About us

Intudia is a creative company which produces high-quality interactive stories. We have been creating stories since 2017. With Intudia, you can always access our material from home, or on the go with your phone or tablet. Our goal is to create interactive stories with an educational and psychological foundation, while still be as exciting and engaging as common novels. We want to achieve this, by making complex interactive stories which stimulates the readers’ social and cognitive abilities while being entertained at the same time.

What is Interactive Fiction?

Intudia produces engaging fiction while integrating the power to choose what happens in the story. The story itself unfolds, based on the choices you make. You must be careful though, choices have consequences for the characters you play as. But don’t be afraid, you can always replay the stories as many times as you want. Each story has several unique endings, and that creates motivation to play the same story more than one time. Our stories are also suited as entertainment for more people at the same time. You can team up with a friend or family members and contemplate on your next move.

Our stories

Our stories offer a wide variety of themes for a mature audience. Most of our material are based on themes like; suspense, thriller, horror, action and history. The stories you read are always filled with conflict and dilemmas. You will have to think twice as your every move, will have an impact on what happens next.
There has also been put a great amount of research into factual reliability of our products. That means that setting, utensils, behavior etc. will be as close to reality as possible.
The Intudia team also aims, at recording all of our stories. You can freely choose whether you want to listen to or read the them.