as she pulls off the guy's bandana and puts it on her own head. You have to pull Janiquas arm real hard to get her attention.

"Oh hey girl what is it?" slurs Janiqua, who is obviously as drunk as you are.

"I want to go home!"

"Well, I'm kinda busy with Raymond here.

“Rodrick,” says the man while looking slightly offended.

“Oh yeah right,” says Janiqua.

"Whatever!" You turn around and walk back to the bar. At least you can always count on alcohol when you can't count on your girlfriend.